Burglary - Helpful Woman

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Notes (2)

  • TV Rating:
    Canada: G
    USA: TV-G

  • Dick Whittinghill, who has a cameo as himself in this episode, was a well known radio DJ in Los Angeles from 1950 until 1979.

Trivia (3)

  • During Friday's voice over, when he says that the elderly couple picked out Evelyn Gentry's picture, however, in the wide shot the wife clearly points to one of the police women pictures, while the next shot---a close-up---is of Evelyn Gentry's photo.

  • The phone number for Friday and Gannon when at Burglary Auto Theft is Madison 45211.

  • Dragnet: 1970
    Date: Tuesday, October 9
    Weather: Warm
    Working: Day Watch, Burglary Auto Theft
    Boss: Captain Ken Green