NBC Cancels Its Wizard of Oz "Event Series" Emerald City

By Kaitlin Thomas

Aug 23, 2014

The Yellow Brick Road stops here.

NBC has opted not to move forward with its "event series" Emerald City, Deadline reports.

The 10-episode drama, which was said to be a dark and modern reimagining of L. Frank Baum’s original Wizard of Oz story, was ordered straight to series in January and included in NBC's Upfront presentation in May. The network had been advertising Emerald City as recently as late July, at Comic-Con (as of press time, there's even still a page for the show on NBC's website!).

According to Deadline, the network is killing the project because NBC and executive producer Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) had different visions about Emerald City's creative direction. It’s still possible that Universal will shop the project elsewhere.

Emerald City is the second show this year to earn a straight-to-series order and then get canceled without ever airing. Earlier this summer, Fox axed its Ancient Egypt-set limited series Hieroglyph, which had been slated to debut in 2015.

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  • numberonecubsfa Aug 24, 2014

    STOP CALLING MINISERIES "EVENT SERIES"! You guys moaned about how dumb that is at first, but now you're openly doing it too.

  • LOST-TWD-PP-GOT Aug 24, 2014

    Well it's NBC, N-othing B-ut C-rap. I'd imagine, Friedman wanted something closer to Game of Thrones, and NBC wanted something like Once Upon A Time

  • JoeySchoenberge Oct 18, 2014

    I don't agree NBC is all bad. I'd be happy with "The Blacklist", "The Voice", Jimmy Fallon....heh.
    I've not kept up with all their productions though so consider my opinion is diluted by interest in other networks and shows and have easily missed acclaimed shows because of this..
    ... I did like the TV conversion of "About a Boy". I also thought "Believe" was promising but they axed that one fast. I also agree with numberonecubsfan in the "stop calling it an EVENT SERIES"....call it an Epic Mini-Series...but Mini-Series is a name we all understand and that is what it would be. Which is what we are talking about -

    I am DISGUSTED with the choice not to take on this show "Emerald City" - as it could've been a great mix of Burton/Norton Bros. and been wonderful in it's story and presentation. Nothing will replace the original but it's always nice to see a new vision of an old story.

    I DO truly hope that someone else picks it up and goes forward with it and maybe THEN, NBC may invest a little more before deciding to axe what was already being buzzed about.

    IDEA = There needs to be a NEW way to create series and projects. We don't need these programmers and other R&D; people..not when you have the power of social media for instant feedback. They could, hear me out - as I'm a talker - one idea - make 3 shows, if they pass the grade that is for this kind of expense and gamble. Hell give us a downgraded version and just let us taste the vision, instead of a one hour pilot.
    Use these 3 shows, air them via the Internet and on Television, but use the internet and since so many folks have DVRs and other cable or satellite equipment which can be monitored and a network would easily know whether something was worth investing more time and money into said show. I dloaded the leak of the Pilot to of "Constantine" it looked with a little tweaking like it might just work as much as I loved the original show from the book series called "The Dresden Files" which should have never been canceled, a Nicolas Cage production on Cable Television. I bet this leak was on purpose and instantly info was flying all over and and they could've used this to provide themselves with some decent data and have a true pulse on the show. I do not know if they are going forward with "Constantine"; As far as supernatural productions I would love to see them revive Dredon myself. I hope "Constantine" will air though, I only hope the lead tones down his enjoyment a little. He makes it seem a bit too easy. Anyway, I've digressed, been less than cogent and seldom ever concise. Hope it struck someone's fancy! Be well and Good Care. - MediaGod

  • No1Slayerette Aug 24, 2014

    Good, now they can start working on that Return to Oz television adaptation everyone wants (read: everyone = me)

  • Marburg66 Aug 24, 2014

    It's not that I'm a fan of the books or the movie or anything, but I'd have preferred the opportunity to at least see & judge it for myself without some network necktie desk jockey choking the life out of it before it even airs.

  • Writerpatrick Aug 24, 2014

    They're not even going to wait for the bad ratings to cancel the show.

  • KingsX Aug 23, 2014

    Except for the 1939 film, I have found every iteration of movies and TV programs based off of Frank L. Baum's books to be disappointing. Wait, except for the show on HBO around 15 years ago. That was a bold interpretation.

  • bkyle2429 Aug 24, 2014

    SYFY's TIN MAN was aweome

  • Gem-n-eye Aug 23, 2014

    If only shows could turn out to be as good as their posters. Send this show to cable and darken it up.

  • JoeySchoenberge Oct 18, 2014

    Just have the Nolan Brothers read the script every week and make changes as they see fit and all will be fine. Heh. I guess I'm just biased at the moment especially considering the quality and consitancy of their work.

  • Bottron Aug 23, 2014

    Anytime when the network and the executive producer butt heads over the creative direction of show, is a good sign for the show. And considering how great TSCC was, I hope this gets picked up somewhere else.

  • ArkhamNative Aug 23, 2014

    From Deadline: "a modern and dark reimagining of the classic tale of Oz in the vein of Game Of Thrones" ... OMG! Quick, somebody add this to today's WTF article!

  • safibwana Aug 23, 2014

    in this one, the hero engages in bestiality with a flying monkey. it is the only way to top incst. Oh wait, OUaT already did that.

  • JoeySchoenberge Oct 18, 2014

    Funny. And so true. Like Bono said, "Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief". All we would need with your formula is the whole show narrated by Nancy Grace perhaps. LOL.

  • Amazon_Hollow Aug 23, 2014

    I guess everything fits on Tv and Films, turns dark and the core changes to just only action... Tv & Movies isn't about relationships anymore with projects/programs at all... It all about the hell of the action just action based told... That right there dude, isn't quite fair at all based just action only... And recycled the love connection from all their stories...

    Come on people!!!
    It isn't just only found into afew programs/projects with Tv and Movies... It's them all into general terms, there is no love connection with Tv and Films.... When comes to Supernatural/Horror and Action/Adventure and Fantasy... Just because one Tv Show or Movies doesn't have Love Connection... It doesn't mean all media with follow do the same way like it...

  • Amazon_Hollow Aug 23, 2014

    I am so going to stick with watching Action/Crime for sure with Tv and Films...

    You want know why?

    It's because
    - (1) - they're so opposite to Supernatural/Horror and Action/Adventure and Fantasy... And it's actually is Science Fiction/Sci-Fi, Action/Crime and Mystery at better terms!!

    - (2) - They actually do care for relationships from the start to end... There is no supernatural/horror and action/adventure off again/on again story terms with Action/Crime really... They're well fine together and working as team stop bad guys/villains together...

    - (3) - They actually do care about marriages, family and friends with Action/Crime unlike Supernatural/Horror and Action/Adventure...

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