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    I love this show!

    By appledude1, Feb 21, 2012

    I love this show! I caught it long after it was off the air - the casting is perfect - I love the ideas for each show - what it suggests - it really sparks the imagination. Omri Katz is great, as well as the rest of the cast - it appears the guest stars had a blast doing their roles - Ray Walston, John Astin, etc -

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    they should bring it back

    By GavinGibbons, May 17, 2008

    I used to watch this on channel 4 at 6.30pm most week nights. it was X-files meets the brady bunch. Marshal Teller and his family move to Indiana where things are a little "strange" he encounters mummies, u.f.o's and lots, lots more. Episodes comprise of comedy, horror (for kids) and for me 2 episodes pull on your heart strings (ATM with the heart of gold, & heart on a chain. each for the supporting characters involved. one a robot the other a girl in need of a heart transplant. if you haven't already then watch thi show- it comes highly recommended. i have no idea why it ever finished so early in its prime and later on it even got a spin off series!moreless

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    Eerie, Indiana was a very cool show that found its audience too late.

    By IndianaMom, Mar 12, 2007

    The main character, Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) moved with his family from New Jersey to Eerie, Indiana to live a “normal” life. Marshall soon finds out that Eerie, far from being normal, is the center of weirdness of the entire universe. The stories were told with an X-Files type of seriousness, but were filled with humor and pop culture references. In one of my favorite episodes, The Lost Hour, Marshall sets his watch back an hour in the fall even though the state of Indiana didn’t change their clocks. He wakes up the next morning in an alternate universe where only a few people are in Eerie including a girl who had gone missing exactly one year before. Hmmmm. The show became more popular in reruns than it had been when it first aired. There is a DVD set of the complete series, but it doesn’t have any extras.moreless

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    They turn the most normal things into something creepy...

    By ch33rio5, Feb 16, 2007

    I love this show. I use to watch it when I was a younger until they cancelled it. Actually, when I watched it, the show was already cancelled... It was on re-runs.

    Anyways, this was one of my most favorite shows while growing up.

    They take normal things like tubberware (Forever Ware), retainers, ATM machines and somehow make them eerie... (No pun intended.)

    This was a show before it's time. If this show had come out a few years later, it probably would have lastest a couple of seasons more.

    Omri Katz was sort of cute when he was younger. Man, I miss this show... I forgot how awesome it was.moreless

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    Small town filled with the strangest things.

    By twilightboy, Dec 20, 2006

    This show is amazing! How come everytime a very good show comes out it only lasts for a season?! That's what happenned to Eerie, Indiana. What i liked the most was the feeling you would get when watching the show, the sensation of being ina another world where anything imaginable might happen. The stories were so out of this world and well filmed too, with weird camera angles and shots all the time. A show that can give me this kind of magical feeling has to be very good and well produced. SOme people might find it a little childish but it had its dark moments too.moreless

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    An amazing show.

    By MadSceneDisease, Dec 07, 2006

    I remember watching this when I was 4. But I couldnt remeber alot, I remebered the tubber wear episode. So I got the DVD collection so I could watch all the episodes I forgot. and I was mad to find they only made about 13 episodes. After I watched all 13 episodes on the DVDs I was so sad, cause I wanted to watch more episodes. I love this show, I watch it from time to time, and it always makes me feel like im back in the 90's. They should remake this show, even if they will obviously be using a new cast. That would be so great.moreless

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    this is a good show

    By thezeppo42, Nov 16, 2006

    this was a really awesome show it was the kinda thing i wanted to see moe of the i found buffy thank god but i do highly miss thisd show i just fealt likre makeing one long run on sentence what do ya think ,my favrateepisode was the one with the tupper ware and the twins i hope the bring this show back someday

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    brilliantly funny show, delightful fun for all the family

    By jennastannis, Sep 22, 2006

    I saw this when I was a kid and I loved it then, now it's a good show to watch with my own family. The scripts are intelligently written and there's lots of hidden visual jokes that you always find something new each time you watch it. My favourite ones are the ones with Dash X in it. He's such a funny character and he adds some mystery and mischief to the series in equal parts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .moreless

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    This show was awesome!

    By psychoffspring, Jul 28, 2006

    Bringing this show would make my life. Too bad everyone's grown up.This show should not have been cancelled. The show had humor, mystery, suspense, and hidden things, like the whole last episode. The show was very interesting and had a lot of weird stuff in it, which made it even better. The DVD is awesome and can be watched over and over again. Each episode was great, but wish the series had a better ending. The series was cancelled and never had a proper ending. if it did, it could only have improved it. Wish the show could have lasted longer, maybe it was ahead of its time.....moreless

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