Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 1/29/72
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  • Episode Description
  • John plots his revenge after being the repeated target of practical jokes. A man breaks his back falling off a tower. A woman fakes an illness. Dr. Early's stethoscope becomes lodged in his ear. A man brought into the hospital from a movie set is the first indication of an outbreak of botulism. A boy is trapped in a condemned building.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Cal Bartlett

    Jim Parker (as Calvin Bartlett)

  • Randolph Mantooth

    Firefighter John Gage

  • Anne Whitfield

    Pam Parker

  • Kevin Tighe

    Firefighter Roy DeSoto

  • Paul Langton

    Myron Gilmore

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Very well Writen. I Liked this one.

    By VMF-214, Sep 04, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Johnny: (to Roy) What do you say, Doctor? A little spirit for the soul? Roy: I'd say the diagnosis calls for that. Mr. Gilmore: Oh, you're going to give her some medicine, huh? Roy: Doctor DeSoto's elixir for reparation, renovation, and general overall revival of perfidious ailments. Mr. Gilmore: Must be good stuff. Johnny: In this case, the best. Martha Gilmore: (gasping and coughing) What is that stuff? What are you doing to me? Roy/: Smelling salts. An unconscious person would hardly react to it. Martha: Well that's a rotten trick. Johnny: You've got to stop faking these heart attacks, Mrs. Gilmore. We can't keep rolling out here like this.

    • Kel: I don't know, Dix, I just can't diagnose your problem. Dixie: Maybe that's because I haven't got one. Kel: Then what are you mad about. Dixie: I'm not mad. I'm just concerned about young student nurses not being frighened away from the hospital in their first week because of a grouch doctor who has zero understanding. Kel: That student nurse pulled a completely inexcusable stunt and you know it. Dixie: And it's my job to make sure their mistakes are corrected, not yours. You had no business jumping on her like you did. Kel: We covered that subject last night too. Dixie: Only part of it, you walked out, remember? Kel: I didn't feel like I was welcome anymore. Dixie: That's no reason to walk out on a perfectly good dinner. Which by the way, I spent two hours preparing. Kel: Preparing what, the dinner or the arguement? Dixie: Oh you're impossible, Dr. Brackett, absolutely impossible. Kel: It's just that I resent being set up for the kill. I thought we had a pact, Dix. Hospital business stays at the hospital. Dixie: I merely mentioned it in passing. Kel: Yeah, like a passing truck. Dixie: Why is it you make such a big deal out of everything? PA: Dr. Bracket, Dr. Bracket, go to treatment 5. Kel: Who was it who made such a big deal out of me critizing that student nurse. Dixie: Treatment 5, Dr. Brackett. I'll wash your cup. Kel: (rising to leave) Thanks.

    • One of the two best shows released shows of the 70's.

    Notes (1)

    • Joshua Joseph Albee credited as Josh Albee Susan Seaforth credited as Susan Seaforth Hayes

    Trivia (3)

    • The guys are wearing their hats at roll call. The only other times I can recall this is when there is a visit from the Chief.

    • There are 60 trained paramedics for 7,500,000 people in LA County according to Roy. That comes to 1 paramedic to 125,000 people.

    • Goof Brackett says DW5 instead of D5W

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