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  • 7.5

    In the near future the earth looms behind enormous artificial satellites, a luminous blue ball of hope and despair for those unlucky enough to have been born with the syndrome

    By Aegaeon_33, Feb 17, 2011

    Not only a reminder of what has been lost to the millions of humans destined to forever live separated from a world too fragile to accommodate them, but the catalyst for change.

    The inherent hygienic nature of life aboard a space station has begun to underscore the desperate Human need for contact with Earth.

    Dale is a wealthy and privileged mother, her son Ulysses is 9 and no syndrome child has lived past 10 years old. Determination and desperation have led Dale to defy local authorities in order to save her son.

    For the past few years Dale has used her wealth and influence to gather interest in her bold idea - she plans to leave the stations and travel light years across space to an unchartered solar system where Earth 2 lies, a habitable sister planet to our earth.

    The Council, the ruling body of Earth has stalled Dale as long as they can - by now the Eden Project has 250,000 syndrome families entering hibernation for the long voyage across space, however, the Council is not without its plans to stop the Eden Project.

    *** SPOILERS AHEAD ***

    As the Eden Project Crew review their final checks for tomorrows historic launch to Earth 2 preparations are under way by the Council to destroy Dale's ship - the Eden Advance - sent 2 years ahead of the bulk of the expedition so as to establish a working colony, needless to say, the council fails this time.

    A catastrophic emergency occurs just as Eden Advance arrives at Earth 2, leading to complete chaos and possibly the end of the Expedition.

    This is a story of survival, akin to the pioneers of the Wild West mixed with a mystical world where the local inhabitants seem to be tiny unusual parts of a much larger organism.

    While wooden at times Earth 2 is a small triumph - with limited special effects we are drawn into a sci-fi world that is character based affording the viewer a warmer show than one would expect.

    Intrigue, drama, mysticism and frivolity are trademarks of Earth 2 and i thoroughly enjoyed all but two episodes.

    Recommended viewing for those who like witty drama and who can forgive the overly re-used sets.moreless

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  • 9.9

    A group of people born on space stations in a future where our planet cannot sustain life travel to a new earth and are forced to learn to survive.

    By musicprincess81, Feb 17, 2011

    This show has everything! There is action, romance, survival, adventure, and suspense. It broke my heart when it was cancelled! I am enjoying rewatching the episodes on DVD now that they have released it. Clancy Brown (also seen in The Shawshank Redemption and Carnivale on HBO) is my favorite character as John Danziger. He is a single father raising his daughter under the harsh conditions that the new Earth offers while looking after the rest of the group as the strongest male. He is a wonderful counterpart to Devon Adair, the group\'s leader. She is optmistic and driven while Danziger is negative and cautious. If you are a fan of sci-fi, I highly recommend you try this show. But be was cancelled after 24 episodes and ends abruptly. You will forever be wondering what happens next. Even then, it\'s worth watching!moreless

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  • 9.3

    This was a truly underappreciated show with a great deal of potential.

    By sistersun, Feb 17, 2011

    Tim Curry. Rebecca Gayheart. Jessica Steen. Clancy Brown. John Gegenhuber. These are the actors whose performances made me want to watch this show that features: Earth colonists (who have previously pretty much destroyed the original Earth) have searched out and found new home in outer space; Female leader of the group of colonists; Pre-existing cultures and species; Government conspiracies; Some very interesting technology, too. The story line was multilayered, but pretty linear. There werent' many one-off shows you could just watch and weren't connected to anything else. But I like that. I was sad to see it canceled, but it was an NBC sci-fi show, and cancellation was to be expected, even back in the '90s.moreless

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  • 9.5

    There is some great fan fiction out there that continues where the show left off. Check it out at:

    By forestdreams, Sep 20, 2009

    I enjoyed this show a great deal. I didn't get to see the whole thing back when it was on tv, so I'm glad it's been released on dvd. The final episode cliff hanger, is very aggravating! Yet another example of great sci fi that was canceled by main stream television. I agree that perhaps it was better off canceled rather than ruined by money rakers with no love for story. I wish they'd had a bit more patience especially since it won some significant awards in the US and Germany. I enjoyed the casting, the creature effects, and the New Mexico wilderness setting. Too bad it didn't have someone like Joss Whedon to get it turned into a movie like with his canceled series Firefly.

