Fox Announces Premiere Dates for SYTYCD, Kitchen Nightmares, and More, Bumping Enlisted in the Process

By Jen Trolio

Mar 27, 2014

Fox has announced a handful of spring and summer premiere dates that amount to some unfortunate writing on the wall for its freshman comedy Enlisted: The home of one of our favorite new midseason characters is getting bumped from the network's Friday-night schedule to clear space for Kitchen Nightmares, which will kick off its sixth season on April 11 with a return to Amy's Baking Company, one of the most storied "nightmares" in the history of the series. Enlisted, which Fox says will return at a still-to-be-determined later date, was already set to be preempted on Friday, April 4 for the one-hour series finale of Raising Hope, so this Friday, March 28 will be your last chance to salute the Hill brothers for the foreseeable future. 

Joining Kitchen Nightmares on Fox's warm-weather schedule are new seasons of MasterchefSo You Think You Can Dance, Hotel Hell and two new series called Riot and I Wanna Marry Harry, along with the previously scheduled 24: Live Another Day, Surviving Jack, and Gang-Related

Hey, how about a quick new-show rundown before we get to the dates? 

Riot, which was formerly called Slide Show, is a variety series that sounds like a mash-up of Hollywood Game Night, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Killer Karaoke. Hosted by Australian talk show host Rove McManus and executive-produced by Steve Carell, it will feature celebrities and comedians participating in "unpredictable song, dance, and sketch challenges, often while navigating the show’s trademark one-of-a-kind set, tilted at a 22 degree angle."

I Wanna Marry Harry is a reality dating show with a lame title that weirdly name-checks Harry, Prince of Wales. Here's the official logline: 

An average English “bloke” is given the royal treatment and an upper crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming. Will he be able to convince them he’s regal? And if he does, will they fall for the crown, or fall in love with the real him? Join “Harry” as he courts each of the ladies, taking them on romantic dates worthy of a princess and trying to make some version of their fairytales come true.

So... The BachelorJoe Millionaire + an accent? Summer programming, ladies and gentlemen!

Anyway, now that that's done, here are the dates, in convenient list form: 

Thursday, March 27:

9:30-10pm – Surviving Jack (Series premiere; read Tim's preview right here!)

Tuesday, April 1:

9pm-10pm – The Mindy Project (One-hour spring premiere/back-to-back episodes)

Tuesday, April 8:

9pm-10pm – The Mindy Project (Back-to-back episodes)

Friday, April 11:

9-10pm – Kitchen Nightmares (Season 6 premiere)

Tuesday, April 15:

9:30pm-10pm – The Mindy Project (Returns to its normal time period)

Monday, May 5 

8-10pm – 24: Live Another Day (Two-hour series premiere)

Monday, May 12:

9-10pm – 24: Live Another Day (Time period premiere)

Tuesday, May 13:

9-10pm – Riot (Series premiere)

Monday, May 19:

8–9pm – MasterChef (Season 5 premiere)

Thursday, May 22:

9-10pm – Gang-Related (Series premiere)

Tuesday, May 27:

8–9pm – I Wanna Marry Harry (Series premiere)

Wednesday, May 28:

8-10pm – So You Think You Can Dance (Season 11 premiere)

Monday, July 21:

9-10pm – Hotel Hell (Season 2 premiere)

Editor's Note: As part of the same scheduling announcement, Fox also confirmed season finale dates for a majority of its series; we've updated our comprehensive finales calendar accordingly.

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  • LeahLefler Mar 31, 2014

    FOX!!! why do you cancel good things? is it in your job description? I like Enlisted.

  • Abrittain Mar 30, 2014

    Hugely disappointed about Enlisted. I know a lot has been said about it's portrayal of the military, but as someone who works with the Armed Forces, I have yet to meet anyone offended by it, normally quite the opposite. Such a shame to see one of the best budding comedies out there cancelled before its time!

  • MollyPoppy Mar 30, 2014

    Enlisted is one of my new favorites. I hope it makes it.

  • LOST-TWD-PP-GOT Mar 28, 2014

    No news on when the Wayward Pines premiere date is?

  • ben45tpy Mar 28, 2014

    Ramsay back at the ABC will be a monumental TV event.

    In Australia we had to endure far more of Rove than anyone would ever want or need, you're welcome to him America.

  • RachaelChan Mar 27, 2014

    Looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of time streaming Netflix this summer...

  • joeca1234 Mar 27, 2014


  • ZeroCals Mar 27, 2014

    There is one, single upside to Enlisted's possible cancellation:
    Parker Young would be free to make more appearances on Suburgatory as Ryan Shay.

    That is all.

  • EsmeBuffay Mar 28, 2014

    Yeah, unless things continue to go down hill ratings wise for that show and they have to cut their budget back even further, last time they had to give Alan Tudyk and the gay, asian teacher whose name I don't remember the boot, who knows whose head will be on the chopping block next, they might not have the money to pay for his return.

  • irehawk20 Mar 28, 2014

    Parker Young is making the wrong move to Suburgatory, that would not be considered tolerable at all!

  • irehawk20 Mar 27, 2014

    Not that fast, ZeroCals!

  • irehawk20 Mar 27, 2014

    There's nothing completely bad about Enlisted right now. I can predict that it fits well with Brooklyn-Nine and both shows should move to a new night, IMO.

    SYTYCD is returning for its 11th season, but I hope it gets a 12th season offer also for 2015! During its 11th season, I hope Lindsay (Season 9), Natalie (Season 2), Gev (Season 4) and Evan (Season 5) return as all-stars! Natalie better hurry up returning this season because this is her last chance and afterwards she will no longer returning to this show anymore.

  • MarieLaureDep Mar 27, 2014

    Riot is based on a French talk show. I hope that it will be better than the French version.

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