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    Elementary Sound

    By rkollman, 18 hours ago

    It's not just me! Fix the sound quality on this show! Your poor standards destroy the pleasure of viewing an otherwise well-scripted and acted production. Read the comments. We can't follow the dialogue. What is wrong with you people?

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    Every damn time

    By theKingInTheNorth, Jun 24, 2014

    A genius who used drugs. Come on..

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    Elementary Fashion

    By shilainc, Jun 15, 2014

    Fashion of Elementary for Episode 24


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    It's elementary to like "Elementary" :)

    By kalo2809, Jun 06, 2014

    Unpredictability, mystery, crime solving, personal issues, love, past-present connections, friendship, did i write unpredictability? Well it's worth writing again! :D

    There aren't many words I can say about this show as a rather neutral observer, it's just so damn good, and Jonny Lee Miller and his british accent keep staggering me every time!

    Oh well, hopefully it'll stick around for some years, thank God it's on CBS too, I'm not sure how the show would have done on a different, less watched network, but that's just my opinion.

    10 out of 10 and go on, Elementary!moreless

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    Things are out of place

    By philipcheung313, May 25, 2014

    Does anyone know if the producers of the show purposely put things out of place in the show? I realized that in more than one episode, when a scene is shown things are out of place.... For example Season 2 episode 9 about 21 minutes in, sherlock and watson argue that he should be nicer to the cops, the cup on the table keeps moving form left to right of watson's phone....

    Love the show btw, just became a

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    Help with the volume of this show

    By JudyBreed, May 18, 2014

    I love this show and all of its characters. The problem I have is I can't hear most of the dialogue. I have to move the volume almost to top line to hear Sherlock and then when the ads come on....... hurry to mute or turn down. How can this show's volume get turned up so people like me can hear it??

    Thank you.

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    Art in the Blood as Double Entendre

    By insideout098, May 10, 2014

    The brother's Holmes have reached an impasse it would seem. Mycroft must be removed from the domestic ecosystem at hand in order for the show to have the energy and flow it needs to be what it has become, which is Watson as caretaker to Sherlock who is then able to thrive. This is hardly a departure from Conan Doyle's portrayal of Dr. Watson and his relationship with both his wife and Sherlock. Yes, Watson needs a life outside of Holmes in order to establish any degree of credibility, but she must also be drawn to him in ways that defy whatever romantic interludes or relationships she explores outside their world. I must say I was disappointed with the rushed resolution of the Watson/Mycroft dilemma. Frankly, I also have a difficult time seeing them in bed together. There is no chemistry, and Mycroft is just, well, not leading man material in that sense. Okay, I admit it. I think Lucy Liu is totally hot and I see her with someone like, I don'tmoreless

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    Soap Opera Shark Jumping

    By LoisMatelan, May 09, 2014

    This current multipart episode of Elementary has made me think of Whoopie Goldberg's rant in Soapdish. I mean, Watson has been a wonderful female character for most of the series, but suddenly, with regard to Sherlock's skeezy brother, rationality and judgement go out the window. In one scene, she is justifiably telling him she can never believe him and so she will have nothing more to do with him, and by the next day she is in bed with him?? Even if his latest version of his actions and motivations is accurate, he has still been dishonest with her, but suddenly that no longer matters??. And even in the previous episode, Sherlock had been reduced from the genius detective to an inept person who conveniently turns his back on his brother so he can be tased. And the only reason Mycroft and Watson are still alive is because the mobsters did not immediately obey their boss's instruction to "kill

    And wait a minute, what ever happened to Mycroft's illness?

    I think the scriptwriters need to think more carefully about the integrity of their characters.

    I am so sorry about this, because the show has been one of my favorites until recently.moreless

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    By robertts, May 09, 2014

    THAT WAS THE END, FOLKS. there was no need for them to have sex and no need for Sherlock to walk in on them. i will never watch again.

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    Getting sick of the brother

    By CherieSummers, May 09, 2014

    I'm just about ready to stop watching. Will see what Season Finale brings. Lucy Liu's character is a jerk, and it makes me sick that she keeps doing it with Sherlock's brother. It's a betrayal and I can't stand her. Sherlock obviously cares for her, but she doesn't care. I'm sick of that brother coming around and taking what belongs to his brother and thinking nothing of it.

    And as a side, yes, the sound is too low. I have a hard time understanding Sherlock, and especially with his accent. Also, is Lucy Liu pregnant? She has gained weight, and while she still looks fine, I'm wondering if it's because she's in the early stages of pregnancy.moreless

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