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    Change can be a good thing!

    By susancurrie10, Jan 24, 2015

    I will admit that I was rather disconcerted by the fact that Watson had moved out. However, at the end of last season, she said she was going to, so we were forewarned. And the addition of Kitty, to me, is a positive thing. I like her and I think that it's wrong to be so against the addition of this character. As this season has progressed, we've seen Holmes and Watson continue to work closely together. We've also seen Kitty be of great assistance and come up with some excellent deductions of her own. As for the focus on Watson's personal life, it seems to me that that is a natural extension of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. She did, after all, live with him as his sober companion, which would have meant that they would have, by necessity, developed a very intense relationship. Added to that is the fact that she also became, and continues to be, involved in his work, and became his "apprentice"; their closeness then becomes quite understandable, both personally and professionally. And they've both grown and changed through this process. I binge-watched most of season 2, and all of Season 3 that has thus far been broadcast, very recently, and so I'm able to see this change in a different light, as I watched so many episodes in succession. I truly enjoy this show. I hope it continues on for many years to come. Sherlock, most especially, never, ever, bores me.


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    the show will suck now! lucy will be the death of the is not a very good actress and her looks are in the past.

    By bunker51, Jan 24, 2015

    the show sucks now plain and simple. we went from sherlock the genius to helping the police to joan the top person and sherlock a flunky. whho the fuck makes these ridiculous decisions to change the whole plot of the show. really really stupid. joan was just there to look at and not that great at her age. kick her off the show is about sherlock not some has been actress. remember the movie "kill bill" well lets kill lucy liu in the show and get back to the the show the way it was meant to be.. get her off the . whoever made this decision to change the format should be fired. tymoreless

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    Let's say HELLO KITTY.

    By LucasRomero, Jan 23, 2015

    I don't understand why people hate change so much. I FUCKING LOVE KITTY! She seems amazing, and has done a lot to refresh the feel of the show. I liked it before, I love it now.

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    Let's say Farewll to KITTY

    By Sabrina1227, Jan 20, 2015

    I love Sherlock and Watson - so why are you bothering with Kitty - this is an aweful addition - I am ready to drop the show - find a way Kitty to leave the show - let Wason be Waston and do Watson things - don't continue to ruin Elementary -

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    Should have been called "Elementary Actually"

    By PAALGRIMBEZERKER, Jan 15, 2015

    The WORST part of this show is the OVER use of the word "ACTUALLY"!! it was once said 5 times within a minute. It's poor grammar to rely on the word as well as extremely lazy, and not to mention bloody annoying. 98% of the time it simply does not need to be used.

    The rest of the show is decent, including using a female lead for Watson.

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    screwing up a good thing

    By donnasullivan948, Jan 12, 2015

    Like the majority, we enjoyed the chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock and Lucu Lui's Watson. It was a great format. Now somebody decided to mess with perfection. Kitty is a crass, goth, intrusion, totally lacking the nuance and mature charm that Lui brought to the role. Holmes was not that easy to understand at times, but kitty is unintelligible. This wedged in mistake seems designed to displace Watson, the death knell for this formally great series. If she keeps showing up, we're gone.moreless

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    Not a show for big Holmes fans

    By richardhaddadtv, Jan 07, 2015

    As a TV show, Elementary is entertaining, often funny and fun to watch; but, Elementary isn't just any TV show, it's an adaptation of the popular Sherlock Holmes novels.

    I'm all for change and making things 'new'. Sherlock has been made a little more 'human' in that he actually gets sad when his arrogance becomes the reason behind a friend being injured. Not a problem. Watson changed from John to Joan. Also, not a problem. In fact, I think it's a fun change. Sherlock was taken from England to New York and so Inspector Lestrade is replaced with Inspector Gregson (the novels have Gregson in Scotland Yard police headquarters in London, not New York but that's ok).

    And that's where they should have stopped. Where they failed, and should stop, is making Watson a second Sherlock. Watson cannot 'deduce'. He/she should not be able to overstep or, in some cases, replace Sherlock. If your idea is to make two great detectives, call them Shaun and Walter, Shrek and Fiona, Bonnie and Clyde; whatever! Just don't call them Sherlock and Watson and then take away the one thing that made Sherlock who he was. Sherlock is unique and no one, especially not Watson, could do what he did (except, of course, the Napoleon of Crime, Moriarty).

    Good TV show; Not so good Sherlock Holmes TV show.

    Oh, and Lucy Liu is a bad choice for the role (nothing she does seems believable). And, as long as we're not taking it as a proper Sherlock Holmes adaptation, I'm fine with Kitty. At least her acting is better than Liu.moreless

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    Please remove Kitty

    By judy1015, Jan 01, 2015

    Used to love the show it was my favorite. I liked it mainly because of the chemistry between Sherlock and Watson, now they have them fighting with each other and this new character that appears a bit brain dead Kitty. she may be good in other shows, but she doesn't belong in this one. If its not broke don't break it. This show is ruined for me now. I don't watch it any longer. thanks CBS writers for ruining and other wise Great show by changing everything. why cant they leave well enough alone when they finally get something right.moreless

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    The game is not afoot!

    By margiecrawford, Dec 30, 2014

    I am hoping Elementary stops changing the basic premise of the brilliant deductions that truly make Sherlock who he is. Not to compare with the British show: Sherlock, also a modern interpretation on he detective, but I am bored with Holmes making more comments about Watson's lifeystyle than the cases themselves. Sherlock's unique crime solving abilities seem to be lost in how he plays off two women with similar skills. So sad.

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    Not going well

    By sandeep007734, Dec 21, 2014

    There was a reason that in the original show Sherlock did all the detective work, and Watson sicked to the documentation work and sometime helping Sherlock. Here the role of Watson is completely off the track. I don't mind that they changed the sex of the character, in fact I think it worked great for last seasons, but in this season sometimes she "deduces" things which even Sherlock miss that irritates me a lot.

    They have to do something to turn this around. If you are making a show about Sherlock Holmes, he has to take the front seat.moreless

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