Dream Team

Ten Green Bottles

Season 8, Ep 29, Aired 5/8/05
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  • After a great run of winning 4 games in a row with one left to play, promotion is within Harchester's sights, but the one match left to play is at home to West Ham to which Don is director of football and to say the lads are up for it is an understatement. Fletch, leaves the lads to celebrate and gets into a taxi and is shocked when Don gets in and joins him. Fletch orders him out but Don opens a briefcase full of money which makes Fletch listen to him. Fletch asks Don what the money is for and Don tells him it could come in handy for when Fletch is left without a club at the end of the season when his current contract with Harchester runs out. Don's message to Fletch is simple - make sure Harchester lose and the money is his but Fletch rejects the offer. Don immediately gets on the phone to his accomplice, Alex, and asks him to set up a transfer meeting with QPR for Fletch. Fletch goes to see Viv and wants to know where he stands come the end of the season but Viv tells him that he isn't talking to anyone about future contracts until he knows what division they will be in next season. Frank and Jodie return to the Grange where they find Don pleading with his daughter to talk to him. She shrugs him off and they head up to their room. Frank sits her down and tells her that maybe she should try and work things out with her father. Jodie says no, saying that it was him that killed their baby and their marriage but Frank tells her that it was his fault more than anyone. Jodie moves in closer to her husband but he rejects her advances. Frank tells her that she deserves better than him and walks out leaving her behind. The next morning, Fletch is shocked when the receptionist at the Grange tells him that his breakfast meeting is about to take place. Confused, he heads down to the dining hall to find QPR manager Ian Holloway and Alex, the person Don was in contact with before. The two of them sell QPR to Fletch but he doesn't want to hear any of it, that is until Alex tells Fletch that they have been told that Harchester don't plan to renew his contract at the end of the season. He storms into the club and while outside Viv's office he hears Eli saying that Viv told him that Fletch wasn't in Viv's plans for this season and Viv tells him that he still needed him in the right frame of mind for the remainder of the season. Jaws spots Fletch looking in and tries to talk to him but Fletch isn't having any of it. Fletch meets up with Don and is now ready to listen to him. Don gives him half the money then and is promised the rest when Harchester lose to West Ham. Fletch asks him what he wants him to do and Don tells him that to stop Harchester, he has to stop Ryan as he is the key player to their success. He gives him a water bottle and tells him to make sure that Ryan drinks out of it before the game. Fletch is sceptical as to what is in it and Don says there is only a few eye drops added to the water which will play havoc with his stomach and won't harm Ryan in any serious way, he'll just be too busy in the toilets while the game is being played. Jodie checks out of her room and asks for Franks room number at the reception. The receptionist tells her that he checked out earlier and left her a letter which reveals that Frank wants to leave Jodie. Jodie storms onto the training pitch to confront Frank. As the rest of the lads look on at a distraught Jodie, Frank calms her down and escorts her off the pitch. Fletch turns up and makes it clear to Viv that so long as he has a contract with Harchester he will give them his all. Fletch returns to his room at the Grange and watches an interview on T.V with Ryan ecstatic at finally being back in the squad. Gina enters and says all the wrong things with Fletch thinking she means he isn't good enough for the Premiership. The two of them have a massive argument and he storms out. Down at the lounge Viv gathers the team for a prep talk before their make or break game against West Ham. He thanks them for being so patient with his managerial techniques and orders Gina to pair the lads up in their rooms and Fletch and Ryan are paired together. Viv tells her to leave his room key at reception while he goes out to sort a few things. Ryan is on top of the world and Fletch can see that and begins to have second thoughts. He goes downstairs to the bar where he meets up with Jodie and the two of them begin flirting. One thing leads to another and the two of them end up in bed together. While all this is going on, Don meets up with Viv at Studs and the two of them begin mind games with each other. Jaws comes out on top when he finds Don's weak spot, his daughter. Don is irate that he would bring his daughter into it and vows to get revenge on the now Harchester manager. As Jodie and Fletch wake up together they hear a knock at the door and Don's voice, pleading to have a word with his daughter. Fletch hides in the bathroom and Jodie lets him in. As the two of them begin to sort their differences, the bathroom door begins to swing open and Don finds a half-naked Fletch staring at him. Jodie and Fletch expect Don to be irate but Don now has Fletch right where he wants him and can now use this should Fletch not go ahead with ruling Ryan out of the West Ham game and walks out. As the team prepare for the West Ham game, Fletch sneaks out during Viv's team talk and starts a fire in a cupboard within the stadium, thinking if he can get the game abandoned then he won‘t have to go through with ruling Ryan out. Just as the lads are ready to go out for kick off they hear the fire alarm and the fire brigade escort the players and fans out of the stadium until they find the fire. Don and Fletch meet up and Don asks if the fire has anything to do with the fire. Don tells Fletch that he is not paying him to get the game abandoned, he is paying him to take Ryan out. The fire is eventually put out and the players re-enter the changing room. Fletch hands Ryan the tampered bottle but he doesn't get the chance to drink it as the bell rings and the players head out onto the pitch. Jodie meets Gina outside the dressing room to tell her that she is leaving Harchester after everything that has happened. Gina complains of a headache and Jodie takes her inside the changing room and gives her some aspirin. Gina then drinks out of the poisoned bottle and tells Jodie to go and she'll be fine in a while. As Harchester bombard the West Ham goal but with no avail, Gina continues to drink with the tampered with water bottle and when she tries to get up she begins to feel dizzy and collapses on the floor.... suggesting that there was something a bit more dangerous added to the water than Don was letting on.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Melia

    Jerry Block (Episode 65 - 191)

  • Nathan Constance

    Leon Richards (Episode 65 - 145)

  • Stefan Dennis

    Sam Irving (Episode 230 - 261)

  • Frances Ruffelle

    Dawn Spears (Episode 230 - 249)

  • Campbell Morrison

    Gordon Gallagher (Episode 157 - 180)

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