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  • Merlock: At last, after all these centuries, the lamp will be mine again! Dijon: Yes, yes! You will be more powerful than locomotives! More faster than speedy bulls! You will leap tall buildings in a single bound!

  • Genie: [after being transformed into a real boy] How can I ever thank you, Master? Scrooge: I'm not your master anymore. Genie: That's it. Can I call you, "Uncle Scrooge"? Scrooge: You're a sweet kid, but don't press your luck.

  • Dijon: Whoever said, "Money cannot buy peace of mind," must have had the brains of a garbanzo bean.

  • Launchpad: I've got the bin at 12:00 high, Mr. McD...give or take 10 minutes.

  • Dijon: Everything smells delicious when you're rich! [smells his cape] Even me!

  • Genie: What's more important? Your fortune or your life? Scrooge: Well... Genie: Hey, this isn't exactly a trick question!

  • Scrooge: [putting the genie in a little plant] You can watch the ball from here. Otherwise, you go back in the lamp! Genie: But what if I win the door prize?

  • Scrooge: I could wish for the world's biggest diamond! No, the entire diamond mine! No, no, ALL the diamond mines! No, the entire mining industry!...I can see why this can take some careful thought.

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  • This movie made its Toon Disney premiere on March 12, 2005.

  • Merlock also appears in the Donald Duck: Goin' Qu@ckers! video game.

  • A doll of Zummi Gummi from "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" can be seen in Webby's room.

  • Merlock's counterpart, Dijon, is the same Dijon from the 2-part "Golden Goose" episode.

  • When part 2, "Wrongway in Ronguay", was shown in syndicated re-runs (such as on Toon Disney), the scene where Dewey shorts out the robot pilot by breaking its power cord apart was edited so that it looks as though the robot shorts out simply from Louie smashing the fire extinguisher against it. Also, in "Don't Give Up the Ship", two lines both said while Bigtime lights matches are also cut. These cut scenes were fortunately restored for the DVD set.

  • First appearance of Webby.

  • All five episodes from this Special are included on the Volume Two DVD

  • Running gag: Most of the time no one could understand what Donald was saying.

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Trivia (158)

  • When Mrs. Beakley fainted, she lost her glasses but when she got up, her glasses are still on her eyes.

  • When Scrooge realizes that Dijon has stolen the Genie from him, Dijon says, "Good Morning, Scrooge, sir." Is it supposed to be after midnight at this time?([i]Reply: It could be where he's from, and that's the time system he's using.[/1])

  • When the genie gets transformed into a boy, he grows up a few inches. Was that intended?

  • While Scrooge's bin was being transformed, there was an alarm going off in the room the boys and Webby were in. Didn't they shut off all the alarms?

  • When Scrooge's family came to visit him in prison, the piggy bank that Webby had just suddenly appeared in her hands, and then later, it just disappeared out of thin air!

  • Okay, this bugs me, the fact that Scrooge is in the prison cell all alone. He should really have a cellmate (at least I didn't see one).

  • How did Dijon get to Scrooge's vault that quickly?

  • When Scrooge realizes that Dijon has stolen the Genie from him, Dijon says, "Good Morning, Scrooge, sir." Is it supposed to be after midnight at this time?

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  • Launchpad: Warp drive, Scotty! Launchpad makes an obvious reference to Star Trek's character Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, who appeared on the original Star Trek series, in 1966.

  • Launchpad: I hate snakes! Hey, wait a minute, that's somebody else. I sorta like snakes. Launchpad makes an obvious reference to the archeologist and treasure hunter "Indiana Jones", portraided by Harrison Ford, who's only fear is of snakes.

  • The Beagle Boys and Ma Beagle are based upon the infamous Ma Barker and the Barker Gang, a real life family of crooks who were led by their mother.

  • Magica: Bibbidi bobbety boo! This was the title for the Fairy Godmother's song in Disney's version of "Cinderella". (This wouldn't be the last time a Disney cartoon would reference that song, by the way.

  • Scrooge: You! There'll be no whistling while you work! Scrooge makes an obvious reference to "Whistle While You Work", a song featured in Disney's first feature-length movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • The "Quacker Snatchers" as the boys describe from the movie is a reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  • Webra Warlters is a spoof on the real reporter Barbara Walters.

  • Sphinx For The Memories is a parody of the saying: Thanks for the memories.

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