Dynasty: The Reunion (1)

Season 0, Ep 1, Aired 10/20/91
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  • Episode Description
  • Blake has now been in prison for the last three years, after the shoot-out in the Carrington mansion (final episode). The court now knows that Handler had set Blake up and that the shooting was not his fault, so they're now giving him a full pardon. Doing research from inside jail, Blake's found out that a worldwide Mafia-like organization, the Consortium, has been after him ever since the fact about the Nazi treasure collection was revealed. The Consortium would rather like to see Blake dead, and judging from the facts given, they were also the ones Handler and Dennis Grimes were cooperating with. Their main goal is to buy up America. Krystle is still in Switzerland, but she is no longer in a coma, like everyone in Denver thinks she is. What poor Krystle doesn't know is that her doctor, Jobinet, is cooperating with the Consortium, and plans to use her to hurt Blake. Krystle returns to Denver to surprise the family, and finds everything upside-down. The mansion with all its belongings is now being sold, and everybody's gone, except a triumphing Alexis, who's still her old self, rich and powerful, running ColbyCo, while Adam's the executive at Denver-Carrington. Alexis seems to be doing fine, considering her fall in the final episode. The only explanation we get, is that she supposedly managed to turn in mid-air and fell upon poor Dex, who "didn't fare that well." What happened to Sable and Monica is never mentioned. In the mean time, Blake has gotten out of jail, and finds out that he's got no time to lose. Immediately after his release, someone tries to assassinate him and Jeff. Blake takes cover with Steven, who's now living in Washington with Bart Fallmont. Bart's father, Buck, died some time during the last three years. Fallon's broken up with Zorelli, and married Jeff again. They've been living with the children (LB, Lauren and Krystina) in California since Blake's arrest. They're now getting a divorce again, and Fallon is having a romance with Miles. While Blake hides, Jeff goes to Switzerland and is stunned to learn that Krystle has left after her awakening. Thanks to Dr. Jobinet's cooperation, men from the Consortium now quickly find Jeff. They kidnap him and keep him as a prisoner. The boss, Jeremy Van Dorn, tries to make him cooperate, but has no luck. Alexis gets involved with Jeremy, without knowing who he actually is. She wants him to help her get a foot into Fashion Fury, a leading fashion company of the 90`s, administered by Alan Marshall. Sammy Jo is broke after losing her horse business and is now back working as a model for Fashion Fury, and sleeping with Alan. This is, of course, something Alexis wants to stop. When Krystle finally gets things sorted out and finds Fallon in California, everything's set for the most happy, beautiful reunion ever between Krystle, Blake and Krystina. They now take cover in a house in Virginia. Unfortunately, they're not safe. Dr. Jobinet has post-hyptonized Krystle, and she's unconsciously "programmed" to kill Blake. Of course, their love is still as strong as ever, and she can't go through with it. (From Ultimate Dynasty Site)moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Linda Evans

    Krystle Carrington

  • Justin Burnette

    Danny Carrington

  • Natalie Core

    Woman at Auction

  • Alphonsia Emmanuel

    Mrs. Litton

  • John James

    Jeff Colby

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Woman: This is where they went over. And that's where they landed. All the way down there. Adam Carrington must have sneaked up behind them... Krystle: Who are you talking about? Woman: Alexis Colby and Dex Dexter. It happened almost three years ago. You must have read about it. Krystle: Were they hurt? What happened to them? Man: Well, she got off pretty easy. Woman: They say she managed to turn in mid-air so she could land on top of him. He didn't fare all that well.

    • Krystle: Krystina, where is she? Alexis: She's safe with Fallon in California. And in case you're interested in the rest of your illustrious family, the wretched Sammy Jo, your little niece, is also broke. Krystle: Is she here in Denver? Alexis: What is this? The Spanish Inquisition? No, she's in New York. Modeling. Krystle: Modeling? Alexis: She's doing cheap jeans now. They pour her into them and she oozes out of them. Like lava.

    • Alexis: (to Krystle) What's the matter, dear? Was the Alpine air too heady for you or did you just wander away from the sanitarium and get lost?

    • Steven: Sammy Jo! Sammy Jo: What is it, Steven? Steven: I want to talk to you. (Sammy Jo and Arlen approach Steven) Alone. Arlen: Who is this? The gay ex-husband? Steven: How would you like a gay fist in your face?

    • Arlen: I'd like you to meet Alexis Colby. Sammy Jo: Weren't you my mother-in-law at one time? Alexis: Unfortunately, I was.

    Notes (12)

    • There is also no mention of Ben's daughter, Leslie, and Dominique's daughter, Jackie.

    • A different actor (Cameron Watson) is playing the role of Bart Fallmont, who was originally played by Kevin Conroy in the original series.

    • In addition to not mentioning Amanda, there is also no mention whatsoever of Blake's siblings, Ben Carrington and Dominique Deveraux. Other character who are also not mentioned include Caress (Alexis' sister), as well as Sable and Monica Colby.

    • Jeff and Fallon divorced for the second time in the series eigth season. However, in the reunion, which takes place three years after their second on-air divorce, Jeff and Fallon are still legally married (but separated) and Fallon is reunited with Miles (her ex-husband who once raped her)!!

    • Michael Brandon and Jeroen Krabbe received brand new credits because they are both brand new to the cast.

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    Trivia (2)

    • Unlike Emma Samms replacing Pamela Sue Martin in the role of Fallon in 1985 (when the producers simply cast a new actress), Jack Coleman's replacement of Al Corley in the role of Steven in early 1983 was explained on-screen as a result of plastic surgery. Now Al Corley is back and Steven reverts to his previous face he had lost in the oil rig explosion with no explanation whatsoever.

    • The building Alexis is shown working has a sign in front that says "Colby Enterprises." The sign should say "ColbyCo" Colby Enterprises is the company that is located in Los Angeles and run by Jason Colby. ColbyCo is the company that is located in Denver and run by Alexis.

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