Drake & Josh

Blues Brothers

Season 2, Ep 8, Aired 9/12/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Josh is confident about when Walter chooses him to be his co-weatherman. That is, until Megan reminds Josh of his uncontrolable twitch. So Josh twitches in front of the whole world and becomes the laughing stock of San Diego. Meanwhile, Drake is determined to win the talent show for the third year in a row but finds it challenging when he rivals with an acappella group.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Drake Bell

    Drake Parker

  • Nancy Sullivan

    Audrey Parker-Nichols

  • Jonathan Goldstein (I)

    Walter Nichols

  • Josh Peck

    Josh Nichols

  • Miranda Cosgrove

    Megan Parker

  • Fan Reviews (31)
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    By nickel2006, Sep 29, 2007

  • A really fun episode to watch.

    By Sango_13, Feb 08, 2009

  • blues brothers

    By futuramarama, Jul 07, 2010

  • This was a great episode.

    By _Flutterlight_, Mar 27, 2010

  • This episode is really funny! Excellent tribute episode to the Blue's Brothers.

    By ffmotorsports51, Jul 24, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Drake: (to Josh) Looks like your twitching days are over. Josh: And it looks like you just won the talent contest for the second year in a row. Fan Girl: Actually, it's three years! It's a three-peat just like I predicted! Drake & Josh: WHO ARE YOU?! Fan Girl: I love you. Bye! (runs away) Josh: (to Drake) It's gotta be fun being you. Drake: Yeah...

    • Megan: I'd be nervous if I knew a million people were watching me. Josh: I'm not nervous at all. Megan: Ok. Unless, of course, your twitch comes back. Remember the fourth grade, Josh, the twitch. Josh: Who told you I twitched? Megan: Dad. Josh: Dad!

    • Audrey: Those dorks stole Drake's song.

    • Josh: It looks like you might want to take out those swim trunks because it looks like the sunshine is here to stay!

    • (Josh goes out of the room. Drake puts the tape with Josh twitching on, and Josh bursts back into the room) Josh: TURN IT OFF!!!

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    Trivia (3)

    • Goof: When Josh and Megan are talking and the camera is focused both on them and the door, there is only one dice on the table. The camera pans in to focus on Josh and Megan and out again to have the focus on Josh, Megan, and the area where the door is, there are two dice on the same table.

    • Boy band 'All That', guest stars on this episode. They would later appear on America's Got Talent.

    • The teacher said that the ice cream was for a PTA meeting tonight, but it is odd that she left it out where it could melt.

    Allusions (2)

    • The movie they were watching and what this episode is based around is "The Blues Brothers"

    • The song that Drake and Josh sing for the Talent show is called Soul Man by Sam & Dave.

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