The Dukes of Hazzard

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Quotes (354)

  • Bo: If you had tuned this car instead of chasing women last night, we'd already have him. Luke: Not with you asleep at the wheel.

  • Luke: Watch out for that mailbox! (Bo runs over four mailboxes) Bo: What mailbox?

  • Uncle Jesse: Why would you let Cooter borrow your car?! Next time just run it off a cliff and save gas.

  • Luke: You borrowed my car this morning. What'd you do with it? Cooter: Oh, I used it to run the sheriff off the road to make him mad.

  • Cooter: This here's Crazy Cooter talkin'. Turkey coming right down my alley. Gobble gobble.

  • Luke: I love your shortcut. Bo: Cute. They must've changed it since the last time a girl chased me through here.

  • Uncle Jesse: The chance of you two producing an offspring is up there with hogs producing beef

  • Boss: Rosco, With your image right now if you were the only man running. Rosco: I'd come in second. Boss: You'd come in second.

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Notes (318)

  • The first five episodes were shot on location in and around Covington, Georgia, in November and December 1978. The series was only planned as a mid-season replacement, with just nine episodes planned. After completion of the fifth episode, "High Octane", Warner Brothers executives saw enough potential in the series that they moved production to California, in order to streamline filming.

    In these very early episodes, there are a number of noticeable character differences - Cooter is a wild rebel who often breaks the law; Rosco is a more hard-nosed, bitter lawman; Boss Hogg is more gruff and serious, and the Dukes are not so "clean cut" in nature. As the series found it's "family friendly" footing, many of these characteristics would evolve or be toned down.

  • This is the only episode where we actively see a number of deputies working at the Police Station. Ordinarily it would only be Rosco and Enos (Enos replaced by Cletus in the third and fourth seasons). On occasions, such as "car race" episodes, we would see auxiliary deputies, but they were not permanent. (Note however, that several other early episodes make indirect references to other deputies - in the next episode, "Daisy's Song", for example, Boss and Rosco discuss Rosco's deputies, with Rosco insisting that none of them are honest, except for Enos).

  • The series premiered in the United Kingdom on BBC One on Saturday 3rd March 1979, at 9 pm (it would soon be moved to an earlier time slot to cater to its many younger aged fans). This is less than two months after the show debuted in the US - long before satellite channels were around to poach the rights!

  • James Best almost turned the role of Sheriff Rosco (P.) Coltrane down because he said he didn't want to do a "gang thing" for a TV show, believing 'The Dukes' to be a suburban street gang.

  • The early General Lees, as seen in this episode, has an additional artwork design that soon disappeared; A small Confederate flag is a cross design with another flag, on the trunk of the car (just above the CB aerial). This was dropped after the series moved to the Warner Brothers lot in Hollywood.

  • According to commentary by Catherine Bach and John Schneider on the season 1 DVDs, the hands playing the guitar at the start of the first few episodes are in fact not Waylon Jennings. However, they cannot remember to whom they belong.

  • Daisy becomes the first Duke to successfully escape from the Hazzard County Jail in this premiere episode. Bo and Luke would have to wait a few episodes longer.

  • In the early episodes there are very few scenes between Boss and Rosco as opposed to later when the two would become almost inseparable. Both men went their own way and had their own scams although it was made clear that Boss was the one in charge.

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Trivia (197)

  • Cooter utters his often used phrase "Shoot fire and save box matches" for the first time in this episode.

  • This episode holds the record for the number of times the General Lee's Dixie horn is be heard in a single episode - four times. It is heard once during the chase after the stolen Police car at the start of the story, twice in the scene in the junk yard, and once more as the car drives away in the last shot.

  • The guitar used in the opening introduction (not yet a shot of Waylon Jennings) was acoustic.

  • During the car chase near the end of the episode when Bo and Luke are driving round the town square, there is another General Lee parked in the street. It is visible almost in the middle of the screen.

  • The Untouchables once had an episode with the same title as this one--One Armed Bandits.

  • Hazzard County is said to be in Georgia, but there is no such county now or ever in Georgia. There is, however, a town in Kentucky named Hazard.

  • In the chase scene in the beginning, Cooter changes between 3 different police cars, first he has a Dodge Monaco with the confederate flag plate in the middle of the bumper, then he has a car just like but it has the plate on the passenger side of the bumper when he does the jump before the General Lee does it. And the he switches to a Dodge Polara, which has a smashed up rear quarter panel and a fenderbender in the front and then thats one car that he flips in the construction zone. A similar thing happens during the chase scene in the end. Rosco and Enos switch between the those 3 cars too.

  • At the junkyard, General Lee honks it's horn once, and starts a second time - when it stops after the first two notes! Later, after Bo and Luke are back in the car, the horn finishes the last 10 notes.

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Allusions (17)

  • The title of this episode is taken from the classic Agatha Christie courtroom film Witness for the Prosecution.

  • The title of this episode is taken from The Amityville Horror, popular book which was made into a movie during the 1970's starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder, and Rod Steiger.

  • This storyline of this episode bears some resemblance to that of The Maltese Falcon.

  • Hazzard County's Sadie Hogg Day is loosely borrowed from the comic strip Li'l Abner's Sadie Hawkins Day.

  • When Cooter is running interference for the Genreal he says 'Like the right side of the Bulldog line'. This is probably a reference to the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.

  • This episode gets its title from the classic 1955 film Bad Day at Black Rock.

  • This episode bears an amazing similarity to the final episode of The Untouchables called A Taste for Pineapple. In that one, Eliot Ness is blinded in an attempted gangland hit and has to fight off an attempt by the assassin to finish the job. Here, Uncle Jesse is blinded while witnessing a jewelry store robbery and has to fight off the robbers who want to silence him for good.

  • This episode offers a ringing endorsement for the Big Brothers-Big Sisters program, as the Duke boys are good role models to budding juvenile delinquent Andy Slocum

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