The Bigamist

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Quotes (3)

  • (looking at the suspect's record) Carl: I don't believe this. They've got arrest warrants out on him in Chicago, Omaha, Salt lake City, Las Vegas. Vic: And all for bigamy. Carl: Get a load of this guy, he's been marrying his way west.

  • Vic: Women go for different guys for different reasons. Carl: You got that right. Now me, they take one look and they say 'An Aztec prince, the blood of the Aztec Chieftains.' Vic: That what they say? Carl: Yeah. Whereas with you they say 'Well, at least he has a steady job.'

  • (stopping to interview a person of interest) Vic: This is a waste of time. Carl: What the hell, it's on the way. Vic: To where? Carl: I don't know - somewhere.

Trivia (1)

  • This episode begins on Wednesday, August 9th while Los Angeles is in the middle of a Stage 2 smog alert. The detectives are working out of the Burglary Division.