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    By DHOULL, 3 days ago

    This show cracks me up, especially the guy called Sully who thinks hes an Indian! Dashing round with his WOLF! It never fails to have in convulsions of laughter! Its totally lame, then the doctor woman being oh so righteous all the time. This show is soooo naiive and really funny, it seems to be the imaginings of some frustrated old maid as far as I can see!!

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    Too bad there's not any shows like this anymore :(

    By CatMommy123, Jun 13, 2014

    This has been my favorite show ever. I have all of the episodes on DVD. The show's stories teach good values and lessons. There's no foolishness of 5 people living in a tiny apartment as a "reality" show or fools having sex with every person they meet. The characters have flaws, but it shows that most of them are truly good at heart. The love story is clean and shows a relationship based on getting to know each other and deciding if they really want to be together forever before getting intimate. More shows should teach this value with all of these young girls having babies with men they break up with before the child is even born and children grow up without a father or with a part-time mother. The show also shows different sides of conflicts in the west.

    I only have a few complaints about the show. The last season was not as good as the previous ones. Sully being in hiding while every one else's life went on and by some miracle he was allowed to live free again didn't seem too realistic and was less appealing to the type of people who watched the show compared to the types of stories in previous seasons. I read that they put more violence into the last season to get more viewers and it probably made them lose viewers who liked the way it was. The small town feel of Colorado Springs should have lasted until past the 4th season. I think they made the town feel a lot bigger at the end and it made the town less appealing. The "progress" should have been slower. I also didn't like the actress change for Colleen. The first Colleen looked like she fit in with the family and had the country girl look and personality. The second Colleen had red hair and freckles, which looked nothing like anyone else in the family. I don't think her character fit the role as well as the first Colleen. The producers should have paid to keep her because she did such a good job.

    Overall, the show is very good. I felt bad when they canceled it because if they kept the stories like the first 5 seasons, it would be the type of show that should have been able to continue for many more years showing the family expand and the children growing up as the town slowly grows. Too bad they don't make any Westerns anymore that show what life was like many years ago. I bet "the west" would look amazing in HD. There's not even any shows for adults whose characters live with values. This may be contributing to a decline in our society with so many social problems.moreless

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    Michaela Rocks!

    By monicaforman3, Apr 21, 2014

    Medicine woman is a show the whole family can watch. It spurs the imagination to a time before modern conveniences. A time when a doctor must have been seen as almost barbaric. The show features love, war, pride, and honor. Which are a few things we could use more of these days. Also you can win an entire season of on DVD at endedtvseries-com

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    Dr Quinn (INSP)

    By LouSharpBeav, Oct 02, 2013

    Why was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman replaced by Jag now showing on INSP?? I hate this. Loved the afternoon shows & also the 9 PM showing. Why change such a good thing. Please bring it back even if it is at another time!!

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    By SugarSobaRosa, Jun 24, 2012

    Dr. Michaela Quinn heads out west on her own to practice medicine in the Wild West. Along the way, she adopts a family of children, falls in love with a mountain man, and earns the respect and admiration of the Colorado Springs community....~I could NOT have said it any better. I just love it, ALL of it. PLEASE BRING THE PROGRAM BACK!!!

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    Dr. Quinn on GMC Channel

    By Margtaurus, May 27, 2012

    I am watching Dr. Quinn on GMC (May, 2012) Love the Show!!!!! But disappointed because they only went as far as Season 5 and now back to Season 1....skipping Season 6 completely..I am sure I am not the only one disappointed with this....they ended Season 5 last week and started again with Season 1. Why would they do that? Also Monday, May 27,2012, they are having 10 hours of shows that Sully is in.....callling it Sully thon....looking forward.....hope that they show Season 6!!!!!! Any chance of a 3rd movie?moreless

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    Sully! <3

    By Loralee_jk, Mar 06, 2012

    Sully was the best! I grew up w this show!! <3

    Sully was so hot & always bad ass! I saw him in a new show in a suit & short hair...I didn't know how to deal w it!

    But I love their love story! Even if they drew out their marriage 4 to long to be jerks!

    But sersly! this show had everyone! The old man (who's on Desperate housewives now!) the towns pimp & him prostitute. Town weirdo who said a prostitute..Ass holes like their 'mayor'

    Great show all around! They were historically correct on a lot of stuff too! :)moreless

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    Bad Writing!!!!!

    By billy1981, Apr 08, 2011

    I remember watching a fews shows of this when it was first on. I quit watching after a few episodes because of poor acting and bad scripts. The show was very cheesy. I enjoy westerns, but this show was very bad. I tried to watch during season 5, but it was not intersting.

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    I never thought I could watch a show like this, but it is the most heart warming, influential, passionate show I have ever watched. . .

    By florakison, Sep 21, 2010

    When my sister first brought home the first season of Dr. Quiinn, I wasn't really interested. It looked like one of those really boring, historical shows that only the people living in those times could appreciate.

    Then, when I actually found the patience to sit down and watch it, I was heart stricken. How much that woman had to go through, just to gain the respect of the townspeople, not only as a lady, but as a doctor. Then, there's the fight against racism, and against their own ego's. I've never seen such a show as this, but I think I managed to watch an entire season of it in one day. It's a shame that it's no longer on tv, but I'm still excited about seeing more, when my sister gets it.moreless

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    Dr. Michaela Quinn heads out west on her own to practice medicine in the Wild West. Along the way, she adopts a family of children, falls in love with a mountain man, and earns the respect and admiration of the Colorado Springs community.

    By videoam, May 17, 2009

    I really liked this show when it originally aired on TV, and I bought the DVDs recently, and like it even more the second time around. It was fun to watch the relationship between Dr. Mike and and her mountain man love, Sully, progress. I seems rare for a show to actually allow a romantic relationship to progress from the very beginning to a mature relationship.

    The "messages" contained in each show were always well done. The show was an example how how television can be entertaining without being shocking or abrasive - one of my gripes about much of what's on TV. The chemistry between Jane Seymour and Joe Lando was fantastic. I'll never get tired of seeing these two together. An excellent ensemble cast rounded out the show, and the writers did a good job of including story lines that involved each of the characters.moreless

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