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  • S 2 : Ep 28

    A Legend Revealed (a.k.a. Super Saiyan)


  • S 2 : Ep 27

    Goku Arrives


  • S 2 : Ep 26

    Last Defense


  • S 2 : Ep 25

    Enter Recoome


  • S 2 : Ep 24

    In a Bind


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  • Sean Schemmel


  • Justin Cook


  • Mike McFarland

    Master Roshi

  • Christopher R. Sabat


  • Kyle Hebert


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  • The ultimate uncut special edition of Dragon Ball Z, now digitally remastered to high definition from the original Japanese film! Dragon Ball Z is the second series in a trilogy of anime shows. If you are looking for one of the other programs, select a link below.First Series: Dragon Ball Second Series: Dragonball Z (Original English Dub) Third Series: Dragonball GTFeaturing an incredible array of colorful and unusual heroes and villains, Dragon Ball Z follows the exploits of Goku, a powerful Super Saiyan warrior. Teaming together with some of the Earth's greatest fighters, including his own son Gohan and one-time enemy Piccolo, Goku and the Z Warriors protect Earth from an endless string of bloodthirsty villains bent on domination of the universe. The name of the series, Dragon Ball Z, refers to seven mystical objects of incredible power. Along with fighting and training, the Z Warriors spend much of their time keeping the Dragon Balls out of the wrong hands.Season One - Vegeta Saga Summary: The opening shot in the battle for planet Earth was fired when the Saiyan warrior Raditz exploded into an unready world. But the worst is yet to come. Raditz has foretold the coming of his Saiyan brethren, two mercenaries who subjugate entire worlds and sell them to the highest bidder. Earth's only hope lies with Goku, only there's one horrifying factor. Goku is nowhere to be found! Goku's way back to Earth lies along Snake Way, a twisted highway fraught with unbelievable peril. For in one year's time the Saiyans will arrive. Can Goku make it back...or will the planet be lost forever?moreless

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    • Raditz: (after severing Piccolo's arm AHAHAHA! Uh, excuse me, has anyone seen my arm? AHAHAHA! You can't miss it, it's green! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Recap Narrator: Five years have passed since Goku and his friends thwarted the evil King Piccolo's plans for global conquest. Thanks to their heroic efforts, the shadow of doom was lifted from the world, and a new day of hope has dawned. For in the years since Piccolo's defeat, it has been a time of rebuilding, healing, prosperity, and peace for the citizens of Earth. But, unknown to them, at this very moment, a new threat to humankind is hurtling through the solar system. And as the mysterious invader makes its final approach to Earth, one thing is certain: The peaceful era the human race has enjoyed for the last five years is about to come crashing to an end!

    • Raditz: Have you forgotten your pride, Kakarot? We are Saiyans, the mightiest warriors in the universe! I can still remember the day that we first sent you to this planet as an infant. We had high hopes for you then, Kakarot. Why haven't you carried out your missions? Kakarot!

    • Narrator: Who is this mysterious "Saiyan" warrior that now darkens the skies with his presence? His search for the one named "Kakarot" has already led him to Piccolo, one of the most powerful fighters on Earth. Could it lead him to Goku as well? The answers to these burning questions will soon be revealed, and Goku will discover the secrets of his past! Next time on Dragon Ball Z!

    • Goku: This is my home and these are my friends, so it doesn't matter what you say I am! And you sure don't act like any brother I would want to have.

    • Recap Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... With no more battles to fight, Goku has settled into a peaceful life with Chi-Chi and his new son! But peaceful though it may be, life in the countryside is anything but quiet! The woods can be a dangerous place for a young boy alone. Fortunately for Gohan, his father is one of the strongest men in the world! And Goku was there in the nick of time to pull his son from harm's way. But even as father and son braved the perils of the woods, littled did they know, a far greater threat was descending upon the earth! An alien spacecraft fell from the skies, carrying aboard an unexpected and most unwelcome visitor. Piccolo was the first to met this mysterious invader face-to-face. And the extent of the alien's power was revealed. Despite being one of the mightiest fighters on Earth, Piccolo's awesome energy attack had little effect. Raditz: You actually managed to singe one of my leg hairs. Impressive. Narrator: Though powerless to defend himself against this foe, Piccolo's life was spared when the alien sped away to continue his search, a search for a man named Kakarot.

    • Closing Narrator: The unthinkable has happened! Gohan has fallen into the clutches of the evil Raditz! And against his older brother's incredible strength, is there anything Goku can do to rescue his son? The outlook is grim, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

    • Recap Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... An uninvited guest crashed the party on Master Roshi's island. It was Raditz, an evil warrior from outer space who claimed to be Goku's older brother! But, Raditz proved he had little regard for family, as he dealt Goku a devastating kick that left the earth's most powerful fighter crumpled in the sand. And the worst was yet to come. Radtiz: Like I said, I'm taking your son. If you want to see him alive again, I suggest you listen closely! Narrator: That's right! Raditz has captured Gohan! And with his young nephew now firmly in his clutches, the sinister ailen has issued Goku his demands, join him, or suffer the consequences. Goku is obviously no match for his brother's awesome power. Is there any hope for rescuing his son? Find out today, on Dragon Ball Z!

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    Notes (87)

    • This movie came to DVD on May 31, 2005.

    • From the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai video game for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube this episode corresponds to: Saiyan Story Mode #1 Mysterious Alien Attack!! #2 A Mutually Deadly Foe

    • From the original manga, Volume 1 The World's Greatest Team, by Akira Toriyama, this episode contains: Tale 01: The Mysterious Warrior from Space

    • Japanese Title: 「ミニ悟空はおぼっちゃま! ボク悟飯です」 "Mini-Goku is an Overprotected Boy! I am Gohan."

    • This episode begins the Vegeta Saga and replaces the original Saiyan Saga.

    • Aside from already appearing in Dragon Ball, this episode introduces Goku, Chi-Chi, and Piccolo. This episode also intoduces newcomers Raditz and Gohan.

    • Japanese Title: 「史上最強の戦士は悟空の兄だった!」 - "The Mightiest Warrior in All of History is Goku's Older Brother!"

    • Although they already appeared in Dragon Ball, this episode introduces Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi.

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    Trivia (37)

    • Raditz's power level checks Farmer: 5 Piccolo: 322

    • The title of the original English dubbed version of this episode is "The Arrival of Raditz." (This original dub episode was combined with "Reunions" to create one heavily cut and edited episode.)

    • Raditz: I can tell you're not from this planet. Raditz tells Piccolo that he is from another planet. Piccolo still does not realize he is an alien to Earth until a later episode, even though he is told.

    • In the beginning when the Narrator is explaining what happened in the previous episode it is heard that Piccolo was the first to meet Raditz face to face, this is not true though, as he in fact met the farmer with the shotgun first.

    • According to Goku he still has a Scar where he hit his head as a Child.

    • From the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai video game for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube this episode corresponds to: Saiyan Story Mode #1 Mysterious Alien Attack!! #2 A Mutually Deadly Foe

    • The title of the original English dubbed version of this episode is "The Arrival of Raditz." (This original dub episode was combined with "The New Threat" to create one heavily cut/edited episode.)

    • From the original manga by Akira Toriyama, this episode contains: Tale 2 - Kakarrot Tale 3 - Tails of the Future Not-Quite-Past Tale 4 - An Enemy in Common

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    Allusions (1)

    • Bulma wanders around wearing a grey tank top and bikini briefs underwear that is similar to what Sigourney Weaver's character, Ripley, wears in the sci-fi space horror movie Alien.

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