Robbery - The Harassing Wife

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  • Store owner: (After giving what sounds like a detailed description of the suspect) Now you go out and find a guy just like that. Friday: And you'd like us to arrest him when we do? Store owner: Well, certainly I would. Friday: Well, I'm afraid we have a problem here. Store owner: What do you mean by that? Friday: Well, that description fits you, too.

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  • TV Rating:
    Canada: G
    USA: TV-G

Trivia (2)

  • Joe Friday and Bill Gannon pull a double shift today (across two episodes) in the Robbery Homicide division. The day watch episode is "Robbery - The Harassing Wife" shown on Thursday April 2, 1970. The night watch episode is "Homicide - Cigarette Butt" shown on Thursday, October 30, 1969. It looks like the Night Watch can sometimes occur before the Day Watch, at least for Monday, October 6.

  • Dragnet: 1970
    Date: Monday, October 6
    Weather: Fair
    Working: Day Watch, Robbery Homicide
    Boss: Captain Hugh Brown