A Boy Falling out of the Sky

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  • Pratt: Women don't know what the hell they want! Am I right? I'm right, right? They don't want a commitment until you give it to 'em, then they want their freedom. So, naturally, you oblige. Then they accuse you of trying to be with somebody else. I'm telling you, you can't win.
    Carter: Women can be hard to figure out sometimes.
    Pratt: Sometimes? Now you know who's got it all figured out I think? Homosexuals. No, I'm serious. Just listen to me. Look, there's two guys living together: toilet seat's always up, channel's always on ESPN. You can drink beers in the bed, leave your clothes on the floor. I'm telling you, gay cats got it good.
    Carter: Why are you telling me this?
    Pratt: I have no idea.

  • Susan: (to Chen, about Pratt) You're forgetting the number one rule of dating: men are scum.

  • (on the phone to Luka's answering machine) Weaver: Yeah, Luka. This is Kerry Weaver. I'm down two attending and up forty patients. If you don't get in here and start working your scheduled shifts I'm going to call the INS, tell them your green cards are fake and have your ass deported!

  • Susan: Hey, the prodigal doctor returns. Luka: Why is there a sumo wrestler in One? Susan: See...like you never left.

  • (discussing a teenage patient) Chen: I think he has a crush on you. Susan: Oh, please. For starters, I'm old enough to be... well... an older woman. Chen: Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.

  • (discussing Susan's blind date) Chen: Was it that bad? Susan: Well, let me put it this way; I almost had to fake it. Chen: An orgasm? Susan: A seizure.

  • Harms: I'm gonna go restock the rig. Chen: You mean, 'steal stuff'?

  • Weaver: Is Luka here yet? Frank: The Croat? Does he still work here?

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Notes (3)

  • Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, the actors that portray Mr. and Mrs. Langston, are husband and wife in real life.

  • Previous title: "Shifts Happen"

  • Although in the opening credits, Alex Kingston and Paul McCrane do not appear in this episode.