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    No offense but

    By RoseChan13, Feb 12, 2013

    This show isn't that good. It has bad characters, bad animation, bad story line, annoying characters, and it rip offs mucha lucha.

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    Nick should bring this wonderful seris back!!!!

    By Girlygirl24, Feb 03, 2013

    Man i love this show alot and i have no idea why nick would end this wonderful seris!!!

    Let me name the great things about this show!!!

    1.Great comedy

    2.Great charecters


    4.great couple i mean come on this show was wonderful and when i found out it was cancelled i was so sad!!! Nick should get off there lazy butts and bring this show back i mean if they brougt this show back maybe there ratings might go higher and they will get more popular and i have a feeling they will be sorry they ever cancelled this wonderful seris so BRING IT BACK!!!!!!moreless

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    I Can't Believe this Show was Canceled...

    By xGummyBear1000, Sep 18, 2012

    I loved this show, back when it was still popular. I don't remember much, but I remember it being funny, and I loved the charaters. I watched it every night before bed.

    I remember some of the episodes, and the creative plots. I also find it unique that the plot took place in Mexico. Don't see many of those kinda of shows anymore.

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    Weird artwork,unlikable characters,horrible plots and is possibly one of the most awkward Nicktoons you will ever watch

    By Woahwoah312, Oct 30, 2011

    If you can guess one of the most awkward Nicktoons of all time,your guess will probably El Tigre. The show takes place in Mexico,where it focuses on a boy named Manny Rivera,who is really a superhero named El Tigre. So basically,this doesn't have an original idea,but it gets worse. For starters,the animation and artwork. Everybody has just weird designs,and all of the settings look brand,because all of them are colored orange. The characters are just unlikable. Manny is a trouble maker,and never listens to anybody. His dad is just a generic tough guy,the grandpa is OK,but cannot save the show and the villains are just awkward. Frida seemed like the only good character of the show. She was awesome,and got a laugh out of me. The plots are just ridiculous. Most of them rely on Manny getting into trouble,so he becomes El Tigre to make things WORSE,but even without that plot,the show still has god awful plots like trying to get to school on time or spending money on a tattoo instead of guacamole. Overall,I will just describe this show as awkward. The animation is bad,the characters are unlikable,and is just unoriginal. If you want a good mexican cartoon,watch Mucha Lucha!.moreless

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    Are they outta their mind?! Compared to other crappy nick shows this is da bomb.

    By CyclopsBoy, Apr 17, 2011

    OK El tigre is about a boy named Manny who is a superhero named El tigre he has a dad named White Pantera and an evil (though trying to get on the path of good) grandfather PUMA LOCO. And has a best friend Frida. He lives in miracle city where it's "a spicy zest pool of crime and viliany" So He has very action-fulled adventure which makes this show real cool.

    OK this was an OK show but not worth sayign hey do watch El tigre. Well compared to other nck shows it was awesome. this is way better than Naked Bros. Band (HATE THEM!) Tak, and Zoey 101. So they should bring this back. If they brought Ned back I don't see why they can't with this one.moreless

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    Epic Failure

    By Southparkfa, Mar 12, 2011

    This show is yet another bad attempt at animated comedy that Nickelodeon once knew so well, and has since been forgotten under the piles of crappy live action shows in the garbage with the icons of Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life. Anyways, the show: True abysmality. It was a rip-off of another mexican wrestling show (Mucha Lucha!) and can't even be close to being as funny as Mr. Meaty (yes it's that boring/bad) the storyline was stupid, the characters were cliched and horrible, and it was not even close to funny. Overall, another show to avoid. 0/10 F-moreless

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    It's funny at times,otherwis just plain mediocore

    By benb15, Feb 19, 2011

    Ok,really it's not that great a show,really all it tries to do is copy Mucha Lucha which was already bad.There are sometimes when it's funny,but the rest nope,sorry can't feel it.It's too off the wall for it to make much sense for me.Now that it's airing on Nicktoons Netowrk and replacing classics like Rocko's Modern Life and The Angry Bevaers or even Invader ZIM,with Kappa Mikey,The Secret Show and Skyland which all three sucked,it's another nail in the coffin for Nick's downfall.And to think we had those three before mentioned shows before shows like this began to take over the network.moreless

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    Worst Nicktoon EVER created.

    By Shouei01, Jan 14, 2011

    The comedy is terrible the voice acting is terrible, and the stories and writing is awful. However the character designs for Frida and the other characters are excellent. That is practically the only thing I like about this show. I just don't understand most of the comedy in this show that's why I considerit terrible. If you want a good Nicktoon, then I would consider the "Mighty B!" . The comedy, voice acting, stories and character designs are PERFECT. El Tigre is consdered to be the BIGGEST mistake in the history of Nicktoons. Trust me. You deserve a better Nicktoon than this piece of garbage.moreless

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    Awesomly epic!

    By mitsukigirl13, Jan 08, 2011

    This was an awesome show. It kinda reminded me of Spiderman. A young kid named Manny has to protect his town and decide whether to be good or evil. When I first saw it I thought it was lame. But when you actually open your mind and watch the show, you will find a very compelling and funny show. This show has a lot of action and adventure. It's also very funny and epic. It can also be very sweet. It can teach good lessons like Be true to yourself & Always stick with your friends and family.

    Really, the only thing I could think about the show to complain about, was White Pantara. He was Manny's dad, but sometimes he would just be so fricken corny. I understand he's a hero, but he would never do anything wrong. He was always obeying the law and being super nice. I mean all heroes make mistakes, they aren't goody goddies.

    Other than that, it was an awesome show.moreless

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