Echo Beach

ITV (ended 2008)
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  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Episode 12

    Aired 3/21/08

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Episode 11

    Aired 3/14/08

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Episode 10

    Aired 3/7/08

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Episode 9

    Aired 2/29/08

  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Episode 8

    Aired 2/22/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hugo Speer

    Mark Penwarden

  • Johnny Briggs

    Fin Morgan

  • Gwyneth Powell

    Ivy Trehearne

  • Jason Donovan

    Daniel Marrack

  • Martine McCutcheon

    Susan Penwarden

  • show Description
  • When the Marrack family move back to Polnarren after twenty years, they discover that bitter rivalries still exist, in the form of the Penwardens. But loyalties are put to the test when the younger generation want to follow their heart.

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    • International Airdates: Denmark: May 31, 2008 on TV3

    • Crossovers from episode 1 of Moving Wallpaper - Brae Marrack asks Daniel if they should have a wet room. In Moving Wallpaper producer Jonathan Pope made references through the episode about how he wanted a wet room for his office. A young fisherman is seen in one of the scene's wearing a yellow t-shirt. In Moving Wallpaper the fisherman was original an old bearded man until Jonathan Pope said to make him younger and fired to other guy. Jimmy gives Abi a ride of his motorbike but only has one helmet so let's her wear it. In Moving Wallpaper it was decided to let Jimmy have a motorbike instead of a car and to get around the one helmet thing, by making them share Susan Penwarden wears a pink dress in her opening scene, in Moving Wallpaper Jonathan Pope decides to make her wear a pink dress instead of blue The end of the episode with Daniel Marrack deciding to stay, was already revealed in Moving Wallpaper originaly he was suppose to be in one episode and leave in Episode 1. Then after casting Jason Donovan the character had to become permanent and they revealed he'd announce at the end of the episode, on the beach that he would stay. The little girl crying after falling off her bike was seen in Moving Wallpaper the actress wouldn't cry and filming was due to begin, so producer Jonathan Pope told her that her parents died so she'd cry.

    • Naomi Ryan who plays Jackie Hughes does not speak in this episode but is still credited. She is only in this episode, very briefly, where you see her sitting in the pub in the back ground. It's so quick that if you blink you might miss it. This is probably because they wanted to get the whole cast in episode 1, but because of the story in this episode and introducing the history of the Penwarden's and Marrack's, there was no time for her character in this episode. She's the only member of the cast not to talk in this episode. Marcus Patric who plays her on screen boy friend Ian Brenton also has a very brief role in this episode. But he has one scene where he is speaking to Johnny Briggs who plays Fin Morgan. Episode 2 however focuses more on Jackie Hughes and Ian Brenton and gives you the information on their characters and the history of them. Naomi Ryan who plays Jackie Hughes speaks in that episode.

    • Susie Amy who plays Angela Cole is credited as "Lady No. 3 in Bar" in this episode. This is a reference/in joke with Moving Wallpaper where Susie Amy stared as herself. She kept popping up in the episode begging for a role in Echo Beach but kept being rejected. Eventualy she got the part as an extra in the bar called "Lady No. 3 in Bar." But she had no speaking role. She then kept asking for just one line, but one of the script writers (correctly) predicted that if that happens it will be panadora's box. After that she'd have to have a character name, then get a storyline. In the end of Episode 1 of Moving Wallpaper she got a line in Echo Beach which you saw in this episode where she ordered a drink. From Episode 2 she gets the character name "Angela Cole" and is then credited as that. But again only has one brief scene and line in the show. But as Echo Beach goes on she'll end up being in it more and getting her own storyline.

    • Originaly aired on ITV 1 on Thursday January 10th at 9.30pm. The second episode followed the next day (The Friday) at 9.30pm in what is Echo Beach's regular slot. For the first week the show had two episodes.

    • International Airdates: Denmark: May 31, 2008 on TV3

    • International Airdates: - Denmark: June 7, 2008 on TV3

    • International Airdates: - Denmark: June 7, 2008 on TV3

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  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Normally, I would never watch this kind of show. But I think it's a nice compliment to Moving Wallpaper.

    By Rexxx_, Apr 14, 2009

  • Echo Beach is a cool show to look forward to. I love it but Moving Wallpaper is boring to me. I still don't know which episode Martine is in on MW.

    By andrinaaldape, Feb 18, 2008

  • Okay, it was quite poor at the beginning but it grew on me. The Characters are quite interesting but a few actors arn't.

    By Liban4Avatar, Jan 12, 2008

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