Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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Quotes (31)

  • Eric: (talking about Seth Green and his crew) What is wrong with these guys? They're like retards!

  • Seth Green: It’s Vinnie Chase and the Chasers! Hey, let me get a couple more Jager shots for the boys from Queens over there. Eric: No thanks. Seth Green: What’s the matter? You don’t drink, Eric? Eric: I drink Vodka, Seth. I stopped drinkin Jager in high school!

  • Drama: How relaxed do I look? Turtle: You look like you died in 1983.

  • Turtle: Aren’t you gonna call your wife, Ari? Ari: I don’t care if my wife’s getting fucked right now, Turtle! I need to get my money back!

  • Eric: So this dickhead is saying what? That he fucked my girlfriend? Vince: I don’t know, E. Turtle: Hard to say what he was sayin. Ari: It’s not hard to say. Seth Green landed on Plymouth Rock before you did, E. Wake up!

  • Eric: You don’t care about him judging a stripper contest, Ari? Ari: Which is worse for his image? That he judges a stripper contest or he loses a couple hundred thousand at the fuckin tables?!

  • Eric: You lost 100 grand? Vince: Yeah, something like that. Ari: But we’re partners! Vince: Oh shit, I forgot! Means I’m only really down fifty!

  • Eric: You brought your own robe? Drama: Why wouldn’t I?!

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Notes (3)

  • According to the DVD commentary, Kevin Dillon broke his right arm playing basketball before the filming of this episode. The producers feared it would push back production several weeks, but Dillon said he could go on. His arm, as he also points out in the commentary, is noticeably swollen throughout this episode.

  • Music: "Gone Daddy Gone" by Gnarls Barkley; "Lucini (This Is It)" by Camp Lo; "Blow The Whistle" by Too $hort; "Mean Girl" & "Stones Are Rolling" by Jeff MacDonald & Rich Florio; "As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Out Mix)" by Motorcycle; "One Week Of Danger" by The Virgins; "It's Gonna Take Some Time" by The Defectors; "London Bridge" by Fergie; "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" by The Eagles; "Chain Hang Low (Remix)" by Jibbs; "Demon Speeding" by Rob Zombie

  • Locations: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino; Body English Nightclub & RockSpa

Trivia (1)

  • If only one day has passed since the last episode, there is no way that Ari's office could have been built that fast. However Bab's is seen walking through a seemingly complete office during the episode.

Allusions (7)

  • Seth Green speaks of a "pinky finger" that bought him a house in Malibu, which is a reference to the Austin Powers series of movies. Seth starred in all three of the films, playing Scott Evil, son of Dr. Evil. A key character trait of his father was to place his pinky finger on the side of his mouth throughout the movies.

  • Ari was supposed to see Menopause, The Musical. Menopause, The Musical is a popular touring musical featuring women's humorous converations about life and "The Change" they go through.

  • Ari pokes fun at Eric by calling him Eric Roberts in Star 80. The actor Eric Roberts played the small-time hustler Paul Snider in the 1983 drama Star 80.

  • Ken tells a story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is a mountain in northeastern Tanzania and is the tallest mountain in all of Africa.

  • Ari yells at someone for taking the dealer's break card. In simple blackjack strategy, you would assume that the next card in the deck is ten points since there are more cards with said points (10,J,Q,K). If the dealer is showing a 2-6, simple play would be to stand and hope the deal busts on the upcoming ten (hopefully). In the situation in the episode, the other player decided to split K's, and used up the next two tens in the deck, thus "burning the break card." Note: It later turns out, the dealer had 11. Therefore, the break card would have actually given the dealer 21. A rare time that splitting K's pays off.

  • "...blasted her in the face like a Jackson Pollock." Jackson Pollock was an American Abstract Expressionist Painter from 1912-1956 known for his colorful abstract "splatter" style paintings.

  • "Vegas Baby, Vegas!" title. Reference to the movie "Swingers" Main characters Mike and Trent say (scream) this line numerous times on their way to Las Vegas.