Dragon Tales

PBS (ended 2005)
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  • S 4 : Ep 1

    Big Big Friend Day

    Aired 11/25/05

  • S 3 : Ep 29

    Finders Keepers / A Storybook Ending

    Aired 3/31/05

  • S 3 : Ep 28

    Just the Two of Us / Cowboy Max

    Aired 4/1/05

  • S 3 : Ep 27

    Rise and Bloom / Super Snow Day

    Aired 2/22/05

  • S 3 : Ep 26

    Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon / Hello, Ms. Tipps

    Aired 3/29/05

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  • Kathleen Barr


  • Chantal Strand


  • Ty Olsson


  • Andrea Libman


  • Danny McKinnon


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  • Two Hispanic children, Max and Emmy, move into a new home. Like any young children, they're not quite happy at first about moving. Then, Emmy finds a secret drawer and inside is box containing a magical, shimmering dragon scale. Hmmm... there's some words on the box. What do they say? "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart." The magical decorations fly around them, transporting them (and us) to Dragon Land. Brought to you by Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop), the company that brings you Sesame Street it's Dragon Tales! Join Cassie, Ord, Zak & Wheezie, Quetzal, and their human friends, Max and Emmy in two daily adventures, each separated by a musical interstitial, "Dragon Tunes." Dragon Tales has enjoyed two seasons and many years of success on PBSKids. The show's popularity has spawned book, video, DVD and CD releases and even a live stage show. Now, the show's popularity has prompted its return. The third season is now airing in repeats along with the first and second, featuring folk songs and a folk theme, as well as a new character named Enrique --- a pleasant looking fellow in an Arthureseque outfit who's moved in next door to Max and Emmy. As some new stories are being paired with past stories, keep an eye on this guide to find out what's new and what's not. The new Dragon Tales CD released on February 15, 2005, featuring 14 tracks, some previously available on CD, but some never-before-released ones as well, such as "Friends," "Hola," and "Speak Up." After it's return in 2005, it's not yet known if any further new episodes will air. Please note that the show status is currently listed as On Hiatus / TBD, but that may change if it turns out the program will return. Dragon Tales is going to be part of the new PBSKids "pre-school block." Watch for this special block of programming beginning this fall. It will feature two new PBSKids shows It's a Big Big World and Curious George along with this show and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Looking to find out even more about Dragon Tales? Try the show's PBSKids official website. Now updated for the third season, you can listen to songs, get character info, play games and much more at the official site. There's material for parents as well. Stop by Sesame Workshop's Pressroom also to get even more information on the third season. Character Guide: Emmy: Emmy is six-years old and has an active spirit and sense of adventure. She's always ready to chip in her ideas, participate in fun games and sporting activities and help out all of her friends. However, her take-charge personality can sometimes rub the wrong way and she occasionally needs to take a step back when she becomes too close to the action. Her best dragon friend is Cassie and she usually rides with her. Max: Max is Emmy's four-year old little brother. He's always happy to join her on an adventure to Dragon Land, but sometimes gets upset about being too small to do certain things. Although not as competitive or sporty as Emmy, he too delights in the fun adventures that Dragon Land has to offer. His best dragon friend is Ord and he usually rides with him. Cassie: Cassie is a sweet and intelligent, but rather shy pink dragon. She often has many great ideas and is good at many things, but sometimes lacks the confidence to speak her mind. She gets help from all of her friends, especially Emmy, and from her teacher Quetzal. Family is very important to Cassie, as she has 72 brothers and sisters and sometimes helps her parents to take care of her little sister Kiki and her little brother, Finn. Birthday: May 16 Ord: Ord is a tall blue dragon who loves nothing more than to eat, particularly anything with dragonberrys in it. Though his tall height appears scary at first, he himself fears many things. One of his biggest fears is the dark, a problem he often wrestles with in the series. Birthday: September 9 Zak: Zak is not only a brother to his sister, Wheezie, he's also a very special partner. Zak and Wheezie are a dynamic duo, a two-headed dragon who often work together, but can also think quite independently. Zak enjoys the status quo, but his wild sister Wheezie often helps him to find a good time. Desiring peace, Zak often finds himself at the receiving end of various indignities --- from food on the head to a fish blowing bubbles straight in his face. Birthday: July 21 Wheezie: Wheezie is a high-strung dragon who loves singing, doing wild things and shouting and singing about the things she loves. Sister of and joined with Zak, she can't always understand his desire for her to calm down. Still, the two always find in the end that they wouldn't have it any other way. Birthday: July 21 Quetzal: Hailing from some sort of Dragon Land Mexico, apparently, Quetzal is a wise dragon teacher who instructs the kids and dragons at the School in the Sky. Unlike other dragon adults, he's only a bit larger than the kids, to keep him easily recognizable to the viewing audience. Quetzal has a magical book that contains reference on many things in Dragon Land. He's always a great source of advice, but tries as best as possible to only help the kids and dragons in solving their own problems. Birthday: September 27 Enrique: He's a new character coming to the third season of the program in February 2005. Enrique is raised by his Dad and Grandma and he's recently moved to the area where Max and Emmy live, all the way from Colombia. They meet and show him Dragon Land. At first, he's a bit scared, especially because he finds it hard to connect with people, having moved many times. But soon he's having great adventures in Dragon Land, just like Max and Emmy! Since Zak and Wheezie were left, he rides with them, and they're delighted at the opportunity to have someone to ride with them, since they usually flew only with each other in the past. Dragon Tales airs weekdays on most PBS stations and also in some foreign markets. Dragon birthdays courtesy of the 2005 Dragon Tales calendar. Special thanks to Sesame Workshop: (c) 2005 Sesame Workshop/Columbia Tristar Television Distribution. "Dragon Tales" and its logo are trademarks of Sesame Workshop and Columbia Tristar Television Distribution. All rights reserved.moreless

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  • Quotes (697)

    • (Max gives Ord gum that he chews. He blows a bubble so big that it lifts him up into the sky. When it pops, Ord falls and sinks into the ground.) Ord: Is that how bubble gum works, Max? Max: Well... kind of.

