Hyper Psy-Crow

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Quotes (4)

  • Psy-Crow: (about to drink coffee) Oh, well. Here we go again! (screen closes in but then Earthworm Jim interferes) Jim: Hold it! You are NOT doing a here-we-go-again ending on MY show. Psy-Crow: Well what kind of ending do YOU want, Mr. Too-Good-For-Standard-Cheesy-Cartoon-Endings? Jim: What do you think? Psy-Crow: ... The cow thing? Jim: And... cue the cow! (Psy-Crow pulls out a small umbrella, as the standard falling cow falls on him) Guh-roovy!

  • Jim: (in the intermission after Pyscrow becomes Hyper Pyscrow) Before we continue today's mind numbing adventure, I'd like to point out that if you drank a whole bunch of coffee like Pyscrow did, you wouldn't get super powers. The actual result would be more like this. Peter: (whilst suffering from a coffee-induced headache) Owwww, my head… feel dizzy… gonna barf… death would be a blessing. Jim: I think I made my point. Cue the narrator.

  • Jim: Laugh or perish, fiendish audience!

  • Psy-Crow: Do I seem okay to you? Coffee Boy: Not even remotely.