    Still, there is some great fan fiction out there that continues where the show left off. Check it out at:

    I recommend Arcole's continuation starting from:

    Don't miss this great series!moreless

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  • 9.4

    Based on the book of the same name by Richard J. Hynes, this is the story of a group of people who leave the stars in search of a planet to call home.

    By Bobismeisbob, Oct 03, 2007

    More than a decade after reading the book, and years after the show had ended, I stumbled across this hidden jewel of a TV show. Of all the 'based on the book' type shows or movies that I have seen, this show lines up with the book more accurately than all the rest; in both plot and spirit and doing an excellent job of adding to the story without diluting it. While the book ended with Ulysses' healing, this story continues with the story of how the humans and terrians live with each other, adding the grendlers in for extra trouble.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Adaire and her team of travelers crash land on their planet and are expected to reach the site for the new hospital after earth's conditions are not livable for young children with medical issues.

    By superjake2004, Jan 05, 2007

    I don't blame the network for canceling this although I liked the show it was just bloody weird!! I mean i never knew what ws going to happen half the time and the other half i was still tring to process what was going on. I don't think overalll i will miss this show too much. My only thing with this show is that at the end of the show they never show you what happens to a main cast member they basicly just leave off with this person being frozen??? I understand why my questions is what with wrong with them than they had to be frozen, however i will probably never know. It should be past as an ethically law amoung TV producers that a show not end until it has finished any major open story lines.moreless

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  • 8.5

    I really enjoyed this show - I was very sad to see it canceled. I remember vaguely watching "Land of the Lost" when I was very little - and this show reminded me of it alot. A nice memory from my childhood...

    By wwillow, Dec 01, 2006

    I really enjoyed this show - I was very sad to see it canceled. I remember vaguely watching "Land of the Lost" when I was very little - and this show reminded me of it alot. A nice memory from my childhood...

    The Earth II natural inhabitants were what reminded me of the "Slestacks" (sp?) from "Land of the Lost."

    I liked the "realism" of this show as far as if we would try to start a colony on a new planet - I thought it was a great representation. It dealt with the natural inhabitations, the harshness of adapting to new climates and such. The communication devices that they used were also interesting. A large part of the story was of these people trying to adapt to their new surroundings. The son of one of the scientist was being “altered” by the planet – by the natural inhabitations. This was all very fascinating.

    They only started losing me when they started having flashes from the future of the results of what they were doing now in the present. That all started to get to be a bit much but it was worth sitting through for the rest of the show and what was happening to these people as they tried to colonize this new world.

    This show had potential it has been missed.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Earth is uninhabitable and humans have been living in space stations for generations. To save her sick son, Devon Adair leads an expedition to a distant planet, where they face countless difficulties and dangers.

    By karone_talien, Sep 15, 2006

    I can't believe this show was on over ten years ago! I have very fond memories of it. It had a unique story, interesting characters backed by a talented cast, and some real potential. It started strong but seemed to fade toward the end of its run. Still, I think if it was on the air today and given a fair chance to prove itself, Earth 2 might fare better than it did a decade ago.

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  • 6.0

    This show had a good premise, but it just didn't cut it.

    By sfviewer, Aug 16, 2006

    With a very nice premise, this show could have been a really good one. Outer space is an exciting backdrop to explore on tv, this show just didn't make it happen. It just didn't work out well. It looked really strange, there were a good set of characters, they could have made this an interesting drama, but it was not to be. this show falls short of plot and exciting stories to tell. the pacing was dull, it just wasn't that interesting. but to give the producers credit, the show had a very nice setting. they made it look the environment look so out of this world, but they should have worked more with the plot.moreless

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