    • Emmy: Let us know what your surprise was Ord, next time we see you. Quetzal: Who says you're going to miss Ord's surprise, eh? Está noche, look out your window. Emmy: Tonight? Definitely!

    • Ord: Look, my dragon badge! It's shining! Max: What's a dragon badge? Ord: All dragons wear them. Cassie: They shine when you do something really hard, like Ord did!

    • Ord: With all of you with me, I'm not scared... much.

    • Ord: I guess there are some happy things you can only see in the dark. Like the stars.

    • Ord: Are we there yet? Zak: Do you see Half-Moon Rock? Ord: No. Zak: Then we aren't there yet. Ord: I wish this was the Forest of Light.

    • Big-Eyed, Helpful Bird: Which is it? Lost, or not lost?

    • Ord: Are you scared Max? Max: Me? Nah, I'm big... but maybe we should hold hands. Ord: Good idea!

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    Notes (385)

    • Jeffrey Scott says of these stories that both were written to completion, but then the series was redeveloped. He highly doubts that any form of them will ever be made available to the public.

    • Written in 1997, around two years before any episodes of Dragon Tales first aired.

    • The characters were different in these stories then in the actual series.

    • One of the major reasons "One Small Step For Cassie" was scrapped was because it did not fit the Dragon Land model. You would never see the characters doing something like visiting the moon in the actual series.

    • Thanks to writer Jeffrey Scott for kindly providing details about this episode.

    • Since this episode was never produced, no Dragon Tune was used with the episode.

    • "To Fly With Dragons" is the first of 5 episodes on the "Experience New Things!" DVD.

    • "The Forest of Darkness" introduces us to the dragon badge, which is device that the dragons wear around their necks. It glows when they've accomplished something that's particularly tough for him. In Ord's case, his badge glows when he overcomes his fears. For Cassie, her badge glows when she speaks up for herself, or is feeling confident. Zak and Wheezie's dragon badges glow when they do a particularly good job of working together or getting along. You can design a dragon badge for yourself or one of your kids by flying with either Zak and Wheezie, Ord, or Cassie at the PBSKids Dragon Tales website. You need Macromedia Shockwave to play this free game.

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    Trivia (161)

    • After Ord makes a wish on his baby tooth at the end of "To Fly with Dragons," he has a fully grown adult tooth where the old tooth was about three seconds later.

    • After Ord comments on how things like stars are good things to see at night in "The Forest of Darkness", his left fang turns blue for a couple of frames.

    • In "The Forest of Darkness", after Ord suggests that a light would make him feel better, and the camera pans out to show the whole gang, Zak's leg (or what we can see of it, anyway) is purple.

    • Ord states in "The Forest of Darkness" that all of the dragons wear dragon badges, but in "Cassie, the Green-Eyed Dragon," Finn, Cassie's younger brother, is not wearing a dragon badge.

    • When Ord wishes his friends to Kingdom Come, they hadn't yet learned Monsieur Marmadune's name, but Emmy calls him by his name.

    • When the dragonfrog stands on its hands in the "Shake Your Dragon Tail" segment, the dragonrooster does the same thing, but appears to be hovering since it is not standing on any limbs while upside-down.

    • In the beginning of "Shake Your Dragon Tail," Cassie's reflection has its mouth open when the "real" Cassie's mouth is closed.

    • A few times in "To Kingdom Come", Mr. Marmadune acts as if his key is incredibly heavy for him, lifting it with both hands, but other times, he is able to lift the key past shoulder level using only one hand.

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    Allusions (10)

    • Ord: Slam dunk... Max: For Air Ord-an! When Max says "Air Ord-an," he's referring to one of the nicknames of Michael Jordan, considered by most to be the best basketball player of all time.

    • Mr. Pop: ...With my sound switcher! Mr. Pop's sound switcher is similar to the "Sound Sweeper" in the Dr. Seuss cartoon, The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat.

    • Title: "My Way or Snow Way" This title is a pun on the phrase, "My way or no way."

    • Light My Firebreath This episode title is based on a song by The Doors: "Light My Fire".

    • Sid Sycamore: Hey-hey-hey, knot a problem! (laughs)

      There is also an episode from the first season of Dragon Tales called Knot a Problem.

    • Arlo: Ya'll come back soon, ya' hear? At the end of every Beverly Hillbillies episode, viewers were told, "Ya'll come back now, ya' hear?"

    • Wheezie: He likes it! Wheezie's line here dates back to the celebrated commercial for Life cereal. None of the kids would eat it except for Mikey. It is one of the best-remembered commercials of the 1970's.

    • Mr. Dustfree: ...the perfect balance.
      The Mr. Dustfree character was eerily similar to Patricia Routledge's starring role as Hyacinth Bucket on Keeping Up Appearances. In this BBC sitcom, "Hyacinth Bouquet" (as she preferred to pronounce her name) was a working-class housewife obsessed with behaving like an upper-class lady.

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