Earth 2

NBC (ended 1995)
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  • S 1 : Ep 22

    Flower Child

    Aired 6/4/95

  • S 1 : Ep 21

    Natural Born Grendlers

    Aired 5/28/95

  • S 1 : Ep 20

    All About Eve

    Aired 5/21/95

  • S 1 : Ep 19

    Survival of the Fittest

    Aired 4/23/95

  • S 1 : Ep 18

    The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King

    Aired 4/23/95

  • Cast & Crew
  • Clancy Brown (I)

    John Danziger

  • Jessica Steen

    Julia Heller, M.D.

  • Rebecca Gayheart

    Bess Martin

  • Debrah Farentino

    Devon Adair

  • Antonio Sabàto Jr.

    Alonzo Solace

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  • show Description
  • Two hundred years into the future, Devon Adair embarks on a mission to save her son's life and to provide humanity with a second chance. After traveling through space for twenty-two years, Devon and her small Advance team are forced to crash-land onto the far-away planet known as G-889. They are thousands of miles from their destination: New Pacifica, where they're supposed to set up a colony for the 250 families that are following. The survivors start out on a long and perilous journey toward New Pacifica. During their journey they will learn a lot about the mysteries of their new home and themselves.moreless

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  • Quotes (15)

    • (Upon discovering the supply pod, has been opened) Devon: Oh, my God, we’ve been robbed. Commander O’Neill: We’re not alone.

    • Control: Eden Advance. We still show no-go. Return to dock facility. Repeat, we will contact Port Authority. Commander O'Neill: Feel free to contact whoever you damn well please. We’re making a run for it.

    • Commander O’Neill: Hey, Ace. You put this cargo down as nicely as that dish, we’re in business. Alonzo: You say, “Stack ‘em,” and I’ll say, “How high?” Commander O’Neill: Commence at your discretion, pal. I’ll be in the head. Alonzo: Sure.

    • (John finds True asleep standing against a wall) John: Hey. True, sweetheart. Come on, you gotta buzz your teeth, I need your help up top. True: I’m getting a cat, right? I had a dream I got my cat. John: A real cat? Did you dream you won the trans-station lottery? True: Hey, you promised. You said we’re gonna be richer. John: I know, but I didn’t say we were gonna be billionaires. You know how much a pet allotment costs? Come on, I’ll meet you up top. (True grabs his shirt) True: Let me make this clear, Dad. After we go drop them off, and we get home, I get a cat. Not a cheapo synth-cat, A real cat. No discussion, Understand? Well? (John reluctantly nods in accent.)

    • Commander O’Neill: Solace, what’s our status? Alonzo: We’re at zero minus eight and a half hours. Commander O’Neill: You weren’t hired to tell me the time, Ace. Alonzo: Portal is yawing wide open. I’d say they’re expecting a freighter. Commander O’Neill: Now you’re talkin’. Advise colony, we’re moving. Alonzo: Yes, sir!

    • (After 22 years of cold sleep, the first to be reawakened are Dr. Julia Heller and hot-shot pilot, Alonzo Solace.) Alonzo: I could postpone everyone's defrost and celebrate life a little bit. What do you say? Julia: Is that the only come-on you sleep jumpers can come up with these days?

    • John: Pal, you hear me start screaming in terror, you take that as your cue to yank me out of here. Zero Without fail, sir.

    • (Group sitting around fire, Morgan eating) Morgan: Boy, that was bedlam, wasn’t it? When the ship started going down, us in the clutches of gravity like that, my first thought was, you know, you know, we’re gonna be dead. (John walks around group) Morgan: Oh! Real food, mmm! Bess: You don’t know the sick feeling I had, Morgan and me waiting and… the wind shear just loppin’ us right off. Morgan: Oh, yeah. And the thought that we would never see any of you again… And, if somebody had been trying to get in… (John stops to look at Morgan, Morgan sees him) Morgan: When that auto air lock snapped shut, boy, that just would’ve been…oh, that was just…that…that was hell. (John turns away disgusted.)

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode begins with day 72 on the planet.

    Trivia (19)

    • The 'WARNING' message seen on the screen prior to the pre-recorded news broadcast about the 'demise' of the Eden Advance project reads: "GNN TRANSMISSION DIGITAL STORAGE. PROTECTED FILE 090005152192" "In accordance with the treaty on principles governing the activities of exploration and exploration of outer space, the moon, and other celestial bodies and the miltilateral telecommunications satellite organization attempts to decode without authorization is a criminal act punishable by confinement, credit loss, or both." "VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW" Followed by what appears to read: "Offical use only: encryption code *****"

    • In this episode we learn that the little creature True has been keeping, is called a Koba.

    • In the opening credits, Jessica Steen was incorrectly credited as Julia Stern, M.D. when her character is Julia Heller, M.D.

    • At the beginning of the episode, it's been two weeks since they crashed on the planet.

    • Goof: When Eden Advance find the first grave, Devon says they will send search groups out to the East, North and South. But the group is travelling West, meaning that they've just come from the East. Why are they searching land they've already covered?

    • Timeline note: Devon says that the crash was three weeks ago.

    • When Morgan is washing his hands in the disinfectant bath, and talking to Yale, the camera pans up slightly to show Earth's moon in the sky, and again when Yale is called into the tent shortly after.

    • Timeline note: Julia says they've been on the planet for 38 days. Later, Yale says 5 weeks.

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    Allusions (12)

    • Gaal is the name of a character from the Old Testamant book Judges. Gaal had occupied Shechem and boasted to Zebul, the ruler of Shechem (a city), that he could defeat Abimelech (a king and tyrant). Zebul warned Abimelech of Gaal's plans and offered a plan to defeat Gaal. Abimelech defeated Gaal and drove him back to the gates of Shechem. Zebul subsequently drove Gaal and his remaining kinsmen from Shechem altogether.

    • The Grendlers appear to be named after Grendel in the myth Beowulf. While they are not pure evil like the monster Grendel they are troll like in appearance and marginal to human groups like the mythic character.

    • The title The Man Who Fell to Earth references the 1963 novel by Walter Tevis and the 1976 movie of the same name in which an alien (David Bowie) comes to Earth looking for water to save his planet.

    • Alonzo No Thanksgiving dinner... The American Pilgrims had a dinner with their American Indian neighbours to celebrate their new friendship. The Terrians, the natives, made no effort to befriend the colonists, instead prefering to keep their distance.

    • Morgan: (On seeing Alonzo walking for the first time since the crash) Try not chewing any gum for a while, huh? This is a reference to the joke 'He couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time' used to mean someone is very stupid or slow.

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the 1994 movie titled, The Enemy Within. It starred Forest Whitaker.

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to a book by Dian Fossey, Gorillas in the Mist. In 1988, a movie by the same name starring Sigourney Weaver as Ms. Fossey was released. She studied and wrote about gorillas in Africa.

    • The allusion in the title of this episode is to the 1965 movie, Greatest Story Ever Told.

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  • Fan Reviews (20)
  • In the near future the earth looms behind enormous artificial satellites, a luminous blue ball of hope and despair for those unlucky enough to have been born with the syndrome

    By Aegaeon_33, Feb 17, 2011

  • A group of people born on space stations in a future where our planet cannot sustain life travel to a new earth and are forced to learn to survive.

    By musicprincess81, Jan 09, 2007

  • This was a truly underappreciated show with a great deal of potential.

    By sistersun, Mar 17, 2007

  • There is some great fan fiction out there that continues where the show left off. Check it out at:

    By forestdreams, Sep 20, 2009

  • Where did it go? Left me hanging beyond belief!!

    By katsmeow221, Jun 14, 2008

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