Boys Will Be Boys: The Holmes Brothers

By ionee24

Sep 29, 2013

Elementary finally introduces Watson to the brother Sherlock never told her about. "Fattie" invades his sactum sanctorum, reveals the most embarrasing moments of their youth and gets along with their father, which makes the character as relateable as only a real brother would.

Its a treat to watch them rival over Joan, quarrel over life decisions, bicker over just about everything and be emotionally crippled to communicate with each other. I see the family resemblance too, Mycroft nails the earnest whisper move like only a Holmes would, he is uniquely drawn to Watson and his deductive skills prove remarkable to fix things with his brother.

Thing is, Mycroft was ill and, even at his worst, he couldn't bring himself to call Sherlock. He doesn't want that to happen again, ever. And following Watson's advice, he makes sure his brother listens: Sherlock blew up his wedding, so Mycroft proceeds to blow up his things, all of them. From this moment on they are even, Sherlock knows he has been forgiven, Mycroft knows he has just won his brother back.


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