Close Call for Daisy

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Quotes (2)

  • Bo: It didn't have an N and W on the license plate, did it? Reverend: That's the one. Bo: Shoot, Luke, you don't think they'd do anything to hurt her, do you? Luke: If they'd shoot at two Dukes, they'd shoot at one more.

  • Bo: You got any idea what we're gonna do when we catch up to Daisy and them fellas? Luke: First, we have draw their fire off of her. Bo: What about second? Luke: Second, we try to avoid getting hit while doing the first. Bo: I was afraid of that.

Trivia (2)

  • In the scene where Nervous Norman Willis is introduced the Balladeer mistakenly refers to him as Norman Nervous Willis.

  • Its funny how there is a flatbed truck in the middle of Hazzard piling hundreds of boxes onto it. And that when Rosco and Boss Hogg crash into it, the boxes are obviously empty.