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    Nice to see an update on Abby's mom. Shows that she is doing well. Didn't like Morris getting his job so easy.

    By MiZark_TheGreat, Apr 11, 2010

    Nice to see an update on Abby's mom. Shows that she is doing well. Didn't like Morris getting his job so easy. I'm an old fashioned ER fan and would like to see Benton back in at least one episode... maybe in an accident or something involved a family member. One time appearance at least. It would be great to get an update on Reese. This episode showed Tony's care towards Neela and not lust... good stuff. Uncle Jesse when wild throwing punches, liked it. I'm tired of Pratt... he's played and it's about time to get rid of him.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Troubles with little Joe...

    By Parricida, May 14, 2008

    Oh, it looks like little Joe is not doing too good. And when he shows marks of getting better, he is loosing it on the other minute and it gets even more worse when Abby and Luka, over weeks, just taking a walk when Joe condition gets worst but Maggie, who is really normal in the moment.

    And then Joe goes for operation and it is long not sure what is the outcome of the operation. And Weaver.. she lets to laid off to protect Kovac. And Morris he is back.. and in the end, we have a lovely part with everyone around.moreless

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  • 9.9

    This episode lacks the quality of the previous one, "Bloodline". It's too fragmented in space and time, but even so it has some great acting and some lovely scenes.

    By Lukascookie, Nov 04, 2007

    Best scene: "The 'I'll take love' scene", Abby & Luka having coffe, talking about marriage. So sweet! And so meaningful for the future of their relationship.

    Funniest scene: Maggie putting up a note on the incubator, supposedly written by Joe. Sally Field is just the best actress!

    There is some lovely and friendly interaction between Abby and Maggie. They seem to start coming to terms with the problems of their past history and are obviously beginning to enjoy each other's company as mother and daughter. The scene at the end when Maggie says goodbye to Abby shows how far they have come.moreless

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  • 9.2

    what a great episode! sally field and john stamos are back! well written

    By omar_chg, Nov 25, 2006

    i just loved this episode, i think the writting was pretty good. plus all the stories and characters developing through the weeks i think this is a very special episode. i think they did a great second part of the season premiere because in several other shows the second episode of the season is always a not-so-good episode comparing with the season premiere. i liked the scenes between abby and her mother, i hope sally field continues to appear in more episodes this season. finally, john stamos is back and thins start to heat up with neela, hopefully they will turn into a great cuple.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Joe's still in the NICU, Maggie's back, and say welcome to 'Uncle Jesse' as Tony Gates.

    By anyabr, Nov 17, 2006

    This episode was great. A little too fast, but great. Luka, Abby, Maggie and Joe - I loved to see them as a family. I'll admit I was not at all happy to see Maggie again (since I still blame her for the Carby breakup), but she was great! All the scenes with Maura Tierney and Sally Fields were amazing, they're both great actresses and have an unbelievable chemistry. Abby admitting her love for Luka, and how she thinks of them as a family was beautiful, and the last scene with Abby and baby Joe, perfect. I still don't know if I like or dislike Gates. It's sooo weird to see Uncle Jesse as a doctor hitting on Neela, but I love John Stamos, and it's always great to have an addition to the show. (The jealous look Ray gave Gates was gooood!!)

    Good to have Sam back too, and good to see that there won't be any problems now that she killed Steve (ok, someone had to). Morris' back too, I can't believe I missed him! And Kerry's back to the ER, full time. Maybe now they'll give Laura Innes lines and storylines. Along with 'Bloodline', the perfect beginning to this new season!moreless

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  • 9.6

    This directly follows the first episode of the season and builds up to the conclusion of the plot concerning Baby Joe.

    By liantot, Oct 25, 2006

    This is such a compelling episode following \"Bloodline.\" Great acting all around especially Maura Tierney, Sally Field and Goran Visnjic. It was really nice that the writers did not prolong the baby drama and was able to resolve it to everyone\'s satisfaction. Though it was contrived how they tried to show at first that the baby did not survive the operation, it was still a satisfying ending. Despite its old age ER still have the writing and acting chops to deliver and show that it\'s still one of the top dramas out there. Zabel, et al should be credited for turning this show from the lows that were seasons 10-11.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Day of Tests

    By Brainymonkey, Oct 10, 2006

    Well this really brought everyones emotions to the forefront. We see Abby taking charge on how to treat the baby, Kerry stepping up to the plate and admitting her involvement with Lukas case, and Sam looking back and realizing what she did was wrong. I like how Maggie showed up and was the mother. She was there for Abby from beginning to end and actually got her through it. That was great. It is not all lost. And seeing Morris beg for his job back was priceless. Especially hanging onto Kerrys leg.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Please don,t let the baby die!!

    By jaybee63, Oct 07, 2006

    This was a nervewrecking episode. Why would they let us think the baby died. My god even in the end you saw Abby in this room with an empty crib. But luckily she held him in her arms. Enough already happened to them. And poor Neela drinking alone in bars. Good for her she has two guys looking out for her. And what guys they are. With John Stamos as the newbie it is obvious it is going to be a competition between him and Ray. Hopefully the storyline between Sam and the rich guy(Armand Assante) will stay on a while, want to find out what is happening.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Definite Emmy nods to Maura Tierney & Sally Field.

    By lozza1525, Oct 04, 2006

    I finally watched Graduation Day:

    Luka/Abby/Joe/Maggie: Great to see Sally Field again, her scenes with Abby were so emotional and real. Really made me want to cry, for a minute I did. I especially loved the scene when Joe was getting surgery and Maggie and Abby were watching. When Abby ran into Maggies arms and cried I have to admit I sobbed like a little girl! It was great to see them getting along and bonding like mother and daughter. Abby was scared and fragile and the fact that her mother was behind her both physically and emotionally made her breakdown to her, and we see that deep down Abby really loves her mother. Definitely emmy nods to Sally Field (once again) and Maura Tierney, the acting was just amazing, the best I had seen on ER for a long time.

    Neela/Gates/Ray: Neela's scenes were rushed. I believe ER could've waited until the next episode to focus more on this storyline. Because of the drama surrounding Baby Joe, this storyline was put into the background and I believe will turn into a important storyline. Anyway, I like Gates, but not with Neela. I still believe Neela and Ray should be together. It just didn't seem like Neela to get drunk and then kiss a man she barely knew. Kerry: Good on her for confessing, it was better the board found out that way rather than another, and let Luka get fired! I'm rather looking forward to seeing her as an attending, it means we'll get to see her treating more patients than ordering the staff around. Sam: Heartbreaking scenes, a great job done by Linda Cardellini. The scene where she came into the ER and hugged Kerry was my favourite Sam scene of the episode, but I never realised that she was that close to Kerry, there again Kerry was relieved to see her, and Sam was scared and upset. Morris: Not much to say about him, his acting was hilarious and... yeah, glad he got his job back. Fantastic scene at the end with the doctors looking at the pictures of baby Joe. Fantasic episode overall!moreless

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