Ed, Edd n Eddy

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)
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  • S 6 : Ep 4

    Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

    Aired 11/8/09

  • S 6 : Ep 3

    Look Before you Ed

    Aired 6/29/08

  • S 6 : Ep 2

    May I Have This Ed

    Aired 6/29/08

  • S 6 : Ep 1

    The Ed's Are Coming

    Aired 5/11/07

  • S 5 : Ep 22

    A Fistful of Ed

    Aired 4/28/07

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kathleen Barr

    Kevin/Marie Kanker

  • Tabitha St. Germain

    Nazz (Season 1)

  • Matt Hill (III)


  • Sam Vincent

    Edd (AKA Double D)

  • Janyse Jaud

    Sarah/Lee Kanker

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  • show Description
  • Ed, Edd n' Eddy is the longest running animated series produced by Cartoon Network. The show is based on three adolescent boys, Ed, Edd n' Eddy. They hang around their suburban neighborhood of Peach Creek Estates, coming up with scams to con their peers for cash, so they can buy themselves a handful of their favorite treat, jawbreakers. Their plans normally fail though, leaving them in predicaments and situations that always go hay-wire. The characters almost never leave the neighborhood, and adults are nowhere to be seen, as well as any other kids.The series was first aired in 1999 on Cartoon Network as the fifth series of the network and has since attracted millions of fans worldwide. Originally, there were to only be four seasons; Cartoon Network, however, has ordered two more seasons of Ed, Edd n Eddy, bringing the series' length to six seasons. There are also be three holiday specials: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.Show Times:•Original Broadcasting: Weekdays @ 7:00 p.m. (USA)•Broadcasting: Weekdays @ 10:00 a.m, 4:30 p.m, & 7:00 p.m.; Weekends @ 3:00 & 3:30 p.m (USA)'''Ed''' is the workhorse of the group. He is known to laugh a lot, and he is happy most of the time. His mind is a [[subculture]] grab bag full of comics and monster movies, which he often confuses with reality. Ed is utterly at the mercy of his tyrannical younger sister Sarah, who he cares for deeply, and is an easy target for her manipulations. Much to the dismay of [[germophobic]] Edd, he has poor personal hygiene, even to the point of being terrified of [[soap]]. He loves buttered toast, [[gravy]], [[comics]], [[pudding skin]] and animals, especially chickens. Ed is voiced by [[Matt Hill]].. Edd(Double-D)is a young inventor and neat freak. The most intelligent and good hearted of the trio, he is never seen without his trademark sock-like black ski hat, hiding some kind of secret unknown to all the kids except Ed and Eddy. To differentiate his homophonic name from that of Ed, everyone in the series calls him Double-D. His parents put a heavy workload on him, communicating an excess of tasks solely through a multitude of sticky notes. Edd hates being treated terribly by everyone and is easily frustrated. Edd is normally a straight-A student in all of his s and hates sports (apparently because of an odd, never-discussed "dodgeball" incident). Edd is an excellent pedal steel guitar player, although he insists that he detests the instrument. Edd is amazingly intelligent, able to construct complicated machines from cardboard, signs, and various junk the Eds come across. Edd is voiced by Samuel Vincent.Eddy A greedy, ill-tempered con artist, Eddy is the self-appointed leader of the Eds. He goes to great lengths to scam the other kids out of their money, even at the expense of his friends' credibility. His efforts are all in the pursuit of jawbreakers, which he loves as much as he does money. He is very sensitive about his lack of height, suggesting that he may have a Napoleon complex. Eddy detests school, and more than once has tried to escape. His report card labels him a megalomaniac. Eddy loves his retro room, complete with a lava lamp, a large round king- bed, a disco ball, and a turntable. Eddy is mostly seen commanding the two Eds into building the scams while he does non-physical work. He is incredibly selfish, caring for only the well-being of himself and acquiring jawbreakers, even choosing jawbreakers over his friends. Eddy is voiced by Tony Sampson.Sarah is Ed's bossy spoiled little sister, who acts cute and charming only when it serves her. Sarah has Ed's unending loyalty and obedience, mostly from her threats of snitching on him. She has a short temper and is easily agitated by others, especially her brother. She is almost always playing with Jimmy, and when she's not, rushes to his aid the moment Jimmy calls her. Sarah writes about her innermost feelings in her diary, and has a slight love for Edd (albeit usually not enough to spare him from her wrath). She is voiced by Janyse Jaud. Kevin is the jock and cool guy around the block who dislikes the Eds, especially Eddy, and always calls them 'Dorks'. Jimmy is a rather effeminate boy who hangs around with Sarah and chooses to bake cookies and pick flowers rather than anything too tough. Rolf is a foreinger in Peach Creek who often confuses people with his sayings and traditional culture. Nazz is a cool, good-natured, and attractive girl who catches the eye of almost every guy in the neighborhood. Jonny is a wacky, good-natured, and cheerful boy who usually falls for every scam the Eds cook up. He is always seen with his best friend Plank, a piece of wood who may possibly have a mind of his own. But only Jonny knows what he's saying. The Kanker Sisters are a trio of troublesome girls who are out to ruin everyone's good time. They are, however, infatuated with the Eds, while it's the complete opposite with the Eds. May has a preference for Ed, Marie for Edd, and Lee for Eddy.moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (1724)

    • Edd: (Eddy bounces on Edd's bed) Eddy! (quickly makes the bed) Ugh, messy messy messy! Please don't do that, Eddy.

