Dusty's Trail

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Quotes (6)

  • Mr. Callahan: Looks like we found ourselves a ghost town. Dusty: I think one of them is trying to tell us something. Andy: We might find some answers in the barbershop. Want to come with me? Mr. Brookhaven: No. Andy: Do you want to stay here? Mr. Brookhaven: No. Andy: Where would you like to be? Mr. Brookhaven: Back in Boston. Dusty: A moose head?! I wonder how fast he was going before he hit that wall. Betsy: Something wrong? Lulu: Yeah it sure feels funny looking at my bustle on another caboose.

  • Actor Dennis Fimple has been a regular staple in film and television westerns including the recurring role of Kyle on Alias Smith and Jones and as Rudy Hooks in both the film and television version of The Apple Dumpling Gang.

  • McGirk: we got some brandin’ to do but we’ll be back before sunset. Dusty: How many head of cattle do you have McGirk? McGirk: Depends how many we steal. Mrs. Brookhaven: What could be more important than pheasant under glass? Dusty: Us underground. Mrs. Brookhaven: What about the pheasant? Mr. Brookhaven: Blast the pheasant they can pack for themselves.

  • Adam: Hey! Mr. Callahan guess what? I found a telegraph in there. Dusty: Oh boy a telegraph! I mean a real telegraph! What's a telegraph? Lulu: Wow that makes 17 times he hit the ground by my count. Betsy: I counted 18 Mr. Callahan: You're both wrong it's 20. You forgot the time he bounced twice.

  • Mr. Callahan:(to Dusty)If that Indian boy gives us anymore trouble I'm going to use you for target practice.

  • Andy: The sun baked the mud Mr Brookhaven: He looks like a big cookie

Notes (18)

  • Jeannine Riley and Lori Saunders had each starred in Petticoat Junction, but they did not appear in the cast together on any season of that series.

  • This episode is also known as "Lariat on the Loose"

  • The writer of this episode Brad Radnitz had worked with Sherwood Schwartz before when he wrote four episodes of Gilligan's Island and four episodes of The Brady Bunch. Oscar Rudolph the director of this episodes directed some episodes of The Brady Bunch.

  • The whole scene where Dusty is watching his funeral was used on the Gilligan's Island episode "Where Theres A Will There's A Way"

  • This is Janos Prohaska's first of five appearances on the show as various animals. He had previously worked with Bob Denver on three episodes of Gilligan's Island.

  • Rudy Diaz would later work with Bob Denver again in two episodes of Far Out Space Nuts.

  • In this episode we learn Mrs Brookhavens first name its Daphne. (As if you can't tell from the title)

  • The writers of this episode Al Schwartz is the brother of Sherwood Schwartz, and Larry Rhine the other writer worked with Mr. Schwartz on The Brady Bunch and The Red Skelton Show. The director of this episode Les Martinson would later work again with Mr. Schwartz on Harper Valley in 1981.

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Trivia (7)

  • Actors Dennis Fimple and John Quade who played the outlaws McGirk and Jake also appeared together in the 1974 TV movie Honky Tonk and 1991's Giants of Thunder Mountain.

  • Actor Don 'Red' Barry made frequent appearances on Little House on the Prarie as Larrabee

  • Actor James Gammon also appeared as Lou Brown the acerbic baseball coach in the films Major League and Major League II.

  • Dusty performs a spoof of the song "Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be," singing "Oh Dear, Where Can the Sheriff Be" while playing the piano.

  • Actor Eddie Little Sky also appeared in three episodes of Gilligan's Island with Bob Denver: Gilligan's Mother-in-Law, Topsy-Turvy and Voodoo.

  • Whatever happened to the Prospector while the town was being blown up.

  • Andy should have known that they were near a volcano ecspecialy when he even said what Dusty smelled was sulfer.

Allusions (2)

  • The title of this episode is an allusion to the 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven.

  • This is Forrest Tucker's second go around with an Indian tribe that starts with the letter "H" In F-Troop he was business partners with the Hekawis and here is squaring off against the Hackimaws