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  • 8.7

    And in the end, no one cares

    By Parricida, Feb 23, 2008

    Oh.. this episode was somehow dark and somehow burden, but not less enjoyable. Specially I loved the storyline with Elizabeth - finally something good with her as after Mark's death, she has been somehow - less important. She had somehow really special relationship with Romano and even thought they were so different people, she might have been the only one who was able to see trough that evil attitude he tried to have - he saw that soul inside. And now, he is gone and noone cares about him. They did not liked him, because they never saw nor knew who he really was. The scene were Elizabeth reads that letter- from the colleagues and then burns it - it was so symbolic, so well done. A great farewell episode for that characther. And again, one of those who have been long, is now gone.

    On everything else, this episode - it was rather disappointing. Drunk Neela was fun to watch and some char development on her side, but oh.. now start those times - Luka and Sam. Maybe the most horrible paring of the whole serie. And it is only getting worse...moreless

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  • 8.5

    It's Romano's memorial service but nobody shows up and Alex is being mischevious again

    By xcharmedkx, Apr 19, 2007

    Of course everyone knows Romano was never the most liked person in the ER but come on the man deserves some respect.Elizabeth was great in this episode i loved the end where she told Kerry she wasn't the only one not to turn up then burned the note that said from the staff of county General.She was right it wasn't from them it was from her and her alone but Robert always adored Corday and the zooming out on that picture of the two together just put that across and hit me;Even if he was unliked elizabeth like the hospital was his life.

    Loved Neela's drunken outburst in this epi rambling about nothing really in particular.. Abby was great as usual and even though she only got a 52 she will always be the best practical doctor in my eyes!moreless

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  • 8.5

    That was hard to watch Elizabeth at Romanos funeral and no one else shows up. Just sad.

    By Brainymonkey, Nov 04, 2006

    At the end Kerry apoligizes for not making it and Elizabeth says "You weren't the only one" it just hit me. That was sad. He wasn't a nice guy alot of the time, but it made me even tear up. Which is very very rare for a television show. At least the rest of the staff having worked with him should of showed up. They should of gave a few minutes of their time. They have the rest of their lives to live and he is gone. Wouldn't kill them to show some respect. Makes me sad thinking about it.moreless

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  • 9.3

    alex steals a finger luka susan robert dies memorial service you know the drill this is filler

    By britbmw1, Nov 03, 2006

    I think that this episode was pretty good! I loved the funny parts with Alex stealing a finger, and lots of other things. I REALLY didnt like when Sam says to Luka, \\\"You dont know anything about raising kids\\\". I would have been like, \\\"B%&*#, you don\\\'t know me!! Who are you??!!\\\" WTF? Sam doesn\\\'t know Luka, so how does she know? Of course, we know that Luka had 2 kids, a happy family. He really should have called her on that. Anyways, I thought it was sad that no one showed up to Robert\\\'s memorial service. I know he was a dick, but still. Kerry should have at least gone to it, she had the most history with him, besides Elizabeth. It seems like the people who knew him were avoiding it, and trying to avoid the fact that he died. Besides that, it was pretty good. I always love Abby\\\'s outbursts. And, ooh...Neela and Mike....sorry. Anyways, this was pretty good, but then again, I always love ER!moreless

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