Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

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Quotes (174)

  • Brian: Do you think Ma would mind if I called you Ma, too? Dr. Mike: (looking at Colleen and then Matthew) I don't think she'd mind a bit. Brian: Good.

  • Sully: (to Michaela) Sometimes life just has a way of taking its own course.

  • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: (About Michaela's advertisement) You took it down. Byron Sully: No, I'm answering it.

  • Charlotte Cooper: (About losing men) Funny, it don't matter how you lose them, the pain's still the same.

  • Charlotte Cooper: Bein' a doctor, that's one thing. Bein' a woman, that's another and bein' an unmarried lady, that's another. You got enough black marks to get you to last for a while.

  • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Maybe I belong in a different world.

  • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I had come to the Colorado Territory to find acceptance as a doctor, but I found much more. I found a home, a new family, and for Christmas, I received the greatest gift of all, the Gift of Love.

  • Sully: Chief Black Kettle just gave you your Cheyenne name: “Medicine Woman.”

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Notes (111)

  • This episode was filmed from 1/16/92 - 2/20/92.

  • Guy Boyd, Colm Meaney & Ivory Ocean is pilot only.

  • This episode is 120min on-air.

  • This episode was filmed from 8/3/92 - 8/11/92.

  • The issue of the death penalty is brought up in another very touching episode of Dr. Quinn, “An Eye for an Eye,” in the fourth season.

  • This is the first appearance of the late Johnny Cash who plays Kid Cole, a legendary gun fighter. He becomes a good friend of the family.

  • Ingrid is now played by Jennifer Youngs. This episode is out of logical order. "The Prisoner" episode (#11) portrays Matthew and Ingrid as talking for the first time.

  • In this episode, Sully realizes Abigail is the past, and decides to get on with his life. This leaves the door open for Michaela to come into his life as more than a friend!

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Trivia (51)

  • After Matthew sets the table, waiting for the soldiers to knock on the door looking for renegades, there is nothing but plates and cups. In the next scene, we can see bread.

  • Vehicles in 1867? In the scene where Charlotte and the kids drive Michaela back to her homestead, if you look above Charlotte's hat, you can see a white van driving to the left in the background.

  • Colm Meaney was Miles Edward O'Brien on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • Colleen's doll (you can see it when she is crying in the cabin) is not a doll from the 1800s; it just looks like one. It's nicknamed a Walda doll, and it was sold in the backs of craft magazines and women's magazines in the 1970s.

  • In this episode, Larry Sellers begins his role as an Indian named Cloud Dancing, who is able to speak English and is the Cheyenne medicine man. In the pilot, he played an Indian named Black Hawk, giving no indication that he was able to speak English or that he knew any medicine.

  • This episode marks the first Dr Mike and Sully kiss, even if it was on the forehead and Dr Mike didn't know it!

  • John Schneider will return as Sully's friend, Daniel Simon, in season five's 2-hour episode "Between Friends" and will recur as the same character throughout the last season.

  • In this episode Matthew introduces himself to Ingrid, however in two of the previous episodes Matthew interacted with Ingrid. Once inviting her to dinner, and even committed a crime with her brother.

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Allusions (4)

  • Kid Cole's comment about "I killed a man in Texas," is a reference to the Johnny Cash song "Folsom Prison Blues."

  • Hank: What's it like to walk on water, Michaela? This is a reference to the Bible story on the fact that Jesus could walk on water because he was Gods son.

  • Faust is the book that Colleen was reading during this episode, which sparked the new library’s controversy. It was evidently a German tale based on the life of the German alchemist and magician Dr. Johann Georg Faust. This tale is used as the basis for many fictional works. Which one Colleen was reading, I’m not sure of.

  • “Halloween II” revolves around the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It was first published in London, England in 1818. Frankenstein has now been made into several movies and TV adaptations.