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    Good Preschool Show

    By ScampTVCritic, Apr 21, 2014

    Dragon Tales is one of those shows that not only preschoolers can watch, but even fans of animation in general. I didn't like this show all that much when I was a preschooler, mostly because I thought that the theme song was annoying, and I wasn't really interested in it. Now, I think this show is pretty good. The characters are very likable, especially the dragons (particularly Cassie, who is completely adorable). There are plenty of good voice actors on this show such as Andrea Libman (Emmy) and Chantal Strand (Cassie), both of which are now on the highly popular My Little Pony series, which I also enjoy. Since this show doesn't air on PBS anymore, go to YouTube and pull up an episode of this show to watch, either for little children or yourself.moreless

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    By leviwellsy, Mar 26, 2014

    As an infant, I kinda liked it. Growing up to be a preschooler, not that much as I remembered. Now, Ugh! I can't remember what happens in this show since it's been so long when I last saw this, but all I can say is that this show is about dragons and kids playing together. I'm not even interested in revisiting this show.

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    Dragon Tales is a great show!

    By metamorphstorm, Oct 17, 2012

    I have been watching Dragon Tales since it came out in Canada. I stopped for many years when I didn't watch TV at all, but now I watch it again. The show is somewhat addicting; bright and colorful without any of the modern stuff that I hate in cartoons, like bad slang, curse words, unnessecary violence and bad drawing. While I know it's a kid's show and should be without violence, I like it because of its more mature themes - like episodes featuring horrible nightmares, monsters, magic, and general freaks of the imagination. It's a show rich in education (though I can't stand Enrique, the new kid) and fun, and if you don't learn a thing by watching it, you'll have spend half an hour watching one of the better things on TV nowadays.moreless

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    This is one cartoon you might want to change the channel early after 5 minutes.

    By BlueMario1016, May 04, 2012

    My 17th review after the worst show of all time, "the Jerry Springer show".

    This cartoon is ratherway Stupid. Come on, Dragons that are nice?! That is Complete Bullcrud!!! The Plot is Brainless Stupid. I really dislike this show, but I don't know why I'm only going to give this trash a 5.0. This show is pretty medicore. There's some good, but most of it is Bad. The grade for this weird cartoon I'm gonna give is a C-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting A 8.0/10.0 Good voice-acting, but the spainsh reversed version that aired on Telemundo is Garbage.

    Animation: B 7.5/10.0 The first season has Crummy animation and the chracthers didn't have any color! It looked like the color got washed away! but the Later seasons had better animation and more colorful. Perhaps too colorful.

    Dialouge: D-- 4.0/10.0 The Dialouge stinks pretty much. The Dialouge's soooo stupid and Brainless.

    Educational Value: D- 4.5/10.0 There's no good point at all right next to Barney and friends, This teaches kids how to be annoying, Whiny, rude, Jealous, Stupid and Out of their minds.

    Grapihcs: C- 5.5/10.0 The Grapihcs dosen't seemed to match with the Animation. The Newer Seasons dosen't seemed to follow up to the 1990's cartoon animation.

    Sound: C-- 5.0/10.0 The soundtrack isn't that bad but the sound effects Suck sooooo much butt!

    Lasting Appeal: B-- 7.0/10.0 This show can be a bit fun for some people but some people should aviod this at all costs.

    Overall: C- 5.0/10.0 This show is half good but most bad.

    You should change the channel once it's been 5 minutes. Aviod this cartoon at all costs, This cartoon needs fine-tuning badly. Seasme Workshop needs help with this problem.moreless

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  • 6.5

    Childhood memories at best.

