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  • ER follows the medical personnel and patients in the emergency room of Chicago's fictional County General Hospital. Created by best-selling author Michael Crichton ("Jurassic Park") and produced by John Wells ("The West Wing"), Christopher Chulack ("Third Watch"), David Zabel ("JAG"), and R. Scott Gemmill ("Jonny Zero"), the Emmy Award-winning series has completed fourteen seasons as one of television's highest-rated dramas. The doctors and nurses of County's ER confront the daily challenges of a busy urban hospital, including overcrowded waiting rooms, staffing shortages, and the impact of life-and-death decisions. While they teach the next generation of doctors, each must tackle the demands of their personal lives, at times unsuccessfully.moreless

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  • S 15 : Ep 22

    And In the End...

    Aired 4/2/09

  • S 15 : Ep 21

    I Feel Good

    Aired 3/26/09

  • S 15 : Ep 20

    Shifting Equilibrium

    Aired 3/19/09

  • S 15 : Ep 19

    Old Times

    Aired 3/12/09

  • S 15 : Ep 18

    What We Do

    Aired 3/5/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • George Clooney

    Dr. Doug Ross

  • Mekhi Phifer

    Dr. Greg Pratt

  • Angela Bassett

    Dr. Cate Banfield

  • Maura Tierney

    Dr. Abby Lockhart

  • Noah Wyle

    Dr. John Carter

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    • (while treating an extremely flirtatious patient for first-degree burns on her inner thighs) Liz: Your touch is nice. Mark: This medication will make you feel a lot better. Liz: Your fingers are very long. Long and strong. I wanted to change first and put on some underpants. I knew you'd be seeing my underpants. And touching them.

    • (while treating Carol) Lydia: (to Carol's roommate, who had called 911 and came with Carol to the ER) Why'd she do it? Mark: It doesn't matter why she did it. We don't ask that about any other OD that comes though these doors, and we don't ask it about this one.

    • Morgenstern: The unit's looking to you, Mark. You set the tone.

    • Rachel: Hey, Dad, look! Greene: Oh, look, a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. Jenn: I gave in. What can I say? You're late. Greene: Sorry. We had a big one. Building collapsed. Rachel: Mommy's reading about tarts. Jenn: Torts.

    • (Mr. Parker has just found out he most likely has only six months left to live) Susan: Mr. Parker, if there's one thing you learn in my job, it's that nothing is certain. Nothing that seems very bad and nothing that seems very good. Nothing is certain. Nothing.

    • Little boy's mom: (about Doug Ross) He's very handsome. Haleh: He knows it.

    • Ross: (to mother of battered child) How dare you treat your child like this? He's a little kid! I try to be understanding in my job, but lady, this just stinks.

    • Benton: John Carter? Carter: Yes, sir. Benton: Peter Benton. You the surgical student? Carter: Yep. Third year. Benton: Good. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together so let me show you around so you'll be oriented. This is the admitting desk. If you need someone paged or a chart called up, you do it here. This is Timmy. Don't shake his hand, he's afraid of disease. This is the way to the lab. We do crits, counts, spin downs. Chemistries are marked with these slips and left at the front desk. Mark everything "stat" whether you want it fast or not. The Chem lab is 7022. The Heme lab is 6944. Memorize it. Everybody gets an IV the minute they walk through the door. Use an angiocath with a 16 needle. You need a large bore in case they're bleeding and you need to transfuse them. Do you know how to start an IV? Carter: Uh, actually, no. Benton: I thought you were third year. Carter: I am, but all I've done is dermatology and psychiatry. Benton: The well-dressed specialties, huh?

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    • Shiri Appleby, who plays 13-year-old Ms. Murphy, would return to ER in Season 15 as intern Dr. Daria Wade.

    • ER was originally conceived of as a movie, to be directed by Steven Spielberg. During an early meeting between Spielberg and Michael Crichton, Spielberg casually asked Crichton what else he was working on. Crichton responded that he was writing a book about using DNA to bring dinosaurs back to life. Spielberg was fascinated and immediately made plans to adopt the dinosaur project, which became the 1993 blockbuster hit Jurassic Park. Later on they resurrected the plans for ER the movie, but turned it into a TV series instead, with Spielberg serving as an uncredited executive producer on the pilot episode.

    • Troy Evans, who appears in this episode as Officer Martin (first name Jonathan, as per the manila sleeve that held his x-ray), would return to ER late in Season 6 as desk clerk Frank Martin. He would remain an integral part of the supporting cast until the end of the series in 2009.

    • Michael Crichton's original script took place at Boston Memorial Hospital. In that verison, Mark Greene was "Richie Greene" and Susan Lewis was "Beth Lewis."

