How's the Count Doing?

By marlajulia

Dec 08, 2013

I started a poll merely out of curiosity – like I wrote in the actual post, there didn't seem to be much discussion of current episodes going on, nor much posting on the community; I know, they were off one week, and maybe there was some confusion about the air dates, then there was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, everybody started to be troubled about christmas presents and Holidays, and you forgot about your favourite eco-friendly vampire...

Or maybe not, and you purposely saved the energy and left the show turned off? Maybe you rather lit a candle and turned to your leather-bound Bram-Stoker-Collector's edition?

I was really interested on the show in the beginning; I thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers was really good in The Tudors, therefore I liked the idea of seeing him again in a historical setting, and as Dracula, why not. Then the first review of the pilot came, and...well, to keep it nice and short, we have to say it's a really new look on the Dracula-material. And that's actually one of the things I'm struggling with: Dracula not being Dracula, but posing as an american business man bringing clean energy to Victorian London (which, as I read it first, made me think of The man who fell to earth....). I could do with Van Helsing being an ally, with having some weird Order of the Dragon messing around, but I think it's that modern business stuff that keeps me away... Plus, I found it difficult to keep track of people's intentions – there's the Mina/Harker-thing, which is interesting, but those rapidly dying/killing company people I fail to identify with name, rank and allegiance, I kind of got lost in that storyline.

As a result, I watched the first three episodes, finding myself reading news while watching the fourth... As hilarious as the new approach sounded, there didn't seem to be much of a self-irony to live up to it. On my side, I didn't really know what to make of it.

Telling from the poll (and considering the fact that you're more inclined to answer to a Dracula-poll if you're already interested in the show) I'd say the leading answer is a "I'm gonna look into it from time to time". Some of you really seem to love the show, and some not even only because of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

So, here's your discussion (I hope) – how did you feel about it? Where your expectations met, and did you get entertained enough to keep going?

Is it worth another try? Should I take notes to get into the action again? Didn't I appreciate the creative, capitalism-critical approach enough?

Will the Mina/Harker/Dracula-storyline take more room and develop some energy of itself?

Or maybe you're more with the thought that they should've abandoned the Dracula-lore and started with a totally new vampire in the beginning, completely focusing on the energy-side?

Will it actually be worth the trouble? Are the ratings promising enough to keep the show around, or are we talking about an already undead thing here?

PS: This being my first post apart from the poll, I need to ask for your tolerance about my writing...I'm not a native speaker/writer, so please be mild with me ;-)
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  • Aeidail Aug 06, 2014

    I quite liked this show. And by liked I mean I just finished watching the whole season in two days. They kept the bones of the Dracula story, just changed the details.

    I found a lot of the characters interesting. Greyson as a cover for Dracula was awesome. I'm obviously missing the funny side to the whole Dracula is a business man thing, because to me, it seems perfectly in character. But then I always credited him as being pretty smart and savvy, not just a B horror movie cliche.

    I think one of the things I liked best about the show was the way each character was given some new traits that helped redefine their character. Mina trying to become a doctor was great. I love that she's not just sitting around waiting for Harker to come calling. Harker was probably the least changed character. Lucy's role was very good I think, but once again Lucy gets screwed over by everyone. I think apart from Drac himself, she's the character that always gets treated the worst. I know she didn't make great choices, but they made her plight much tougher in the series and it helps make her much more justifiable, and a lot more tragic. The fact they got Kate Mcgrath to play her just makes her perfect.

    Maybe it was just me, but Alexander Greyson felt a little like Walt Disney when he was in his business man persona. But it could just be the accent.

  • charsize Mar 27, 2014

    I loved this show. It was so beautfully filmed, more like a movie than a TV show. Sometimes it irritated me because it had soap operaish writing but for the most part I loved it and hope it comes back.

  • MgavanderSlui Mar 14, 2014

    Like it as good entertainment should be and Johnathan Rys-Myers ahhhh what can one sat So having said that I am sure there will be no second season cause many times I like something it does not return ;-)

  • KellyHiggins2 Feb 17, 2014

    As much whisky as we see this vampire gulp down are you sure his true identity isn't Count Drunkula? Overall, though, it's actually an OK show.

  • bridge_kim Jan 27, 2014

    love this show gets better and more interesting every episode I just watched the last 2 one after another so good was on the edge of my seat a little. hope it comes back for another season as I want to own this.

  • Natani Jan 19, 2014

    I think its pretty good. It doesn't meet the highest expectations or won't keep me wanting like a good mentalist episode but its worth the time to watch it. It does get more conformity as it runs its course and I have to admit I got confused as well. Then again.. I remember the high ranking series and their beginnings… Like Buffy.. OMG I thought it was horrible the first episodes but I stuck by it or Vampire diaries.. sheesh. Now I love it. The makers always need time to build the character and the plot, just like authors do. People often expect the first episode to blow them away and sometimes very sometimes first episodes do but mostly its all in the building. I find more often then not that second seasons are when it really starts.. I hope here this will be the case too

  • sroberts461 Jan 19, 2014

    Its Dracula, its got Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a new premise, so naturally I was going to check it out. It was a bit slow at first and I was'nt sure if the new idea was working for me but I stuck with it and as of ep9 - 'Four Roses' its a big improvement. The sub-plots felt more interconnected with the main story and the show felt like it was finally getting somewhere. It's a shame there's only one more episode to the season finale. If it is renewed then I hope the pace of the next series speeds up a bit. Overall, Dracula with a purpose has turned out to be more interesting than Dracula on a 'killfest.'

  • Toujours177 Jan 19, 2014

    Love this show! Hope very much it's renewed.

  • AmyTeves Jan 12, 2014

    There are some very fine actors in this show. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Nonzo Anonzie, and Katie McGrath. It is hard to grab an audience at 10 p.m. on a Friday night without a DVR. The writing is good, but the pacing is deliberate and may be too slow for some people. The sub plots are almost as intricate as the main plot. There is very little gore for a series about Dracula, instead it is more about love, vengeance, and loss.

  • marlajulia Jan 11, 2014

    Thanks for all your opinions! :-) It's good to hear some different views.
    Searching for information about Dracula staying around for a 2nd Season or already running undead, I only found predictions (not good ones, I'm afraid) about the future, but nothing about an actual decision. Anybody else know more?

    (Maybe slightly off-topic: This week I watched the new Jim-Jarmusch-movie, and it actually made me think of Dracula, when the main character – vampire Adam – was repairing his self-invented, eco-friendly power supply in his back yard :-D)

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