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  • Megan: "CHRIS! PLEASE! Don't let them take me. I'll be a good wife i promise. There's nothing wrong with me PUT ME DOWN!" Chris: "ITs okay sweetheart they'll help you. Megan Please believe me. Its for the best!" Megan: "I Thought you loved me! I hate you I HATE YOU!" *Megan is pulled out of the door by the nurses & David leaving Chris crying in the hallway.*

Notes (42)

  • Each Episode will get an Episode Title even though because of the show's serialised nature never ever even had one. I have done this to make it easier to read on teh website and also to give the episodes personality. I have usually grabbed the title from either the theme running through the episode or a point driven home using the words. Enjoy.

  • This is Wheels' last Episode.

  • Next Weeks Episode on June 15 2002 was pre-empted by Golfing Coverage.

  • The Opening Credits have been changed at last!!! Alice, David, Megan, Harley & Toni have all been added even though Toni hasn't come back yet. And there's a noticeable absence of Abby, Jennifer & Daniel...maybe their characters haven't got long to go?

  • This Abbey hunted by her ex/Alice's overinfested imagination/Lisa believing her plot thread has gone on for FAR to long already & is really starting to get boring. Will they just blow up the bar or something already? And they should just write out David & Daniel they really are a pair of boring old codgers.

  • Simon & Sally are credited again even though they didn't appear in the episode. (This has happened on many subsequent occasions)

  • I've started this as Season 2 because reference is made to it being 1990. And the end of credits state this as 1990...I figured there mustn'tve been a season finale.

  • This Is Jennifer St. James last appearance.. or is it?

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  • There's an obvious cute for Sally to start drowning as she's looking at something off camera before she suddenly realises she should be drowning. Not a nitpick just an observation... And now its clear why Malcolm Kennard was teh heartthrob of the series...