The Golden Goose

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    By noman, Dec 02, 2013

    A same old epsiode Glomgold tries to get richer than Scrooge and doesn't only lose-he turns to gold! Of course he comes back to life as usual. He makes a cameo as a guest villian on Darkwing duck "In Like blunt"

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    Good episode but

    By Cheyenne_05, Jul 03, 2012

    I found the final episode very good althrought the scene with Scrooge using reverse socially on Webby turned me off .This poor little girl never got his attention and I found it sad that the writers couldn't allow the two characters to show some type of way to try and bond in the last esposide by allowing the child to come with him instead of a scene that seemed off as Webby never demanded that Scrooge take her along before.It was scenes like this that turned me off from Ducktales and was happy to see Disney finally show a true father/daughter bond between Drake and Gosalyn in Darkwing Duck.As most of the female children were side characters who were shown little attention.

    The fact that Webby was also not turned to gold made her seem like she was less important then The boys and to see Scrooge spending all his time with the boys through out most of the 2 part esposide it would been a nice to see him give Webby some special attention Espically since this the first time he really had some time to spare for one on one time with her which she never got and was badly in need of .moreless

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    By sh811a, Aug 31, 2008

    There have been a lot of finales for TV shows and not a lot of them deliver but this one does it is not just one of my favorate TV finales but it's my favorate episode of the show and one of my favorate TV episodes in general.

    This episode is one of the darkest I've seen in any cartoon, the whole two parter was a horror story. It's not just a fable about the danger of greed but it's really about the danger of addiction.

    As we see with the new discovery, Scrooge's acts like a drug addict when he keeps inflating his greed by abusing the power of the golden goose more and more. That Golden Goose truely is a great treasure because the power it holds provides limitless possiblities on turning something into great wealth, you will never be poor you can be as rich as you want. But as we see from what happens in the arc it goes with another old saying, "Too much of a good thing isn't healthy".

    And that's exactly what happens to Scrooge he begins to learn the hard way addiction can destroy your soul within but also what is most truely valuable. As we see one of the darkest and chilling scenes ever when Scrooge accidently turns Huey, Dewey and Louie along with Weeby into gold. And of course the curse the goose caries comes to life and turns a lot of other characters to gold from the good guys down to the bad guys, it really sent a cold feeling inside knowing these character could die or at least come close to the equivialant of death.

    I'll admit I never really though that gold could be the most chilling thing ever. Gold in the episode truely is the main villan in the whole episode, the way it is hands from how it slowly but surely turn everything from people to the enviorment into gold. It behaved like a plague/force that was unstopable. One of the most unnerving moments what the cinamatography shot of seeing the whole world turn to gold.

    This is one of the only time I've every seen a near end of the world scenario in an animated series. The only other time would have to of been the anime series "Pritty Soilder Sailor Moon" episodes arc 196-200.

    It all came down to one of the most suspenseful final minutes ever where Launchpad and Scrooge had to take the goose back to it's resting place were everything will return to normal. I was litterally at the edge of my seat in those final minutes after everything that happened I wasn't sure of anything. I hated to see the show go after this two parter I couldn't help but want more I really could've seen more adventures for Scrooge and his family, Ducktales is just one of those shows you didn't want to end.moreless

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    Theres this long explanation and I don't care to explain. There is a golden goose.

    By berserker37, Jun 11, 2006

    I thought this was really good. It was well done but I hoped that the whole earth would be gold. It would be a nice season finale. The only thing I didn't like was when the gold was travelling at different speeds. Well, the animation was well done and it was pretty well written. However, I wouldn't have liked it as a series finale. i mean maybe like a season finale but there was no closing point at the end. All they did was bring back a whoe bunch of people like Dejon and Glomgold and the beagle boys. Anyway I really thought this was good but there was no closure with the characters. All in all it was a great episode with many great happenings. Great job cancelling it, ABC! (that was sarcasm)moreless

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