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    A master work

    By left4dead, Jan 23, 2014

    Since learning of this show last week, slept have I not. This is a work of genius, I just love the crunchy layers of the plotting esp the one with Martin Sheen's brother. An Inception we can enjoy!

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    This is the most batshit insane show in television...

    By michellichand, Dec 28, 2013

    ... and I love it!

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    Worst show ever.

    By Castylan01, Dec 06, 2013

    honestly this one of the shows i hate the worst. Its so embaressing. It feels like an old man that jacked off to porn & kidnappeds girls, & eye raps youngters & never had love, Made this piece off shit show. Its so annoying how i Dont even want to watch american dad & family guy ever again. They are really lacking & Im about to make this fit really big.

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    By WhiteKnight, Aug 24, 2012

    [adult swim] has some of the worst shows ever.

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    Not the best

    By RoscoJenkins, May 07, 2012

    It seems a bit lack luster compared to some of the shows on tv. Certainly not as bad as Childrens hospital. I enjoyed the Blue's episode, mostly because of the good music. It's watchable, and I even enjoy it on occasions, but for the most part it's background noise.

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