First Snowfall

Season 9, Ep 8, Aired 11/21/02
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  • Episode Description
  • Abby's family nightmare continues as she and her mother Maggie search for Abby's missing brother Eric, who Abby suspects is suffering from serious mental problems. The two women go to a Midwestern air force base, hoping to prevent Eric from being court-martialed for being absent without leave. Carter struggles to get out of Chicago to join Abby. Meanwhile, Corday treats a family of patients who, while building a snowman, were severely injured after being struck by a truck driver. She must help the father, Stuart, make a life-or-death decision. Corday also sympathizes with troubled surgical resident Paul Nathan as he struggles with the increasing symptoms of his physical handicap.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jack Orman

  • Don Cheadle

    Paul Nathan

  • Sally Field

    Maggie Wyczenski

  • Laura CerĂ³n


  • Troy Evans


  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • Facts about certain places not true and no research conducted.

    By anniejm, Sep 06, 2005

  • wonderful episode

    By DanLC03, Sep 05, 2005

  • Always on his heart...

    By Parricida, Jan 18, 2008

  • Elizabeth fails Nathan as she promised, but acknowledges that he is the ultimate people person.

    By linseyt67, Aug 31, 2006

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  • Quotes (8)

    • (upon entering Eric's military hospital room) Abby: Hi. Eric: Were you expecting a strait jacket? Abby: No. You look nice. Eric: Fashion is key at a court martial.

    • Carter: Commuting on skis! Luka: What? Carter: Skiing to work. Luka: Yeah, I don't live far. Nice coat. Carter: Goodwill box. Luka: Hey, did you find him? Carter: Who? Luka: Abby's brother. Carter: Um, I'm just gonna try and catch a train to Midway and wait for it to open up. Luka: Where are you going? Carter: Nebraska. She's already there. She left last night. Luka: Did'nt go with her? Carter: I had a shift. Luka: Oh. Carter: I sent Gallant with her. Luka: Gallant? Carter: Yeah. Why? Susan: Carter! We've got multiples coming in.

    • (to a man who lost his wife and son in an accident and said Elizabeth couldn't understand his pain) Elizabeth: My husband, his name was Mark, he died... My God, I was about to say last year. It's only been six months.

    • (after the completion of the heart transplant) Elizabeth: I guess his brother will always be with him.

    • Drunk patient: They let you be a doctor, like this? Nathan: (suffering from tremors) Only on the patients they don't care about.

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    Notes (2)

    • In the first of four appearances she would make during the season, Sally Field reprises her role as Maggie Wyczenski, Abby's mother, in this episode. Her performance garnered her another Emmy Award nomination in the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series category; in 2001 she won the award for her portrayal of the same character during Season 7.

    • Although in the opening credits, Mekhi Phifer, Ming-Na and Paul McCrane do not appear in this episode.

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