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    Not going well

    By sandeep007734, Yesterday

    There was a reason that in the original show Sherlock did all the detective work, and Watson sicked to the documentation work and sometime helping Sherlock. Here the role of Watson is completely off the track. I don't mind that they changed the sex of the character, in fact I think it worked great for last seasons, but in this season sometimes she "deduces" things which even Sherlock miss that irritates me a lot.

    They have to do something to turn this around. If you are making a show about Sherlock Holmes, he has to take the front seat.moreless

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    What happened?

    By bearsville88, Dec 12, 2014

    Kitty's character is good, just don't know where she fits in? Watson is completely annoying me. She wears the same boots every week and her character has changed for the bad. It's like she is Holmes anti-watson. And Holmes character seems way off and doesn't have the same edge he had. Not to mention Gregson and detective Bell's role is diminished as well. Might be moving on soon unless they fix

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    Best show on TV

    By Aeronomer, Dec 11, 2014

    So good that I routinely go back and watch old episodes because I get impatient for the next new episode. And I don't do that for ANY show. Ever. I am addicted to this show. Watson moving out kind of bummed me because my favorite part of the show has been the chemistry between Holmes and Watson. I like Kitty but I'm feeling a little trepidation about the possibility of them phasing Watson out. That would be a show-stopper (literally) for me.moreless

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    ooohhh nooo!

    By fandisgust, Dec 11, 2014

    what the heck happened to my favorite show! the first and some of the second were very good but this third season is awful. Sherlock doesn't look the same, and appears very wooden. Watson has turned into a cold and unbending witch. Don't know if I like Kitty because I can't understand what she is saying. theres none of the witty dialogue or warmth of the previous seasons. I think this is their last season. too bad.

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    Too bad

    By randywestfahl, Dec 10, 2014

    They had to work to mess up this show. It was a brilliant whodoneit with two quirky interesting characters and great dialogue. Suddenly all of that is gone. Sherlock is painfully inept now and moves like Joe Cocker. Watson is mean spirited and their is no ingenuity to any of the plot lines. No savaging this show that was so brilliant. Too bad.

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    Hurray for Kitty!

    By Viewer1, Dec 09, 2014

    I will disagree with much what has been written here. Kitty is the best thing that has happened to Elementary. She sparkles with her underplayed performance, giving the impression that she's just a novice, until she quietly makes her "on the mark" deductions and displayes her impressive knowledge of facts and criminal behavior. She is the fresh air this show so needed. I don't dislike Watson but I'll be quite happy with her staying on the sidelines. Kitty will carry the mentor/partner relationship with Holmes quite well. Kitty's personality, and her working on building herself up to make something substantial of herself, can be much better identified with, and is more interesting, than that of Watson.

    I am glad to see that those writing specific episode reviews, as well those writing in the specific episode discussions, are almost all in agreement with me in very much liking Kitty and wanting her to stay on the show.moreless

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    what's happened

    By 906mvf, Dec 07, 2014

    I've loved this show from the beginning and now I struggle to finish an episode, its just lost it..... have the writers changed ? and it seems that Watson has a much bigger part, Lucy Liu having a hissy ?

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    it aint what it used to be

    By pclaptop, Dec 06, 2014

    Is it me or does Sherlock "all at once" solve the crime? It USED to be he did a little snooping here, a little sniffing there, a little deep thought with Clyde, and maybe a little bit of Watson stumbling across a clue to solve the crime. But now in the last few episodes Sherlock appears in a scene(maybe two), spits out a plethora of dialog and some pictures and WHAM crime solved! The whole anticipation and suspense build up seems to be missing! . How many scenes were necessary to solve the plane crash on Far Rockaway in season 1? 10+! Now it seems one, maybe two scenes from Sherlock and things are figured out! The rest of the epsiode is Watson's love life, trials and tribulations with Kitty, Sherlock being pissed off at Kitty or Capt. Gregson checking to make sure everyone is playing nice!moreless

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    recking the show!

    By watcher14, Dec 06, 2014

    this used to be a great show, now we have no camaraderie between Holmes and Watson and Holmes is turning into a wimp. Kitty was not a plus. Friction between Holmes and watson is not what your viewers want.

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    kitty litter

    By Mahina, Dec 05, 2014

    Elementary has been my favorite program since its start but it has now been messed with to the point where it has lost its spark. There was such great chemistry between Holmes and Watson, and they are supposed to be friends and crime solvers. It doesn't feel right for them to be chilly and distant to one another. Trying to garner a younger audience with the introduction of Kitty just isn't working. Her acting ability needs apprenticing in that area, too. There's no chemistry between her and Holmes and the whole program has become lopsided and strange. Please bring back the magic of the original!moreless

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