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  • Vince Chase is a sexy young actor whose career is on the rise. To share the fun of his ride to the top of Hollywood and keep him grounded, Vince looks to Eric, Drama and Turtle, his childhood buddies from Queens. Together, they'll navigate the highs and lows of Hollywood's fast lane, where the stakes are higher, and the money and temptations greater, than ever before. But that certainly will not stop them from having fun the whole way through.Adrian Grenier ("The Devil Wears Prada", "Drive Me Crazy") stars as Vince, an actor on the verge of stardom. Kevin Connolly ("Antwone Fisher," "John Q") plays Eric, Vince's closest confidant who's learning the rules of the business as he tries to help Vince make the right choices and keep his goals aimed high. Kevin Dillon ("The Doors," "Platoon") plays Vince's half-brother Johnny Drama, whose own acting aspirations have been eclipsed by Vince's success, but that doesn't stop Johnny from constantly looking for work and going to auditions. Jerry Ferrara ("Grounded for Life," "Leap of Faith") plays Turtle, the least experienced of the group who is always up for a good time. Jeremy Piven ("Old School," "The Larry Sanders Show") plays Ari, Vince's aggressive, high-powered agent, who clashes with Eric over his client's decisions.Theme Song:"Superhero" by Jane's Addictionmoreless

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  • S 8 : Ep 8

    The End

    Aired 9/11/11

  • S 8 : Ep 7

    Second to Last

    Aired 9/4/11

  • S 8 : Ep 6

    The Big Bang

    Aired 8/28/11

  • S 8 : Ep 5


    Aired 8/21/11

  • S 8 : Ep 4

    Whiz Kid

    Aired 8/14/11

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  • Kevin Connolly

    Eric Murphy

  • Adrian Grenier

    Vincent Chase

  • Kevin Dillon

    Johnny "Drama" Chase

  • Jerry Ferrara


  • Perrey Reeves

    Mrs. Ari Gold

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    • Eric: Colin Farrell's doing Matterhorn.
      Turtle: He's good.
      Vince: I hope you know what you're doing, pizza boy.

    • Eric: Could you get laid without Vince? That's the question. Turtle: Do I give a fuck? That's the answer.

    • Drama: Were you smackin it? Eric: Yea, I'm jerkin off to Sportscenter. Drama: You are! Look, he was doggin it to the lady golfers!

    • Eric: Ari, I'm telling you, you ever fuckin talk to me like that again, I will slap that grin right off your face. Ari: You're gonna get street on me now? Is that what your gonna do? Eric: You know what, enjoy your dinner. This sake sucks!

    • Ari: You read the New Republic? Eric: No, I've heard of it. Ari: Well, I was reading that and it's interesting cause what it says is, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

    • Turtle: Who says it's a shit movie? Sounded like a cool idea to me. Eric: This comin from a guy who thought "Guiding Light" was a cool idea four years ago. If we listened to you, we'd all be workin for some loser on a soap. Drama: Hey! I'm up for a soap. Eric: Sorry Drama.

    • Turtle: Check out the picture, he's beautiful. Drama: He's got a great body E. Look at those calves. Eric: This isn't a guard dog, this is a fuckin lawsuit.

    • Turtle: More importantly, this girl told me she loves to give head. Since I know you desperately need it, I'm gonna make sure she gives it to you. Eric: Yea, I'm sure some girl just told you she loves to give head too, right.

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    Notes (236)

    • Kevin Dillon and Debi Mazar previously appeared together in the CBS, 2000-2002 drama That's Life.

    • Music Credits: "Bang Bang Boom" by Drag-On "Grown Man Sport" by INI "Rocky Mountain Way" by Joe Walsh "Eminence Front" by The Who "Hey Ya!" by OutKast "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas "Fire" by Joe Budden "Wanna Get 2 Know You" by G Unit "Oooh" by De La Soul feat. Redman "Barely Holding On" by Sean Anthony "Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet "Lucifer" by Jay-Z

    • Location Credits: "Guys have lunch surrounded by models" Fred Segal 8100 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood "Vince's premiere" Arclight Cinemas 6360 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA "The crew pass Mark Wahlberg" Warner Brothers Lot 4200 Warner Boulevard Burbank CA "Eric and Ari have a power dinner" Koi 730 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

    • David Frankel received a 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for his work on this episode.

    • Mark Wahlberg's entourage in this episode includes the real life Ari, Eric, and Johnny.

    • Ali Larter previously worked with Adrian Grenier when she played his girlfriend in the 1999 film Drive Me Crazy.

    • The inspiration of the show's plot and 5 main characters came from actor Mark Wahlberg, who's also the executive producer of the show, and appears in this episode.

    • Location Credits: "The crew stock up for Jessica's party" Almor Wine & Spirits 7855 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90046

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    Trivia (90)

    • It is mentioned that Drama and Vince are only half-brothers, even though they have the same mom (episode 301, "Aquamom") and they share the same last name.

    • At the beginning of the scene where Eric kicks the soccer ball and hits the gardener, the ball is clearly seen in the opening shot sitting on the net. Then before Eric kicks it, it is directly to the left of the net.

    • Goof When Ari and Eric are having lunch at Koi, Eric is pouring soy sauce onto his lunch. Between scenes the bottle goes from being on the table to him pouring.

    • The car used in the opening credits is a mid-1960's Lincoln towncar convertible with suicide doors.

    • This was the first episode featuring Ari's famous 'Lets Hug It Out Bitch' quote.

    • In the suit store, Shauna slams Turtle about getting on a talk show, then in response to Drama laughing says "What are you laughing about? We'll get you on Montel with Don Swayze, Joey Travolta and the other retarded star siblings.". This is ironic because Drama is a "star sibling" to Vince and off-camera Kevin Dillon is a "star sibling" to his much more famous brother Matt.

    • Sarah Silverman, who appears on the backstage of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, has been dating Jimmy Kimmel since 2002.

    • Goof: While Turtle and Vince are talking about food disappearing from the fridge, Drama takes a magazine and reads sitting on the couch. On the first shot, he is reading GQ, while on the second one, he is reading a "...For Dummies" book.

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    Allusions (124)

    • Ari: Try this sake... me and the wife discovered it while we were visiting Sophia on 'Lost.' Ari is referring to Sophia Coppola, on the set of the film Lost in Translation, which she directed. Sake is a Japanese alcohol and Lost in Translation was set/filmed in Japan.

    • The scene when Vince and E walk into Billy's apartment, with 'run through the jungle' in the background, and the hanger on talking about Billy's greatness, is similar to Apocalypse Now, with the photographer talking about the greatness of Col. Kurtz.

    • Drama hits Tobey Maguire's house with a golf ball during the first scene of the episode and says, "Bang Spidey." This is a reference to the Spiderman trilogy starring Tobey Maguire as Spiderman. Ironically, after Aquaman premiers in season 3, their goal is to beat the Spiderman opening weekend money.

    • Turtle: Wahlberg spent half a mil on his bash before he left for “The Italian Job”.
      Alludes to Mark Wahlberg, executive producer and the inspiration for Entourage.

    • When Ari references Hilary Swank having a dick, he is talking about the movie Boys Don't Cry, where Hilary Swank plays a young transgendered man.

    • The movie Ari is referring to when he says, "Hanks fucked the fish", is Splash.

    • The episode title comes from the Thin Lizzy song of the same name.

    • Drama mentions Fairfax while talking about where to get bagels. Fairfax is a street in Los Angeles that has a lot of Jewish based businesses.

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