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    Eastwick Reveiw

    By RobynBrady, Feb 11, 2012

    to be honest i only started watching it as i heard darren criss was in it and i have only seen parts with him in it and i have tried everything to watch it but i must be stupid as i am incapable of finding it anywhere but of what i vave seen it was good, stoy line wise drama wise and view wise <3

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    Great Show!

    By TruDavies, Jan 29, 2012

    This show was really funny and had some good drama in it. Just when things started to get better and they were using their powers more, the show was cancelled, which was a huge mistake. Now there is no DVD and you cant buy it on iTunes, so the show has been forgotten, which it shouldn't be.

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    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 24, 2011

    Eastwick was a delightful and fun series with some dark and explicit tones. I really enjoyed watching this series because it was a little campy yet had some quality writing and pretty good actors. The women discovering their powers came a little slow but there were some great scenes that were intense and powerful. I enjoyed all the various characters and especially the word play in the characters dialogue. It would have been nice to have another season or more episodes in this season to finish up the cliffhangers in the season finale. This was a hidden gem of a series that was entertaining and I am glad to have watched it!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Eastwick is like a continuation of Charmed.

    By CatherineHarwic, Dec 03, 2010

    The characters in this show are my age. I started with Charmed in the begining of the serise, and grew with them. It was terrible to lose Charmed, but it had to happen. Now Eastwick comes along, continueing the age of the characters. I was 21 when Charmed came out. I am 29 now and Eastwick is the perfect show for me and has changed my feelings for ABC. I will remember Charmed forever, from the first episode to the last. I am pretty positive Eastwick will be the same. So to ABC: Please dont cancel it. If if stays like Charmed, you'll make millions in ratings.

    The Power of Three!moreless

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    Fun, but shallow. Cool magical special effects without consequences or purpose. When you give your characters godlike unlimited power, how can you challenge them without making them seem stupid?

    By rfresa, Dec 03, 2010

    I loved the idea of three modern women discovering their powers, and the characters were quite interesting at first, but I became increasingly annoyed by the soap-opera nature of the show. It was like the powers were there just to make cool special effects, and seemed to have no real consequences or limitations. It was all about who they were dating, which would be interesting if the characters had any grounding in reality, but they didn't. They were mostly just there to be "sexy".

    The women were too powerful too quickly, and were annoyingly stupid about it, especially the redhead. Seriously, you do all these amazing things and haven't figured it out yet? Frankly I don't know how the show could have continued. There was no room for the characters to really grow or develop. When you give your characters godlike unlimited power, how can you challenge them without making them seem stupid?

    At least it had a villain, but he was really just there for eye-candy and seemed to have no real purpose beyond winding up Rebecca Romijn's character. I felt cheated by the lack of real meaning behind the magic. A show with three witches will inevitably be compared to Charmed, and it doesn't compare well. The "Charmed Ones" had a definite purpose and well-thought-out rules to their magic.moreless

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    I have not seen such a briliant show in ages. It combines a wonderful balance of comedy, drama, romance and the supernatural.

    Please, please, please let another network pick up this awesome series!

    By annabackwards, Jul 09, 2010

    I have not seen such a briliant show in ages. It combines a wonderful balance of comedy, drama, romance and the supernatural along with a excellent cast to deliver a spectacularly addictive show.

    The super effects are first class and the storlyines are intriguing - much more entertaining than the usual reality tv show/crime/soapy/family comedy shows which dominate tv now-a-days. Why oh why did the ABC cancel this series? They seem to be cancelling one series after another without proper programming, promotion or thought. If they had moved this show to be after Desperate Housewives where the target audience is the same and actually advertised it a bit this show would have surely been a huge success!

    Please, please, please let another network pick up this awesome series!moreless

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    Brilliant show with all the fun and wittiness of the movie still intact!

    By ZarahPeterson, Jun 10, 2010

    I love this show. It's funny, witty and clever - so of coooourse it was cancelled. It seems that the shows I enjoy get the boot more often than not.

    I am especially happy that Darryl got to keep his sarcastic ways. I was afraid they'd plain him out, but they didn't! :)

    This show has a great cast, a good plot - and lots of unexpected twists and turns (which, in itself, says that it should stay on the air. It's not like "unexpected" is very common in TV, after all...!) so I am still hoping some other network will pick it up and bring it back because it totally deserves the airtime!moreless

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  • 8.5

    I really like this show.

    By pavanneh, May 28, 2010

    I am sorry that it is being taken off the air. The only reason I didn't watch it was because I was working. There are too few shows I like and this was one of them. I thought the actresses meshed well and I think there is alot more life to this series. Hope they reconsider and leave it on. I especially like the Daryl Van Horne character. He added alot of life to the series, but the chemistry between the female characters was great too. Hopefully I can catch the series on HULU or rent the discs when they come out.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By drokstef, May 28, 2010

    Bring back this show. Eastwick is a very fine tv-show. The characters are so enjoyable and the acting of Jaime Ray Newman (Kat Gardener), Lindsay Price (Joanna Frankel) and Rebecca Romijn (Roxie Torcoletti) is loveable. These actors work well together, their relationships are believable, and some of the lines have made me laugh pretty hard - all adding up to a good time. This tv show has so much complexity, i mean i find in it a lot of action, intrigue, a story very well builted, smart and funny characters, good effects and most important a story that is very well thought.

    The magic portrayed in each episode is subtle enough that it could possibly be seen as coincidence, which is a nice touch.

    I'm tired watching good tv-shows with no understandable ending.

    So, bring back EASTICK !moreless

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