    • Previous title: "The Longest Day"

    • Because of time and money constraints, the pilot was filmed in the Linda Vista Community Hospital, an old abandoned hospital in East Los Angeles that hadn't been used as a medical facility since 1990. The show's producers eventually built a set modeled after that same hospital.

    • In 1998, when the cast appeared on Larry King Live, they mentioned that this was their favorite episode because it was the beginning of something wonderful.

    • DVD commentary for the pilot episode was provided by creator/executive producer Michael Crichton, executive producer John Wells, director Rod Holcomb, casting director John Levey, associate producer Wendy Spence Rosato, editor Randy Jon Morgan, and supervising sound editor Walter Newman.

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    Trivia (299)

    • Goof: Mark Greene's wife is studying for a bar exam at the end of the month (March), but the Illinois bar exam is only offered in February and July.

    • When Carol is brought in to the ER after her overdose, she is treated aggressively but does not respond well, remaining in critical condition. Dr. Morgenstern and Dr. Greene discuss whether or not to continue treating her, and how the situation is affecting the staff. Greene wants to continue treatment, and Morgenstern responds with "you set the tone," meaning that no matter what Greene decides, he should proceed with confidence, and that his leadership will get the staff through this ordeal. This phrase would later be said by Greene to Carter in the Season 8 episode "Orion in the Sky," when Greene leaves the ER for the final time. It is then said by Carter to Morris in the Season 11 episode "The Show Must Go On," when Carter leaves the ER to be with Kem in Africa. Carter also says it to Morris when Carter returns to the ER in the Season 15 episode “The Beginning of the End.”

    • Upon exiting the OR after initiating an unsupervised surgery but being complimented by Morgenstern, Benton gives the memorable fist thrust that was repeated in the opening credits for many years. That gesture was not in the original script; it was improvised by Eriq La Salle.

    • This episode, as well as "Day One" and "Hit and Run," all begin the same way, with one of the main cast members being awakened in Exam 8 at the end of the hallway. In this case, Mark Greene is woken up by Lydia. (In an apparent homage to the pilot, Lydia wakes Archie Morris in the in the exact same way in the very last episode of the series, Season 15's “And In the End...”.) This episode also ends similarly to how it begins, with another scene showing Lydia waking up Mark in Exam 8.

    • This episode occurs two months after the pilot; its mentioned in relation to how long Nurse Hathaway has been recovering from her suicide attempt.

    • Notice in this episode the beginning of one marriage and the ending of another; look to the right of the screen in the scene where the old husband and wife are crying about her impending death, and you can see the newlyweds sitting on one of the beds.

    • Helicopter N365UC, seen in this and subsequent episodes, is registered to and operated by University of Chicago Helicopters.

    • This episode, as well as "24 Hours" and "Hit and Run," all begin the same way, with one of the main cast members being awakened in Exam 8 at the end of the hallway. In this case, Susan Lewis is woken up by Wendy.

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    Allusions (233)

    • The name "John Carter" comes from the 1964 science fiction novel John Carter: Man From Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    • Jerry: And your name again? Liz: Proserpina... Proserpina is the Roman name for the Greek mythology goddess Persephone, born to Ceres (Demeter) and Jupiter (Zeus). Persephone was abducted by Pluto (Hades) and made queen of the underworld. Ceres, who was the goddess of agriculture and crops, refused to let the earth produce its fruits until her daughter was returned to her, but because Proserpina had eaten some pomegranate seeds in the other world, she was obliged to spend a season of every year there. Proserpina's story symbolizes the return of spring and the life and growth of corn.

    • Cvetic: So, are you ready to try some of those questions? Madame X: Like on Jeopardy!? Jeopardy! is an American quiz show with an extremely long broadcast history (1964-present) that features trivia in topics such as history, literature, the arts, pop culture and science. The show boasts a unique answer-and-question format in which contestants are presented with clues in the form of an answer, and must phrase their responses in the form of a question.

    • Timmy: (to Carol) Hey! Welcome back to Beirut! Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. It was the site of extreme violence and bloodshed during the Lebanese Civil War (1975 to 1990).

    • Susan: At your age, Ryne Sandberg was retired. Doug: At my age, Mozart was dead. Ryne Sandberg, a former second baseman for the Chicago Cubs, retired from Major League Baseball in 1994 at the age of thirty-five. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a tremendously prolific and influential composer of the Classical era, died in 1791 at the age of thirty-five.

    • Title: "Into That Good Night" The episode title comes from the Dylan Thomas poem "Do not go gentle into that good night."

    • The book Wendy reads to Rachel is Horton Hears A Who, by Dr. Seuss.

    • Greene: We're going to have to do a lumbar puncture. You ever done one? Carter: Uh, no, but I've seen it done. Greene: See one, do one, teach one. The saying "See one, do one, teach one" is a traditional format for acquiring medical skills. It is based on a 3-step process: visualize, perform, and regurgitate.

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