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    I agree that this series continues to be underappreciated--since it still is not avaliable in any major dvd retailer. However...

    By xyzwriter, Aug 29, 2011

    ..., it was cancelled, I believe, not because of the usual network idiocy, but because of Jim Hutton\\\'s untimely death during its production. Someone correct me if I\\\'m wrong, but I watched this series when it first aired and that is the way I remember its demise. Hutton was perfect in the role of Ellery Queen and David Wayne the perfect foil, creating the perfect team. I also loved the end of each episode, with Ellery inviting the audience to take time to figure out their own theory during the final commercial--we all used to bat our ideas around and then watch to see if we were even close. The fact that there was usually only one possibility really didn\\\'t bother us at all. This series needs to be released at a major retailer so that we can get a look at it close up!moreless

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    Great show that should have lasted longer.

    By Mad_Buck, Oct 13, 2010

    Ellery Queen only lasted one season on NBC. It should have lasted much longer and its cancellation gave me my first hint that only morons called the shots in the TV industry. Ellery Queen was that rare show which had charm and class. The emphasis was on storyline not action and violence. You actually had to think a little when you watched an episode. That's probably why NBC canceled it and shortly afterward gave us drivel like the A-Team and Super Train.

    My dad and I used to watch this show together ever week. We would try to guess the culprit before Ellery did. I think I guessed right twice while my dad never could seem to figure out the correct solution. My late grandmother also loved the show as well as the novels on which it was based. One thing she liked was that Ellery and Inspector Queen were exactly like they were in the novels. Having read several EQ novels I concur with my grandmother for the most part.

    Jim Hutton and David Wayne were marvelous as writer Ellery Queen and his police inspector father. Then there was Tom Reese who lent able support as the hulking Sgt. Velie. I always loved Inspector Queen's catchphrase, "Put the cuffs on him, Velie" once the solution to the murder was announced by Ellery. It's too bad that NBC put the cuffs on this show too soon.moreless

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    This was one of the best shows on TV. The writing was very cutting edge. The plot twists kept you on your toes. The viewer had to follow verrry closely to figure out "Whodunit" before Ellery revealed the culprit in the always anticipated gathering of t

    By CarolynOs, Mar 15, 2006

    My Mom used to watch this show. I guess it was the first "whodunit" I ever really paid attention to. And Jim Hutton was so handsome! I had a crush on him at the age of 9. I never missed a week. My favorite was the Adventure of the Mad Tea Party.

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    Shows that were writing as good as this and the stars that made it a great show are rare today,I sure wish theyed bring them back.I watched all of the shows

    By Aucshnr, Aug 07, 2005

    Great show, Shows that were writing as good as this and the stars that made it a great show are rare today,I sure wish theyed bring them back.I watched all of the shows,I look forward to seeing it again someday please bring it back soon,you can't find shows like this anymore.

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