Duck Dynasty

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Quotes (7)

  • Si: [screaming at traffic he is blocking] "Hey, I escaped from the old home!"

  • Jase : That makes me even more concerned, cuz I cant believe he went to a doctor and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him.
    Willy: Just Hemorrhoids

  • Phil: As Mr. T would say, I pity the Turtle

  • Phil: Women are about half nuts

  • Willy: Get your butt back over to work
    Si: Why
    Willy: I really don't know why
    Jase: Si this is dangerous
    Si: Hey, Everything's cool
    Willy: Si, is this about your bumper?
    Si: Do What? Oh about the six hundred dollar scratch on it? Nah Why would I be upset about something like that?
    Willy: If its about your bumper I will buy you a new one
    Si: What? I didn't hear that?
    Willy: Lets go this is stupid

  • Si: Negotiations are my thing man

  • Kay Robertson: : Has anybody seen Mr. T in reference to her pet turtle.
    Phil Robertson: : Bobo ate Mr. T.