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  • Emergency! set the bar for all the edge-of-your-seat thrilling rescue and recovery shows that followed. Created by hit writer/producer Jack Webb (Dragnet; Adam-12) Emergency! is a fictionalized but still realistic look at how firefighting and emergency services were dragged into the 20th century, particularly emphasizing the new-to-most and still dubious field of paramedical treatment started in Los Angeles County, California in 1969. Senator Alan Cranston praised the show for informing the public about the value of funding such programs. The show got its point across to the average American by showing dedicated but regular professionals going about their jobs of helping people and saving lives. Even when the general public wasn't always forthcoming in their gratitude. Most of the show's action centered around the fictional Fire Station 51 (real-life Station 127 in Carson, CA) and its 6-man A-shift crew, but also emphasized the ER staff of Squad 51's base station at Rampart General (Harbor-UCLA Medical Center). Stories of the 1000's upon 1000's of young people the show inspired into emergency careers are legendary. Seasons 1-4 have been released on DVD by Universal.moreless

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  • S 7 : Ep 12

    The Convention (Part 2)

    Aired 7/3/79

  • S 7 : Ep 11

    The Convention (Part 1)

    Aired 7/3/79

  • S 7 : Ep 5

    What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing...

    Aired 6/26/79

  • S 7 : Ep 4

    Greatest Rescues of Emergency!

    Aired 12/31/78

  • S 7 : Ep 3

    Most Deadly Passage

    Aired 4/4/78

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kevin Tighe

    Firefighter Roy DeSoto

  • Julie London

    Dixie McCall, R.N.

  • Robert Fuller

    Kelly Brackett, M.D., F.A.C.S.

  • Randolph Mantooth

    Firefighter John Gage

  • Bobby Troup

    Joe Early, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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    • Johnny: Rescue, hell. All we rescued was a corpse.

    • Dr. Kelly Brackett: Get outta here, you hosejockey!

    • Dixie: She ought to put a bag on momma. Kel: Maybe she's not the problem. Dixie: Wanna bet?

    • Johnny: I wonder if that moonshine was any good?

      Roy: I'd imagine it'll get you 25 miles to the gallon.

    • Johnny: (to Roy) What do you say, Doctor? A little spirit for the soul? Roy: I'd say the diagnosis calls for that. Mr. Gilmore: Oh, you're going to give her some medicine, huh? Roy: Doctor DeSoto's elixir for reparation, renovation, and general overall revival of perfidious ailments. Mr. Gilmore: Must be good stuff. Johnny: In this case, the best. Martha Gilmore: (gasping and coughing) What is that stuff? What are you doing to me? Roy/: Smelling salts. An unconscious person would hardly react to it. Martha: Well that's a rotten trick. Johnny: You've got to stop faking these heart attacks, Mrs. Gilmore. We can't keep rolling out here like this.

    • Kel: I don't know, Dix, I just can't diagnose your problem. Dixie: Maybe that's because I haven't got one. Kel: Then what are you mad about. Dixie: I'm not mad. I'm just concerned about young student nurses not being frighened away from the hospital in their first week because of a grouch doctor who has zero understanding. Kel: That student nurse pulled a completely inexcusable stunt and you know it. Dixie: And it's my job to make sure their mistakes are corrected, not yours. You had no business jumping on her like you did. Kel: We covered that subject last night too. Dixie: Only part of it, you walked out, remember? Kel: I didn't feel like I was welcome anymore. Dixie: That's no reason to walk out on a perfectly good dinner. Which by the way, I spent two hours preparing. Kel: Preparing what, the dinner or the arguement? Dixie: Oh you're impossible, Dr. Brackett, absolutely impossible. Kel: It's just that I resent being set up for the kill. I thought we had a pact, Dix. Hospital business stays at the hospital. Dixie: I merely mentioned it in passing. Kel: Yeah, like a passing truck. Dixie: Why is it you make such a big deal out of everything? PA: Dr. Bracket, Dr. Bracket, go to treatment 5. Kel: Who was it who made such a big deal out of me critizing that student nurse. Dixie: Treatment 5, Dr. Brackett. I'll wash your cup. Kel: (rising to leave) Thanks.

    • One of the two best shows released shows of the 70's.

