Hazzard in Hollywood

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Quotes (3)

  • Deacon: I knew you were bluffing. There ain't no rattlesnakes in that car. Bo pulls out a snake from the General. Bo: Oh, hey, Theresa. Deacon gasps. Luke: It's just a harmless cornsnake. Bo: Yeah, but with rattlesnakes running around, who bothers to check? Deacon: And when I think of all the loot I wasted on guard dogs.

  • [After seeing a bunch of girls in bikinis.] Bo: You know, Luke, I think this would go over well in Hazzard. Luke: I love this town.

  • Luke: Would you mind telling me how the heck you ended up with a tape? Bo: That was a blank tape. It's all I could think of. Luke: It fooled me.

Notes (2)

  • The End of the Movie has a special Dedicated in Loving memory to Denver Pyle saying, He was a Worthy Player: A friend to all.

  • Mac Davis takes over as the Balladeer in this second reunion movie.