E! True Hollywood Story

Full House

Season 9, Ep 33, Aired 3/13/05
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  • The actors of the series "Full House" look back on the success of the show and it's stars.

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  • Mary-Kate Olsen


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  • Behind-the-scenes look on Full House, a popular show that ran for eight years.

    By Shortyalice17, Oct 05, 2005

  • I'm a huge fan of full house,even though its not on anymore i watch the reruns & never get tired of them,I'm just curious,is there gonna be a full house renioun anytime soon & if E! true hollywood story will be releasing the full house story on dvd,thanks

    By wolfman2744, Jul 12, 2005

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    • Dave Coulier: (about the Olsen twins' success) It's one of those one-in-a-million cases, where they took what they had and turned it into their own cottage empire. When you go into a store, everywhere you turn, it's all things Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's really mind-boggling.

    • Adrian Later: (about the Olsen twins as kids) Mary-Kate said, when we were driving to work one morning, "You know, we better be making $2.00 a week, because we are working really hard here. We're saying all our lines right." And they were also making a movie at the time, and Ashley turns to her and says, "$2.00? Are you crazy? If we're not making $10.00, we shouldn't even be here!"

    • Dave Coulier: We thought that Jodie [Sweetin] was gonna be the breakout star of the show because she was 4 years old, and so precocious, and would nail her lines. So we thought, "This girl's a genius. She's gonna be the star of the show!"

    Trivia (17)

    • When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were babies on the set, they often cried for their mother while the cameramen tried desperately to get some footage of them. At one point, series creator Jeff Franklin advised Jarnette Olsen to drop her daughters off in the morning and leave right away, to help them adjust more to the new environment and avoid distractions.

    • Many of the cast members have commented that it was not very difficult telling Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apart, because they had such distinctive personalities. Jodie Sweetin even said that they would get defensive when someone called them by the wrong name.

    • Adrian Later was known as the "baby wrangler" on the set, and she worked extensively with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when they were little. The Olsens vividly remember that before they were able to read lines or deliver dialogue on their own, Adrian would stand off to the side and whisper, "Say 'You got it dude'!" or "Say, 'Whoa baby'!" The girls would repeat after her, and Adrian's voice was edited out later.

    • Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone) admitted that many cast and crew members--including himself--believed that Jodie Sweetin, who played middle daughter Stephanie, would become the star of the show. Everyone noticed how precocious she was and how she always knew her lines. As it turned out, though, the real breakout stars ended up being the Olsen twins, who shared the role of youngest daughter Michelle.

    • In this TV special, it was stated how hard Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) tried to get an acting job after Full House ended, and how frustrating it was for her when nothing came up. "It was really difficult for her, because she really wanted to keep going, but there just wasn't anything out there for her at the time," Candace Cameron (DJ) said.

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