    • Roy: You are positively dangerous.

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    Notes (68)

    • This was a 2-hour episode, which was re-aired in a two-part frame format: returning from a run, Roy and John recall how they became paramedics.

    • This pilot episode is actually a two-hour-long made-for-television movie.  This format would return after the sixth season, when six more made-for-television movies were produced in 1978 and 1979 to close out the series.

    • Station 10's alarm tones are identical to the ones Station 51 used from the second episode on. Station 51's tones are also different.

    • Engineer Mike Stoker was a real Los Angeles County Firefighter. He was assigned to Station 21 in Lawndale, CA. He retired from the department in 1996 with the rank of Captain.

    • As Gage and DeSoto are rescuing the man caught under the trencher, the tunnel wall to their left gives way, causing water and rocks to rush down towards them. As the camera pans back to their continued rescue efforts, you can see several of the rocks floating on top of the water, rather than sinking like they should. This indicates the rocks were made of some other substance (foam, for example).

    • "Station 10" is LA County FD Station 8 in reality. Later episodes refer to it as such and stock footage of "10" from the pilot is used to show Station 8, which is also a part of Battalion 14 in the "Emergency!" universe.

    • For season 1, Johnny has short hair. In later seasons, it was longer and a lot better looking.

    • Candace Howerton credited as Candace Howeton

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    Trivia (244)

    • Bobby Troup (Dr. Early) was an accomplished jazz singer and pianist.  In this episode he is briefly shown playing the piano and improvises and sings a little tune directed at Dr. Brackett.  This is the only time in the series that Bobby Troup's musical talents were put on display.  Troup's real-life wife, Julie London, was also an accomplished jazz singer.

    • This was the only episode of the entire series in which Roy's wife Joanne appeared on camera.

    • Ron Pinkard, who appears at Dr. Tom Gray in the pilot episode, would star as Dr. Mike Morton for the remainder of the series.

    • Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) had been close friends with Julie London (Dixie McCall) and Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early), long before he co-starred in Emergency!

    • Dixie lives in Apartment # 16.

    • While Dr. Brackett is blowing to get the chorloform into the the horn to relax the baby rabbit, there are shots of the little boy pursing his lip and blowing and Joe Early doing the same thing.

    • Prior to Julie London's marriage to Bobby Troup, she was married from July, 1947 to November, 1953, to this show's creator, Jack Webb.

    • Although their relationship was platonic on the show, Julie London (Dixie McCall) and Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early) were married in real life. Their marriage lasted from December, 1959 until Troup's death in February, 1999.

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    Allusions (9)

    • Dr. Early: Well good Doctor, you do recall The Longest Day? A reference to the movie "The Longest Day" a movie about D Day that tells both the Allied and German points of view.

    • Dr. Brackett's line, "That's what you get for playing the 'Perils of Pauline.'" is a reference to silent film episodic serial in which the main character Pauline evaded attempts on her life week after week.

    • Joe Early's line, "Tell me about the rabbits, George." is taken from Of Mice and Men. Lennie liked his friend George to tell him about the soft rabbits that he (Lennie)dreams of being able to tend and touch.

    • Dr. Brackett refers to Timmy, who plays quarterback as a "young Unitas." This is a reference to American Football player Johnny Unitas, who was also a quarterback.

    • The Hot Dog Stand owner refers to the boy as "Little Dillinger." John Herbert Dillinger (June 22, 1903 �" July 22, 1934) was a bank robber in the Midwestern United States during the early 1930s.

    • Desoto (to Stoker, Kelly and Marcos about the 1932 Dennis fire engine): "Yeah, you know the guy that we bought it from said it went through the earthquake in '33". Desoto is referring to the Long Beach earthquake which occurred on March 10, 1933, shortly before 6:00 PM. Measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, the earthquake caused massive damage to many buildings throughout Southern California. As a result, state legislation in California was passed to make all school buildings resistant to earthquakes.

    • "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is a poem by William Wordsworth.

    • Johnny suggests to the bank robbers that they ask for a plane and parachute out to make their getaway. He's referring to the notorious case of hijacker D. B. Cooper. In 1971, Cooper extorted $200,000 and parachuted away with the money, never to be heard from again.

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