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    I'm a big fan of Justin bieber

    By sangas, Apr 16, 2015

    I want to meet jb because I am a big fan of him in one else can be a huge fan as want to meet him infront of me hug him sing with him dance with him and do a lot I want to come to your show but i'm in Srilanka,and I am studying in grade 8. So can you make my dream come true?and by the way I am Sangavi from Srilanka colombo.

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    My grandma needs help!

    By James19990, Mar 26, 2015

    I'm my grandmas grandson and I'm writing this for my grandma she needs help she helps everyone else but no one helps her she needs a place to stay, her car broke down, she has no money what so ever, and she is not in good health. She has no clue what to do she as ran out of options please can you help my grandma her name is Maria Perez her phone number is 4093007168 thank you I would appreciate any help you could give my grandmamoreless

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    please help!

    By deborahbrady587, Jan 26, 2015

    Dear Ellen,

    My daughter and I watch your show daily, we think yourca caring and funny person!

    We are a hard working family. My daughter just finished bascic training for the national guard, she started her college career to become a vet. She needs a car to go back and forth to her monthly drills and college. We have two older cars and both are being could really use a third car right now. We are both unemployed. I want her to stick with the college.moreless

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    please help us im worry say to death

    By MarciaWalker7145, Nov 02, 2014

    why u text me phone numbe its just nothing husband hernia nothing bye I wrote 7letters I facebooki I can do you I feel like u want help twitter so

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    Why Are There All These Letters to Ellen in the Reviews section instead of Reviews of this series?

    By cherold01, Aug 09, 2014

    I don't know why people are writing to Ellen in the reviews section, but I'm going to actually talk about the series.

    Ellen was one of the most retooled series ever made, I think, and every change made the show worse. It was very funny in its first year, when it was called These Friends of Mine. Then some perfectly good cast members were swapped out, the premise changed, it became less ensemble style and more star driven, and it was weaker. When Arye Gross was subsequently swapped out for a grating Jeremy Piven, the show started getting very bad.

    When Ellen came out as gay, my mom complained that it ruined the show, but for me, the show was already bad, and her coming out was just more poorly conceived retooling that made the show markedly worse. Although the actual coming out show was brilliant, the best episode of the series, and made me briefly believe that the series had finally turned around. But it hadn't, it just kept getting worse.

    Fortunately Ellen moved on to her talk show host role, which fits her like a glove, so it's a story with a happy ending. But I wish they'd kept doing These Friends of Mine; that was a really good show.moreless

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    2 cars hitting my mum didn't stop her

    By Chrissy12392, Jul 28, 2014

    I know u won't read this but hey Ellen I'm kristy from Vic Australia and I'm going to tell you my mums story, when my mum was 18 she was hit by 2 cars whited stop her from doing a lot of things but not everything. My mum is a single mum almost 50, I watch the Ellen show all the time on YouTube I can't in the living room because the tv doesn't really work and I would come and she your show but my mum couldn't pay for a plan and I never been on a plan coz be don't really travel. I want to be a singer but I know that it would cost a lot of money and mum can't drive to get me are moving next year and I don't know it we have the money to fix up this place but anyway I just wanted to tell you my story and I see you help so many people I know it's a long shot but I wanna try. Love ya Ellenmoreless

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    A well deserving Daughter

    By mandmheimlich, Jul 09, 2014

    I watch your show a lot you are the most real talk show host ever!!!! The other day I was watching and there was a ad that said do you know anyone who could use a car. My daughter who is a 20 year old college student just had hers break down and needs one. She is a junior in college and for the last two years has held a 4.0 gpa. She came home for the summer and is working three jobs. I would really like to help her more but her stepfather and I live check to check. Her father is on disability for bipolar/schizophrenia she is there for him more then he is for of things that have happened in her fathers life she has decided to go to school to become a speech therapist. So schooling will be another five years. She is such a deserving daughter and a very giving and deserving person I am so proud of the person she has become. A car would be awesome or her to get to her jobs and school. Thank you from a very proud mother!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    gloria, my awesome wife

    By emiliolopez39982, May 27, 2014

    she is the greatest wife a man could ask for. we will be married 25 years next year and hoping to renew our vows. the only problem is that on july 2010 i had 2 heart attacks and cannot work due to my condition. i have worked since i was 13 untill i had the 2nd heart attack. i promised to take her to a dallas cowboys game, but not employed and ssi still pending im wanting to ask if you could help me with that promise. im not the kind of person to ask for anything but she has done so much for me and our family. she is the only one working and paying all our bills with no complaints from her. i love her so very much if you could help i would really appreciate it. i watch you and steve harvey every day just to make me smile and laugh.moreless

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    a grandmother who needs to know

    By beverlydirrigl, May 23, 2014

    My oldest granddaughter was born with the middle name Inez which was my moms name. She has been asking me if your middle name was the same. We all think you are awesome

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    A great-grand mother in need of a car.

    By anniemaecox9, May 06, 2014

    Hi, Ellen I will be 70 years old in October, I have never owned a new car in my life.

    I have one daughter, two granddaughters and 3 great grand children, I feel blessed to still be here and to live long enough to be a great grandmother. I have been in poor health, why I would love to have a new car used to love to go to the beach so I would love to take my family at least one more time in a car I do not have to worry about, because my car is a

    Also I watch you everyday and would absolutely love to come to see your show in person in a NEW CAR!! hope to get to see your show soon : )moreless

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