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  • 9.5

    My favourite show 10

    By Akanksh, Apr 08, 2013

    Hey, plz start the dbz in India .there are many fans of am a big we want dbz gt on our tv

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    A blast from the past...with a new twist!

    By DBTrilogy100, Mar 13, 2013

    Back in 1998, I saw DBZ for the 1st time when it 1st came to Cartoon Network. There were 53 episodes and the character's voices were done by the Ocean Cast. In 1999, FUNimation themselves took over and got new music, new voices and less editing. It turned out those 1st 53 episodes were actually 67 episodes edited and cut down to 53. It seemed the United States could not truly see all of DBZ…until 2005 that is. In 2005, the early episodes were aired on Cartoon Network in their glorious, full, uncut 67 episode form! All cut footage was back, new music was scored and the FUNimation cast provided the voices for the characters! This was a treat for all U.S. fans to see what they couldn't see before; plus having the show re-dubbed was an extra treat for me. I prefer to watch the FUNimation Dub (U.S. 1999-2003 dub + the 2005 re-dubbed episodes) of Dragonball Z (and its prequel & sequel). I know the dub isn't 100% accurate to the original; but I watch the show for fun, so I can watch it happily. I do recommend the Uncut 67 Episodes over the Edited 53 Episodes.moreless

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    By Prosk8tr, Mar 06, 2013

    All I can say is, this was my childhood.

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    This is great

    By DeangeloHill1, Aug 15, 2012

    I grew up watching this show and Who ever said this was a waste of time is gayer than three fat ***s stuck in a stole in the bathroom on tuesday this show also had the best movies in the worl like bo jack and ledgendary super sayian series

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  • 8.1

    You gotta see the episode when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in front of Android's 20 and 19.

    By Silvereign, Apr 21, 2011

    Anyone who thinks Dragon Ball Z is mindless fighting is.....right! Dragon Ball Z starts off with a great storyline. DragonBall Z up 2 date has to be thee best raw action anime of all time. Not even Full Metal or Kenshin can touch it in terms of raw action. However, DBZ comes with a serious flaw. The storyline diminishes and gets worse! The Frieza saga had the best storyline but it got worse. The storyline got to the point where a random evil force would just show up and the Z fighters would fight it, struggle and eventually beat it. On top of that the Dialogue could use some work. Even Vegeta gets a little bland and repititive. DBZ has the best villians in terms of powers, and uniqueness of abilities. DBZ features one of the coolest transformations of all time. The legenday Super....Saiyan!! Super Saiyan is probably the best transformation in any anime. But unfortanetly its importance is severly downplayed as every Saiyan is eventually able to go Super Saiyan and beyound that and the other transformations above super Saiyan aren't even that great. But in the end DBZ is a great anime for raw action For its time the animation is pretty good but in some episodes its a little bad. You have to see the episode when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in front of Android's 20 and 19.moreless

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    Anime Trash

    By BryanPhilips, Oct 03, 2010

    Wait! Before all the Dragon Ball fans start going nuts you might want to know that I used to be a DBZ fan.

    I grew up watching this and I LOVED the show.

    Any now about 6 years later I look back and I think.... WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

    I learned nothing from that moronic show.

    This show is a complete waste of time!

    There are better things to do than watch this rubbish.

    Change the channel and put on a better show e.g. Futurama.

    Hell, I'd rather watch Sesame Street than sit through an episode of DBZ.moreless

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    great more crap anmie

    By YonSon, Oct 03, 2010

    Well now how do I put this DBZ sucks. maybe like umm... 7 years ago I wouldn't be saying this but I just wonder what little babys still watch this crap. what you should watch is Full Metal Alcamist just stay up til like around 12:00 A.M. on adult swim if you unless you have to go to bed you little babys.now the diffence between Full Metal Alcamist and DBZ is that Full Metal Alcamist doesn't suck so hard that (I can't blielve I'm about to type this)it only taskes it one lick to get to the tooties roll senter of a tooties pop (and if you don't get it that means one of 2 things 1.you not a fagit 2.your stupid)moreless

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    it SUCKS!!!

    By blackdiamond7, Oct 03, 2010

    it sucks I saw better shows on Irag TV. THE PRODUCER should be fired. The show isn't good and should be put off air for the next hundred years. I just hate it i saw it like 2 times. First time it sucked second time i thought it might be better but I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This show is an OUTRAGE!

    By puffyssilk, Oct 03, 2010

    This show is CRAZY, with uncreative characters, scenery, and the voices. This show is an outrage! This show should go and NEVER come back!!!!! Again this show is an outrage. This show is crazy and a copy from other shows!!!! Why can't they just think of their own ideas, instead of using other peoples ideas!

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