No More Mr. Nice Guy

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    His name is Jefferson Davis Hogg with two G's.

    By lae10, Dec 19, 2006

    Boss has his latest scam to scam the Dukes. He makes Daisy think that she's been the millionth customer at the Capitol City department store and that she's won a bunch of great prizes. After getting the prizes Rosco has Daisy and Uncle Jesse arrested and then goes after Bo and Luke. But when Bo and Luke go to talk to Boss about this Boss, of course, wouldn't listen. He has a little accident and gets a temporary case of amnesia. However, the people that he's working with in scamming the Dukes don't believe that he has amnesia. So they take him hostage and make him give them the stolen merchandise. Bo and Luke go after Boss and one of his "partners," and Daisy and Uncle Jesse go after the other two. This was a very good episode. Love it!moreless

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