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    What is the point of the new character?

    By KLT49, 3 days ago

    What is wrong with the writers of this show? The first season was great, last season with Joan's affair with Mycroft was heading toward the deep end, and now they've gone off the edge. The whole thing that made this show work, aside from the excellent Jonny Lee Miller, was the dynamic between Sherlock and Joan. Why have they added this useless protege and messed up that dynamic? Are you TRYING to kill this show, people? I've just found out they intend to keep this new character around--mistake! If they don't go back to the old dynamic, I will not watch past this season. Or maybe I won't have to worry about that, since I predict the ratings will drop.moreless

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    This new season

    By chittchattcatt, Nov 21, 2014

    I have really enjoyed this show - well at least the previous seasons. DO NOT LIKE THE DEVELOPMENTS FOR THIS YEAR!!! Don't like the sullen useless new assistant "protg" There seems to be no point in having this character, on the contrary she is an annoyance and keeps getting in the way of the story line. She was stalking Watson (what??) I also don't buy the premise that Watson has suddenly outdone Holmes in her detecting skills.

    Very unhappy to the point that I may not continue watching; losing interest quickly.moreless

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    Clever title

    By DsHs, Nov 12, 2014

    I like this show. Some people compare it to Sherlock and most of them evaluate this version as inferior. Well, I actualy like them together, because they're two very different things born from the same root. I find that beautiful.

    Everything has been said on that note. Every word has been spilled. They're both nice shows.

    What grinds my gears is the intro of Elementary. Right at the end of the intro, when the city is seen through the glass sphere. Shouldn't it be inverted? That's what bugs me.moreless

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    Sherlock's New Assistant

    By MadelynWH, Nov 08, 2014

    Can anyone out there understand the new assistant? It's hard enough with the accent but someone needs to teach her how to speak clearly and project her voice. It seems like everyone is whispering on TV these days. And the background noise is so loud not just this show but all the shows. Very frustrating. If she doesn't speak clearly and louder I will stop watching this good show.

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    the show will suck now!

    By bunker51, Nov 08, 2014

    the show sucks now plain and simple. we went from sherlock the genius to helping the police to joan the top person and sherlock a flunky. whho the fuck makes these ridiculous decisions to change the whole plot of the show. really really stupid. joan was just there to look at and not that great at her age. kick her off the show is about sherlock not some has been actress. :-)

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    Sorry, Jonny!

    By fredbrady5, Nov 07, 2014

    I enjoyed the show for a season and a half, but Watson falling into bed with Mycroft was too much. Now she's PO'ed at Sherlock for disappearing last season without saying goodbye, and the cops don't miss him because Watson has "learned his methods" and is filling in. HUH?? If his methods are so easily learned, Gregson and Bell should know them by now too, and not need her at all. Hey, writers--it's not just Sherlock's "methods" that make him a great detective. His talents can't be learned! Another thing: Watson is not a police officer. It's not her place to say "You're under arrest" when Bell is standing right there. The show is now a soap opera with no connection to the original stories--unlike the brilliant "Sherlock" series starring Cumberbatch and Freeman. They're just (mis)using the names of the characters. I think I'll stop watching it. Sorry, Jonny! You and Cumberbatch were great together in "Frankenstein"!moreless

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    Elementary Continues It's Drop Into Mediocrity

    By Brahmin1951, Nov 01, 2014

    Surprisingly, the 'creative staff' at Elementary continue their fascination with putting postmodern American neologisms into a thoroughly British character's mouth. What's next? After Sherlock and Joan are done "reaching out" will they begin "efforting" to solve their cases? On top of that, not seemingly satisfied with turning Elementary into the "Watson was a Woman" show [which, by the way, has been done before], with this new season they seem to be intent on turning it into Sherlock Holmes: Stalker-by-Proxy.

    The show started out beautifully, creating the most believable Sherlock Holmes ever attempted. I even hailed the idea of a female Moriarty, and brilliantly played! But Mycroft as Watson Love Interest/Spymaster/Sexually Ambiguous Serial Restaurant Opener signaled the beginning of a series death spiral into banal predictability. As of now, the writers have utterly lost their way in the looking glass land of ad hoc plot twisting, prime time soap opera. It has become more and more clear with the season opener that the show's creator never had more than the germ of an idea because the germ certainly never developed into a serious condition. Perhaps when he's finished trashing the airwaves with this failed pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, he can return to Silicon Valley to do a serious study on under-thirty slang terms.moreless

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    It's complementary ELEMENTARY!

    By ErosMakelaris, Oct 31, 2014

    And it's back for another season! Great comeback! Looks like another promising season is ahead of us!

    Smart, elegant, humorous! Intriguing, captivating, twisty! Lee Miller is overshadowing the rest of the good cast with his exceptional acting!

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    Writers of this show must be descendants of Agatha Christie

    By plaknas, Aug 12, 2014

    At first when I heard about this show I was like What the f ? female Watson, NewYork setup , Drug addict Sherlock and female Moriarty and that too Moriarty=Irene Adler. I thought that the show creators completely "messed up" Sherlock even though I still stand by my original hypothesis of this show after watching it I must say they "messed" him up "good". The mystery elements, unpredictability and new and innovative plots makes the show "awesome" detective series even better than the original Sherlock that is airing on bbc. Miller is awesome as a "detective" or "consultant" or the show creators version of "Sherlock". And even Luci Liu fits "Watson" or messed up version of original version. This show might very well give Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a "heart attack" but the mystery plots would definitely give him a "smile".moreless

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    Gran serie

    By antoniougarte904, Aug 11, 2014

    La encuentro interesante en muchos aspectos. En primer lugar, los guiones son originales con menciones a algunos argumentos clsicos de las novelas. En segundo lugar, la interpretacin de los 2 protagonistas me parece sensacional. En tercer lugar, la idea de cambiar de sexo a Watson me ha parecido sorprendente y le ha dado una perspectiva muy atractiva a la relacin entre ellos. Sin duda una gran serie.

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