    • Eddy: (after Edd opens his front door) Hey, Double D! What took you so long? Edd: Oh, hello, Eddy. So, what are you doing? (after a few seconds of pause) Hey, was that you ringing my doorbell? Eddy: Who me? Nah.

    • Kevin: Yeah, what can you dorks do about it? Other Kids: Yeah! Eddy: Well, we dorks are gonna solve this mystery! Kevin: Ha! I'd pay money to see that. Sarah: Me, too.

    • Eddy: (used a traffic cone as a megaphone) Attention please! Hey! Beware of the Toucher! Serial Toucher on the loose! Hide your stuff! Hide your valuables! Serial Toucher on the loose!

    • Ed: Hey, Jonny, nice haircut. Double-D has a surprise for you! (Johnny looks at Double D) Ed: (off screen) A lie detector!

    • Jonny: Ok, Ok! I did it! I took everybody's stuff! Now let me go, I gotta go to the bathroom! Eddy: You heard him boys. (snaps finger) Case closed.

    • Sarah: That dirty toucher took my dolly poo-poo!

    • Edd:As you can see the board is lying!

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    Notes (1143)

    • Edd's doorbell is rung 6 times in this episodes.

    • This Episode is 3rd in order, but aired first because of the Kankers being in "Over Your Ed" before their debut.

    • Ed seems to be smarter in this epsiode then he is in later episodes.

    • This is the first episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy

    • This is one of the episodes where the Eds do something bad to someone, but are not "punished". In fact, they even get jawbreakers! Well, for a while.

    • The order of appearance: - Edd - Eddy - Ed - Sarah - Kevin, Rolf, Nazz and Jimmy - Jonny and Plank

    • In the first line Kevin ever had in the show he uses the word dork, which also is what he always call the Eds.

    • The Eds get jawbreakers but, Sarah hits them with the wheel they put Jonny in so they loose the Jawbreakers.

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    Trivia (840)

    • Edd was able to slap Eddy away with one hand in this episode, but in "Ready, Set, Ed", Edd wasn't even able to make him budge with both hands.

    • Double-D gets stuck under Eddy, but when the Eds get up he's up without even getting up.

    • At the start of the show, Edd's slippers are under his bed. Later on, they are in a box next to his door.

    • At the scene where Eddy is just about to warn everyone about the Serial Toucher, when you can see the kids playing, Sarah's hair turns red from its normal orange.

    • In all of the scenes where Jimmy is seen, prior to Sarah rolling Jonny down the hill, he has a bandage on his nose. When he is seen in his last scene, he then has a bandage on his head instead of his nose.

    • When Jonny is tied to the chair during the Ed's interrogation of him, he appears to be wearing a sweater instead of his T-shirt.

    • When Edd has his nervous breakdown over losing his magnifying glass, he is standing next to his desk. Then, without moving, he starts breaking down in the middle of his room away from his desk.

    • Edd seems to have a problem with people walking into his room with their regular shoes in this episode, but this is not the case in later shows.

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    Allusions (303)

    • Eds: Squigglevision Danny Antonucci stated that the waving lines on the characters are based on the Squigglevision used to make the series Dr. Katz.

    • Eddy: Chinese Water Torture
      In "The Ed-Touchables", Eddy was doing a similar thing to what the Chinese did thousands of years ago called "Chinese Water Torture".

    • Eddy: "A little childhood trauma builds character!"
      This is most likely a reference to the widely popular comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes". Whenever something happened that Calvin found irritating, such as camping out in the rain or having to eat disgusting food, his dad would always tell him that it builds character.

    • The Ed-Touchables: Group
      The episode name is a play on words of 'The Untouchables'. The Untouchables were a group of cops during prohibition who did not take bribes.

    • Book: Hudcap Digest This is maybe a parody of the magazine Reader's Digest.

    • The Kankers' three dads: This can be reference to the three dads that Sophie invited to her wedding in Mamma Mia.

    • Nagged to Ed: Phrase
      The title "Nagged to Ed" appears to come from the commonly used phrase "Nagged to Death".

    • Ed: "It reminds me of this movie I saw called I Married a Thorax!"
      Ed is making fun of the various "I Married A..." horror movies made in the 70s-80s.

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