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Food Network (ended 2009)
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  • Kick it up to notches unknown with Emeril Live. In front of a live audience, Emeril Lagasse--a master chef and owner of New Orleans' most talked-about restaurants--demonstrates gourmet cooking, with a bam!

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  • S 13 : Ep 3

    New Orleans Style

    Aired 2/23/09

  • S 13 : Ep 2

    Pacific Rim/Sam Choy

    Aired 1/12/09

  • S 13 : Ep 1

    South East Asian Cuisine

    Aired 1/5/09

  • S 12 : Ep 49

    Emeril's Party Time

    Aired 12/30/08

  • S 12 : Ep 48

    Good Company

    Aired 11/24/08

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  • Emeril Lagasse


  • Leonard Gibbs

    Music Director/Percussion Instruments

  • Louis R. Taylor Jr.


  • Cliff Starkey


  • Charles Baldwin

    Electric Bass Guitar

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    • (The audience has erupted in cheers and applause for the umpteenth time.) Emeril: (looking off set) What'd you do? What did you do? Crew Member: …Secret word of the day. Emeril: Turkey's the secret word of the day. (audience cheers and applauds again) All right, so, for this bird.

    • (Emeril turns on mixer and food shoots out.) Emeril: Oop. Just go easy, don't want to make any enemies here. (to the women sitting in range) Sorry, ladies. Don't worry, we've gotta big budget here. More than happy to get you some club soda.

    • Emeril: (adds the sautéed mire poix to the stuffing) Oh yeah, babe. I'd be happy if I was that cornbread now.

    • Emeril: Have you ever had a goose before? Audience: Yeah. Emeril: Have you ever had a goose before? Audience: (louder) Yeah! Emeril: Have you ever been goosed before? Audience: (even louder with clapping) Yeah! Emeril: I should have asked that!

    • Emeril: The last time we were together, oh, in Las Vegas, I still am so embarrassed. (in a rising tone) It's the end of the show. People, they're climaxing for God's sakes, Al Jarreau's in the house, the place is getting ready to explode! He's getting ready to sing the finale song… (quiet voice) and I stick a piece of peach pie in his mouth. And he sang the song with the pie in his mouth!

    • Emeril: Jay, how come we haven't gotten one of your dishes? Oh, it's early yet, it's early yet. I'm sure you got a secret recipe in your pocket there, Jay, for us. (shot of Jay looking over his shoulder) You can share it with us anytime there, pal, it's okay. (Jay starts rummaging in his pocket) No, later, later. I wouldn– (Emeril catches the snack-size bag of cookies tossed at him) Thank you very much, Jay, I appreciate that. (audience applauds) What else you got in your pocket? I'm missing a few pans.

    • (While frying the lobster cakes.) Emeril: The heat is just about, like, on medium. People pan fry, they jack the heat up, like, high, and they wonder why it burns. It's a food of love thing. (pulls temperature dial from stove) It's why they make these things. See? It says "medium".

    • (Putting the cod into the oven.) Emeril: We got that in the ove– oven cam… (looks over his shoulder) We have an oven cam, right? (to the cameraman) Oh, no. We have you, Hugh. You are the oven cam. In a good way.

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    • Musical Guest Al Jarreau

    • Also Featured: Ronald – Boys Choir of Harlem/Choir Academy of Harlem (Winner, "Emeril Kicks Up Your School Cafeteria")

    • Songs Performed: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" "Deck the Halls" "Jingle Bells" "O Come All Ye Faithful" "Oh Holy Night" Emeril mentioned two CDs by the choir. 'Tis the Season (December 1997) and Schubert & Spirituals (2000)

    • Songs Performed: "Whiskey River" "Crazy" "Night Life" "Funny How Time Slips By" "Healing Hands of Time" "On the Road Again" This appearance was part of the Willie Nelson and Friends 2001-2002 international tour that was promoting not only his new bourbon which Emeril used in a couple of the dishes, Old Whiskey River, but also his new CD (The Great Divide) and a book (The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes). Nothing was gifted to the audience.

    • Song Performed: "Jacaranda Bougainvillea" (all commercial breaks were bordered by Jarreau scatting with the band) Jarreau was promoting the September 2002 release of All I Got. The audience did not receive copies, perhaps because it was filled with Food Network employees and their families.

