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    lmao at the suggestion of this being a lost episode

    By Babyboyinda360, Jun 27, 2014

    this is not a lost episode!!!

    not even season 8

    It's a movie, get the facts straight

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    The Dukes of Hazzard Homecoming is a reunion movie that should have never been made!

    By Scandal2000, Jan 01, 2011

    As a child I was a huge fan of the Dukes of Hazzard. The silly comedy featured the Dukes, a poor family, all with hearts of gold, that took pride in fighting the system. The show, while very toungue in cheek, was fun and easy to watch. As a young boy I had a major crush on Catherine Back (aka Daisy Duke). I was also a huge fan of Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) who was the older, more athletic and smarter Duke. Many of my buddies were Bo fans.

    When news arrived that CBS had ordered a Dukes reuntion, I was thrilled. However, after watching the reunion film. I sadly was forced to admit, the reunion should have never happened. While the Dukes of Hazzard was never known for its great scripts, this movie was downright bad. There is very little action and the actors seem terribly bored.In fact, Catherine Bach appeared like the only person having a blast despite her silly storyline. Wopat, who has gone on to a brilliant career in Hollywood, seemed like he was going through the motions and John Schenider never was known for his great acting to begin with. The biggest thing that stood out to me in this movie was how vital Sorrele Booke who played Boss Hogg was to the series. Without Boss Hogg, the Rosco character came across as weak and unfunny. It can be argued that Booke and James Best were one of the most underrated comedy teams ever. It also was painful to see Enos actually as a somewhat capable cop and Cooter Davenport, America's favorite redneck all cleaned up. They should have saved that for real life. This one was poorly done.moreless

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    Bo, Luke and company return to Hazzard to save Uncle Jesse's farm from a bunch of crooks...

    By question76, Mar 12, 2007

    I grew up with this show and really looked forward to this movie. That being said I really didn't expect much from the reunion but I believe it certainly had it's moments.

    As a kid I really had no idea how simple and predictable the actual series was. Now I have children of my own and they love the show. We purchased a couple of the DVD's and even though they don't have the deepest plot, I still enjoy watching them. There is enough of the spirit of the original show in this one to make it worth watching. I do wish that Boss Hogg could have been in it. It makes you realize how important his character was to the show.

    When my brother and I were trying to figure out what the show would be about we almost got it exactly right. We figured that the General Lee would be all dusty in a barn...right on. We also figured that someone would be after Uncle Jesse's farm...right on. And we also figured that the Dukes would have to get the General running again and race to save the farm...again, right on. So in keeping with the spirit of the original series I'd have to say...right on.moreless

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    A great penultimate episode featuring nearly all of the origianl cast

    By stanlow31, Dec 30, 2006

    Any Dukes of Hazzard fan must watch this penultimate episode. It\'s fantastic to watch all the same characters with exeption to Boss Hogg (Sorrell Brooke(who unfortunatly died in 1994)). It has all the usual clean fun that made me fall in love with the show back in the early eighties when I was a wee lad. Bo Duke is now a proffesional race driver, Roscoe is now Boss Luke is a firefighter Uncle Jessie is still Uncle Jessie and Cooter has been elected to Congress. I don\'t know when this episode was filmed but I guess it must have been in the mid nineties. I leave my waffling at that and apologise for whats probable the worst review you\'ve ever read, but if you enjoyed the show when you were young you really need to see this episodemoreless

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