Dragon Tales

Small Time / Roller Coaster Dragon

Season 1, Ep 33, Aired 4/19/00
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  • Episode Description
  • #13301 "Small Time" Max is practicing to drive the bumpercars at Funland. He and Emmy are going on Saturday. Emmy's not sure if he'll be tall enough to drive the bumpercars, which annoys Max, who's forever lamenting the problem of being too small to do stuff. In the meantime, the dragons are calling. Yet when Max and Emmy arrive at Dragon Land, no one's around. They figure the dragons are on their way and practice playing kickball. After kicking the ball into a patch of flowers, both accidentally touch shrinking violets, causing them to shrink down to the of bugs. How can they get the dragons to find them and keep from getting stepped in the process? Time for a little help from every Dragon Tales viewer's favorite non-speaking guest star- the doodle fairy! #13302 "Roller Coaster Dragon" Emmy is taking forever to tie her shoes, which is seriously bugging Max, who can't wait to go to Dragon Land. He decides to speed things up, by grabbing the dragon scale while Emmy finishes tying. Meanwhile, at Dragon Land, the carnival has come, and everyone's really eager to ride an amazing ride called the "Roller Coaster Dragon." The dragons saved Max and Emmy a spot in line, but when the call comes for the next ride, they make it right to the gate before being stopped by the ticket-taker (who's a Poor Man's Rodney Dangerfield) and told that the ride is full. When Wheezie learns that the next ride won't be for ten minutes, she flips out. What can be done to keep Wheezie from thinking about the roller coaster dragon until it comes back?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andrea Libman


  • Danny McKinnon


  • Ty Olsson


  • Chantal Strand


  • Kathleen Barr


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (12)

    • Zak: (singing) Oh, my sister, she sure is a wild one, sometimes more annoying than fleas. But given a choice between one head or two, I'd stick with my best friend Wheezie. Ohhh... Everyone: (except Wheezie) She floats through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young dragon we all know as Wheeze. Her dancing's not graceful, but as you can see, she's always a barrel of laughs. (Zak laughs, Wheezie laughs hysterically)

    • Wheezie: It's been much more than ten minutes, hasn't it? Ticket-taker: Keep your scales on kid! Oh, brother. These dragons today.

    • Wheezie: Is it ten minutes yet? Ticket-taker: Ah, it won't be ten minutes till all the sand falls to the bottom of the hourglass. Wheezie: Hmm, maybe you could make the sand fall a little bit faster? Zak: Stop bothering the man, Wheezie. Wheezie: I'm sorry, Zak. I can't help it. I want to ride the roller coaster so bad, I can taste it. Ord: Mmm, really?

    • Wheezie: Hurry up! We have to get our snacks and get back in line before the roller coaster comes back! Server Dragon: Do I look an octopus, kid? I only have six arms!

    • Wheezie: Aha! Zak: Is that an 'I found Max and Emmy' aha or an 'I found another button' aha?

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    Notes (1)

    • Dragon Tunes: "Pretend"

    Trivia (3)

    • When Wheezie gets impatient with Ord at the concession stand, she tells the dragon there to give them two of everything- and he does! This is all on their ticket?

    • Ten minutes is a very long ride on a roller coaster.

    • In "Roller Coaster Dragon," the ticket-taker said that it would be ten minutes before the coaster got back and then started an hourglass. He then said that there were eight minutes left, but before he said that, more than half of the sand had reached bottom of the hourglass.

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