    By jmbsonic555, Sep 17, 2011

    ummary [edit]

    Two Hispanic children, Max and Emmy, move into a new home. Like any young children, they're not quite happy at first about moving. Then, Emmy finds a secret drawer and inside is box containing a magical, shimmering dragon scale. Hmmm... there's some words on the box. What do they say? "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart." The magical decorations fly around them, transporting them (and us) to Dragon Land. Brought to you by Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop), the company that brings you Sesame Street it's Dragon Tales! Join Cassie, Ord, Zak & Wheezie, Quetzal, and their human friends, Max and Emmy in two daily adventures, each separated by a musical interstitial,

    My review: I don't watch the show anymore, but I must say, I did ALOT back in my childhood, so that's why it got a higher rating.

    6.5 / 10moreless

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    Think of this as the dragon version of Barney

    By Woahwoah312, Aug 29, 2011

    As if a dinosaur couldn't have turned into an idiot,PBS Kids decided to make dragons into idiots. This show is about 2 kids named Max and Emmy,who find some type of crystal,which transports them into some type of world with dragons. Oh,and the dragons are nice. Are you kidding me? Nice dragons?! If the giant dragon from How to Train your Dragon was in here,he would roast all of the characters. My first issue of this show is,of course,the characters. There is not one likable character at all. Max is annoying,Emmy is just like Max and constantly says "Defenitly". Cassie and Ord are just annoying,and Wheezie and Zak are just jerks who constantly fight all the time. The animation is OK,but not good either. This show is also led by musical numbers,which are terrible. The voice acting is just worse. Emmy never shuts up about saying "defentitly",Cassie sounds like a whiny 5-year old girl,and Org sounds like a drunk man. Overall,this show is horrible,and should be avoided at all costs.moreless

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    Under appreciated

    By NoelOliver15, Jul 31, 2011

    Even though I was already seven when they started this show I've always loved it except for about five years when I took a break from it like I resent it when people call Ord a glutton and say he's too big to be scared of the dark in reality I think so too but that's what makes him so lovable and I've also always loved the do re mi birds I'm hoping it will eventually be on TV again

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    looove it!

    By lyokophantom, Nov 06, 2010

    I give it a 10 hands down. It is cute and all the little things about dragon land are so cool. Like looking for crystals or trying to read what the doodle fairy drew. Oh and when their Dragon Badge glows that is a special "I can do it" moment. Also you have to be at lest 13 to be on this site so little kids can't vote. It is more of a show for them but a few of us older kids like it. In my opinion there is no shame. The on annoying thing is when Max & Emmy laugh when nothing' was funny. Over all it is a good show about fantasy and your imagination.moreless

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    Can you guys keep a secret?

    By DivaDivine, Nov 06, 2010

    Yes, I still watch this show, and I'm 15. But I enjoy it a lot, especially when they do songs. I always get up and dance like a goofball, because this show sets me free and reminds me of my lost childhood. I also enjoy sweet, brainy Cassie...she's so like me when I was young.

    On a practical note, I watch this show because someday I want to work for cartoons in some way, and think that it's all little kids working on these shows? No, it's adults who want kids to have good, educational television. And that's why I watch it!moreless

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    It Needs Fine Tuning.....

    By in-correct, Nov 06, 2010

    Dragon Tales is about this dragon who wanted to play with human friends, so she took some of her scales and hid them in several locations, and whoever finds them can come to DragonLand...

    This is a good idea, but why are Max & Emmy the only kids that we see there?? ( Unless they changed this recently ) If there is more than one scale, then there should be more kids, and also, it seems like there aren't many Dragons...

    What happened to that Dragon, and those other kids??

    Max, Emmy, and especially Max, can be very annoying sometimes. They have the same expression alot. Zac & Wheezie have an entire family that have two heads. And the strange thing is that this can easily be corrected without harming them or anything. All they have to do is rub two rocks together, and they can seperate easily. And they want to be stuck together. Who would want to do that?!

    I don't know if anybody has noticed this, but some episodes they all sound completely different. And in some episodes the music is very dramatic.... And also some episodes are better than others... They make the Dragon Scale glow differently sometimes, and then those flying dragons on the wallpaper are shown differently sometimes... And it is nice whenever they have more dragons in some of the episodes. And several of the places in Dragon Land seem very interesting.moreless

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