    • Also Featured: > Rhoda – Stage Manager > Jill Novatt – Culinary Guru (Executive Culinary Producer, Food Network) (present but not announced) > Robert Bleifer – Executive Chef, Food Network > Athen Flemming – Steward, Food Network

    • This episode was a special that included a different logo: a picture of Hilda Lagasse with the title graduated down the right side of the picture (her left side).

    • Also Featured: > Ines Bates – Classmate and Friend, Fall River, Massachusetts > Ines DeCosta – Chef/Proprietor, St. John's Athletic Club Restaurant, Fall River, Massachusetts

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    Trivia (196)

    • Menu: • Spicy Salt Cod Cakes with Chorizo and Stewed Fava Beans • Portuguese Boiled Dinner • Hilda's Shake and Bake Chicken

    • Menu: • Duck Tacos • Rock Shrimp Cones • Piri Piri-Carne Spart • Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

    • Menu: • Smokin' Soups, Stews and Ragouts • Smoked Sausage, Duck and White Bean Soup • Duck Stew • Duck Ragout

    • Menu: • Baked Bologna • Shrimp Creole • Oysters en Brouchette • Caesar Salad • Chocolate Bread Pudding with Spiced Cream

    • Menu: • Fruit Smoothies • Fried Egg and Ham Sandwich • Emeril's Chili • Cheese Quesadillas with Guacamole • Stewed Chicken and Sausage

    • Menu: • Boiled Hen and Spicy Dumplings • Smothered Greens with Ham Hock Gravy • Roasted Potato Salad • Cheese Quesadillas with Guacamole • Deep-Dish Apple Pie

    • Menu: • Black and Blue Steak • Whole Roasted Rib-Eye Roll • Pepper Fried Onions • Creamed Spinach • Fried Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

    • Menu: • Seafood Okra Gumbo • Fried Oyster Salad with Pernod Buttermilk Dressing • Fresh Asparagus and Lump Crab Salad with a Sauce Ravigote • Roasted Quail Stuffed with a Mushroom and Andouille Duxelle • Fried Sweet Potato Pies

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    • Emeril: The last time we were together, oh, in Las Vegas, I still am so embarrassed. This is likely a reference to the episode, "Las Vegas Hangouts," although according the website's menu it wasn't peach pie, but peach pancakes that were made.

    • (Emeril has been rushing back and forth between dishes and forgotten utensils.) Emeril: All right, don't rush me, Rhoda, please. I'm goin' as fast as I can. (to Doc) Pshew, and they want me to do Iron Chef, ya know what I mean? (laughter and applause) It's a good show, it really is. I'm just waitin' for Platinum Chef. Emeril is, of course, referring to Food Network's remake of Fuji Television's Iron Chef, Iron Chef America.

    • Emeril: Three-egg omelet? Audience: Yeah. More! Emeril: Four-egg omelet? Audience: Yeah! Emeril: I feel like Bob Barker here! Emeril is of course referencing the host of The Price Is Right, many of which games involve bidding.

    • Emeril: Now I got bloody Funk & Wagnall over here. This is a reference to the publisher Funk & Wagnalls who through the mid-90s published encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases… and dictionaries.

    • Emeril: Now, I get a lot of this "www.emeril-my-fish-sticks-on-the-grill-what-do-I-do?" (audience starts laughing) Call Martha! Emeril is referring to Martha Stewart and her numerous publication and broadcast mediums that deal with home, entertaining, and solutions for all the problems that arise from them.

    • Emeril: Poor lady back there. She's going, "Am I in the right show? I thought I was gonna be chillin' and grillin'. Emeril is poking at one of Bobby Flay's early shows, Grillin' & Chillin', which he cohosted with Jack McDavid.

    • Emeril: You never heard of that story, there, Fried Green Tomatoes? Referencing the 1987 novel, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, by Fannie Flagg that was later made into the 1991 Jon Avnet film Fried Green Tomatoes, starring Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Mary-Louise Parker and Mary Stuart Masterson.

    • (About why he's not using a whisk in the béchamel sauce.) Emeril: The only thing is, is that, depending on your cookware, if you scrape a lot of certain pots you'll discolor the cream sauce from the metal. But I'm not gonna go there, I don't want you to think I'm any expert with cookware. This is no doubt a reference to the the line of cookware, including pots and pans, that are sold under his name and that he helped develop with All-Clad.

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